Special Invitation
Are You Ready to Welcome and Live
YOUR Best Year Ever…

2020 RARE Opportunity to Step into Your Greatness

This is YOUR chance to receive empowering strategic mentoring with healing & coaching on an ongoing basis in this Year-Long Mentoring Coaching Group To SKYROCKET yourself, your life and all you are up to in 2020…

PLUS, you will be joining this intimate community, together setting the stage for you to flourish in 2020 and to become a co-contributor within this powerful group program.

For a Select Few, Mary A. Hall is
Opening Up a Rare Opportunity for Breakthrough,
Personal, Interactive, Year Long Group Coaching

It’s your time to be seen for who you truly are… and to see and experience the real potential that resides within you.

Imagine all year long being supported and fully seen… I mean REALLY seen?

Imagine continually being coached by someone who identifies and amplifies the deepest aspects of purity, divinity and abundance… who sees you and gently guides you to see your potential and what’s next for you.

Imagine the power of honing in on your goals and deepest intentions for the year, creating fuel to rocket you into being the best version of Yourself.

Mary’s intention throughout this year long journey is to deeply hold you in healing energies to support you in lifting the veils of limiting beliefs, self-sabotage and releasing old life patterns.

And she is committed to showing you ways to not only access your gifts, but to also with clarity, clear the impediments to those gifts… bringing healing, allowing you to now shine in your brilliance.

You’ll truly step into the clear light of day… the powerful emanation of creation that YOU ARE.

By saying YES to this rare remarkable program you will be partnering with Mary to fully embrace your most powerful magnificent self, shining brightly into the world.

This is your time to be coached into a skyrocketing transformation in 2020…

Are you ready to truly be supported as you honor yourself deeply to uplevel your life this year… 

Mary is opening spots to be personally coached by her during this powerful year-long group intention mentoring coaching program for a very special set of souls. This a rare occurrence…

Mary realized that those clients who have the MOST success were the ones that committed to receiving ongoing, year-long coaching support.

These clients were committed so deeply that, together – in partnership with Mary as their coach, they skyrocketed to unprecedented breakthrough success.

Maybe you are one of the next?



Mary A. Hall has the most remarkable capacity to SEE YOU.  And, in being seen, you are held… embraced in a palpable field of pure love and wholeness.

Here you are able to soar to new heights of what’s truly possible, creating for yourself empowering year-long intentions that set the stage for you to step into your full empowerment in 2020.

AND she not only has the capacity to SEE you… but also clearly sees and accesses the energetic matrix of any current situation.

From this higher vantage point, you together with Mary, see the energetics at play behind the scenes, enabling you to truly shift, heal and grow.

YOU, your situation, and all that are involved, ARE SEEN. Here is where true possibilities emerge.

You are seen as the magnificence that you are and, in the ‘seeing’, you have a new template of who you are AND WHAT’S NEXT.

Mary not only holds you in this love energy, but allows you to use it to source a new level of harmony with life.

You no longer have to do this alone.

And it is here for you now… feel it. Sense Mary’s loving intent and allow yourself to feel embraced and supported right now.


You may be one of those who has lost sight of what is possible?

But it is RIGHT THERE… right in front of you… just a few more steps.



It has been proven over and over that ongoing, consistent coaching in a group environment is the SECRET INGREDIENT to success.

It is, by far, the thing to which the most successful and balanced souls consistently point, instantly quickening their lives and businesses to new levels of expansion.


Because a good coach is a sounding board of the soul; they provide holistic support beyond anything that one discipline of healing could provide…

Great coaches deliver clarity, insights and perspectives that you need to achieve expansion.

Many of Mary’s clients share that their rapid growth would have NEVER happened without her guiding them so effectively.

Honing in on their deepest intentions for growth and wellbeing is an empowering factor that has launched many into success… that previously, had only been wishful thinking.

I Didn’t Know What I Don’t Know…

Coaches as talented as Mary intuitively address the “I didn’t know what I don’t know” syndrome…

This clarity accelerates your growth and what’s truly possible!

And coupled with the momentum and power of the group coaching dynamics, it allows for further and deeper entrainment to attune to the fullness of what’s possible.

A great coach will bring your attention to those areas you weren’t thinking of, then show you the “how to” in that newly revealed area.

A powerhouse coach will help you access your own inner clarity, become successful, a better leader, and a more confident person.

A coach like Mary not only offers all those attributes of coaching, she ALSO delivers the vibrational healing elements of life, addressing the deeper opportunities of the soul’s expression.

Coaching is the key differentiator between rapid change and evolution or clunking around in the dark.


So this is YOUR CHANCE to take advantage
of this unique opportunity

This is a brand new year long group mentoring program dedicated to upleveling you and your life into confidence and being your very BEST.

AND because Mary is SOOO excited to work with you, to achieve your 2020 goals and intentions

This is what You will receive…

1) You’ll be joining Mary in this powerful ONLINE year-long coaching and mentoring community for 11 months, to super-charge your confidence and create miracles.

2) You will receive powerful, intention-supporting content, along with LIVE personal group mentoring with Mary, twice a month, all provided from the comfort of your own home

In each LIVE Group Session, Mary will start with powerful content that will enliven you to stay true to your heart & soul and your intentions.

Then as Mary works with you one-on-one in this powerful group dynamic, she will further support you in accessing the deepest aspects of yourself to reveal your next steps, allowing YOUR genius to shine.

YES, these are powerful, live over-the-phone group sessions that will help you get to the heart of it… where true breakthroughs and freedom await you.

3) PLUS you will receive BONUS audio recordings of all live group sessions, so you can revisit them anytime to stay the course to the truth of your wholeness, harmony, health and abundance.

4)  Many state the power of being an integral part of a unique intimate community… and coupled with the momentum and power of the group coaching dynamics, this will allow you to further attune to the fullness of what’s possible for you, inviting in miracles.

In each group session with Mary, you’ll witness the application of her healing and intuitive genius to transform you (and the group) — before your very eyes– into the next best powerful version of yourself that is miraculously unfolding.

In other words, she holds you in your energetic possibility… so that possibility is visceral, real, and easily moves into your reality.

Guidance for Mapping Your Best Year

The power of this focused ONLINE Year-Long Mentoring Coaching Program is that it fuels you in staying focused – to remain committed to your higher vision of your greater purpose for your life and living your best year ever.

Imagine watching your deepest desires begin to take form and show up in your life this year.

You will dive deep to connecting to your heart and soul, of what lights you up and what you truly desire in 2020.

Honing in on what is next for you and what makes your heart sing, catapults you forward in being deeply connected to a benevolent universe, that is here supporting you in becoming the next best version of yourself…

All the while being enlivened and supported by the powerful group dynamics of everyone joining with you in reaching and experiencing your deepest heart-felt desires.

“I know the transformative power that occurs by consistently, month after month, holding your intentions for the year. It is the one thing that fuels your creative force with such momentum that you truly witness your intentions unfolding before your very eyes.” ~ Mary A. Hall

In the Year Long Coaching & Mentoring Program with Mary you’ll be:

  • 1) Getting crystal clear and connecting to the deepest part of you, the inspired part of you, to lead you to the next powerful expanded version of yourself.
  • 2) Solidifying your power zones for clarity; your core values, your noble qualities and your biggest why’s that truly fuel you and your life.
  • 3) Accessing your power codes by uncovering the information hidden within your own two-sided compass, what you resist and repels you and what compels and draws you.
  • 4) Connecting to your inner voice, establishing, activating, declaring and standing firm in your 2020 Intentions.
  • 5) Create your Visual Authority access: Dive deep into looking at ways to bring your 2020 Intentions to life.
  • 6) Create your very own Vision Board to activate the power of your reticular activation system that magically accelerates your 2020 Intentions.
  • 7) Healing old beliefs and life-patterns that prevent you from reaching and realizing your intentions and goals.
  • 8) The power of Divine love and your inner connection to you, will become your truest central focus, activating, enlivening you and fueling your 2020 Intentions.
  • 9) Infuse 2020 with the deepest sense of honoring for your path and your sacred journey, while gleaning the gold that has been brought forward through your life experiences thus far.
  • 10) Establish and activate your strong energy foundation to soar in 2020 – You will learn how to access your own energy and grow your connecting to your energy. You will understand how to connection to your vitality and your true energy for life.
  • 11) You will be empowered by the group dynamics in sharing your life and process in stepping into your powerful new 2020. Sharing your victories, declaring your next steps, and how you are stepping up and into the next best version of yourself.

This is Your Time to Shine…


Your Empowered 2020 Year of Miracles

You Activate & Set Your Pace for
Your Best Year Ever…

Yes, the ultimate choice is yours! You get to play ‘full-out’ embracing and declaring your deepest desires and intentions for 2020.

It may be a powerful opening to greater inner self-love and acceptance. It could be finally stepping up and stepping out into doing what you have always dreamt you could do.

It is totally your choice…

Then as you tap into your own unique formula for success to fine-tune your focus in SETTING Your 2020 Intentions, this will further fuel you to stay on course to living YOUR best life, open to miracles.

And as Mary walks alongside you on your journey to expansion with an encouraging hand on your back and the other hand on your heart…

She’ll guide you to see and acknowledge the light of your soul and what it’s ready to reveal to you and the world. And She’ll support you to fine-tune the desires and awakenings of your soul’s yearning…

Mary will show you a path to honoring those deepest parts of yourself, allowing them to guide you to your true self, the self-loving part… a trusted aspect that creates miracles.

And as you join with Mary as your master intuitive coach and healer, she will truly support you every step, in expanding to new levels of consciousness, shedding those old familiar patterns, allowing you to soar into the next, and the next, delicious phase of your life.

She’ll guide you to ignite a deep confidence, a sense of well-being and knowing that you are the source of joy.

Having Mary by your side and the power of the group dynamics to hold you in seeing your deepest intentions fulfilled, creates powerful magic to springboard you into experiencing what you never thought possible.

Are you ready to be supported for your best year ever…

“There are very few coaches with whom I have worked that can hold the space for me to be... ...all that I can be. That can also provide the deepest transformational healing energies to move me instantly into new discernments, creativity and flow. That, in turn, can provide sound business coaching, which opens up new ways of seeing and creativity to create the most expansive breakthroughs imaginable. There is no question my first million dollars in revenue that occurred within my first 18-months in business, happened because of the energetic support and heart-opening coaching from Mary. I can’t recommend Mary Hall enough as a coach... Are you finally ready to move into health, success, peace, even freedom? Then this year-long coaching program is the only path. I’m so excited at who you are about to become by working with Mary A. Hall, a true miracle of healing, abundance and love.” — Jennifer McLean Host of Healing With The Masters, Creator of Success Signature Business Coaching, Multimillionaire Entrepreneur, CEO McLean MasterWorks

Feel the resonance with your soul
as you spend a year with Mary…

Mary will reawaken your sense of the possible. She will inspire and jumpstart hope and possibility so that you not only believe it can happen, but know it.

In other words, she holds you in your energetic possibility… so that possibility is visceral, real, and easily moves into your reality.

During each group session with Mary, you’ll witness the application of her healing and intuitive genius to transform you (and the group) — before your very eyes– into the next best version of YOU.

Through each group coaching session you will gain access to and live into your true voice and potential, being fully able to shine in your brilliance.

                    This is Your Time…
11 Months with a Total of 22 LIVE Calls


They'll jump at the chance to help you out

What You Will Receive
Recap Of Your Year Long Group Mentoring Program:

  • You will join Mary for 11 months, twice a month, with LIVE healing and coaching calls, including rich content to help you tailor and maintain your focus of your 2020 Year Intentions.
  • Mary will open the lines to work one-on-one to powerfully hold you in being seen in your magnificence. These LIVE coaching calls will systematically build the clarity you need to empower yourself and your life.
  • You’ll  also receive transformative, guided healing processes and techniques, to powerfully access a new paradigm of confidence and empowerment, creating a powerful focus that allows you to be buoyed up, inspiring you to stay true to your focus and intention for the year.
  • During the year you’ll continue to receive special Healing & Coaching with advanced mentoring to fine tune your miracle producing capacity.
  • Plus you’ll receive all the audio recordings for easy replay and download access.
  • And you’ll receive powerful supportive bonuses and audios to get you started right away

To get you started right away…

PLUS You’ll receive Bonus Audios to get you started…

7 Powerful Quantum Healing Audios ready to go, encoded with healing energies to assist you in clearing, healing and resetting you to create your most powerful year ever.

These 7 Healing Audios  with Mary A . Hall  are from her most recent 14-Day program – 2020 Celebration INTENSIVE – Return to LOVE Healing Fest.

These powerful insights and guided healings will prepare you as you release the previous years to clear the way for your best year ever together with Mary.

So… This is for you if…

You know it’s your time to be seen for who you truly are… and to see and experience the real potential that resides within you.

You are ready to declare and move into experiencing your 2020 Intentions for growth and expansion.

You are ready to say YES to receiving true, loving, divine support.

You’ve been wanting to ‘uplevel’ your game but just weren’t sure how…

You may have even felt like you are lost in the fog of a current situation… ready to see clearly what’s possible.

You are looking for the truth… ready to see the true energetics surrounding your present circumstances.

You are ready to see from a higher vantage point… to access the true higher perspective, where lasting true change occurs.

You’re ready for a mentor/coach/healer to tap into your own unique potential to truly guide you in your magnificence.

And it is all here for you now… 

              Your 2020 Year of Miracles in Living Your True Potential

          4-Pay Option

“Mary’s heart-centered presence, spiritual depth and finely-tuned awareness of working with energy creates a powerful space for major shifts to happen in one’s life. I heard Mary speak and intuitively felt called to work with her. She is a gifted healer and I am so grateful to have found her. Our work together helped me transform some obstacles I was experiencing into opportunities for major growth and creative expansion. Our work together has been invaluable. Thank you so much, Mary!”

— Diane

“Mary, often people learn and practice new techniques etc…. and they work wonders in the moment and for awhile. The work I have done with you has been more than homework for the week, they are skills I have applied as homework for my life these months later. I share them with my clients and my client base is building more all the time because I have applied your insight to my own life consistently. Again not just as `this week’s homework` I am able to deliver it appropriately to others. Thank you so much Mary. I feel so very honored to work with you. Thank you.”

— Kim

“OMG Mary, I SO appreciate you as a huge light helping the planet ascend. I recognized that this is what your unique and powerful program is doing – with manifesting as the excuse. I told my fellow healer friend in New Jersey the same thing, which prompted her to purchase the program and is excitedly listening to the program. My friends and I agree, you are an amazing guide to following the heart – the dimension the planet is moving towards. And I’m getting there!! I’m so grateful.”

— Jane

“Mary is a true miracle worker. She guides you in a loving, gentle way encouraging the remembering of your divine connection. This remembering, allows the person you were always meant to become, to blossom fully in abundance and love. In deep gratitude and love!”

— Kimberly

“Mary, Your work is amazing! I’ve made such huge shifts with your gentle, powerful work. I truly feel acceptance and unconditional love from you – you don’t know how much I appreciate you! My transformation is amazing and due in a very large part to our work together! Thank you, Thank you, Thank you!”

— Maureen

“Mary, Thank you so much for all your wonderful work that brought forward such amazing awareness and increased energy into my life. I would have never linked my lack of physical energy to stuck emotions; and the results were astoundingly fast. I am still in awe of the things that you helped me uncover. Thank you!”

— Martiz

“Mary, I enjoyed your insights and healing tremendously. It was such a treat to work with you on so many core issues and stay in such a sacred space of love and connection. As a practitioner myself, I could really appreciate how tuned in you were. Whenever I would veer off or lose focus, you brought me right back, made it safe and always took the energy to the highest level of truth with abundant insight and compassion. It touched my heart and supported my work in so many ways.”

— Ronette

“Mary, your ability to read energies is amazing and has helped me deeply to start making such clearer decisions from my strength, instead of my fears. This has given my life a new found direction, following the yearnings of my heart. Your beautiful heart-centered warmth made me feel deeply supported and relaxed. You are truly a blessing for humanity.”

—    Edith

“My experiences with Mary have been nothing short of life changing. The person I was, prior to the many programs I have done with Mary is hardly recognizable. There have been countless awakenings and expansions I experienced. One of the most valuable lesson I’ve learned from Mary, is that the energy of the heart is powerful beyond measure. When you live from this high state of vibration, everything is possible. My life has never felt more joyous, creative and inspired by love.”

— Kim

“Mary, I gotta tell you, “seemlessly” seems to be the word. I can’t believe how easy you tap in and access what’s needed, and then deliver the insights and healings more relevant. Once again, Thank you, Thank you, Thank you!!!! I am blessed to have connected to you. The Universe certainly got me in touch with the right person!”

— Dave

“Thank you, dearest Mary.  I am so honored to have you in my life as the powerful and loving mentor that you are.  It is a gift that is beyond measurable worth, especially in regards to your helping me in my healing work…a TOTAL TREASURE!!!!  Words fall short…. Love to you always!”

— Bobbe

“When I started working with Mary I was stuck with a feeling of failure from a loss I experienced a few years earlier. The thing that was most transformational for me was Mary’s ability to get me to focus on very specific feelings. I was able to more from things being hard to a place of ease.  I now feel more confident moving forward in my business.  I know I can create it exactly the way I want and be successful. Mary is gentle and understanding and easy to work with and gives her heart fully. I am so grateful to have had the opportunity to work with her.  Thank you so much!”  

— Ingrid

“Mary, I just wanted to deeply thank you and let you know what a difference your work has made in my life. Before, I was waking up in the middle of the night stressed out. I was in a place of fear and desperation and unhappy in my career. Working with you has helped me release some unconscious beliefs that I didn’t even realize affected my career. I am now able to see the things that are “right” about my current role and in seeing the things that are “right” I know that I will draw more of what is “right” to me. Although my intention is still to create a job more suited to me I can honestly say I’m much happier and content where I am now… which is a miracle! Through working with you I know I am able to create/manifest this new role from a place of peace and powerfulness which is a completely different place than where I was in when I first started working with you. Once again Thank you so much!”

— Jennifer

“After having met Mary and working with her, I felt I finally found someone who could help me to better understand my experiences and help guide me to where I was heading.  For the first time, I felt like I didn’t have to choose my words carefully so that the person could clearly understand me what I was trying to convey.  Working with Mary has been such a blessing for me.  She holds such a beautiful space of expansion and fluidity where one can feel the freedom to truly honor themselves.  Mary enables healing to take place in whatever form it needs to be, and holds it with such tenderness and compassion.”


“There are also many huge shifts I see in myself. I am feeling safe and supported in life, and loved by God. I feel worthy of good. Amazing miracles are happening in financial support. I am beginning to feel powerful again. I virtually feel I have a new leaf on life. Even bigger than all these beautiful shifts, I have learned to love and accept and cherish myself. I am now aware that Love really is the “secret of life”, and I know it is the foundation for all this beautiful, amazing transformation.  With Infinite Gratitude!”

— Jem

“How does Mary do that? See me, see what’s possible and guide me to it so profoundly? I’m amazed and dazed at the elegance and simplicity, yet depth of transformation. She is what I have been asking for. I am changed, renewed and excited about life again.”

— Gail

“Mary, your work is amazing! I’ve made such huge shifts with your gentle, powerful healing work. I truly feel acceptance and unconditional love from you – you don’t know how much I appreciate you! My transformation is amazing and due in a very large part to our work together! Thank you, Thank you, Thank you!”

— Jennifer

            Yes I am Ready…

               4-Pay Option

Mary A. Hall

About Mary A Hall

Mary is one of the most powerful intuitive coaches. She not only leads in the fields of abundance, wealth, money and success, she is also a renowned energy healer, assisting with life challenges of all stripes and colors.

She has an uncanny knack for tapping into the level of flow and abundance and adjusting and calabrating the internal energies through coaching and energy work.

Having worked with preeminent individuals; business leaders, health and wellness leaders, advertising and brand companies, doctors, financial advisors and more, she has proven over and over that there is always a point of access to shift one’s capacity for balance, harmony, abundance and health.

This is not just some philosophy or rote practice she delivers; this is pure access. Mary helps individuals move the needle on their lives and open the floodgates of possibility. She creates a space of allowing for breakthrough changes in how one feels, looks at, and interacts with relationships, health, money, wealth and abundance, igniting newly formed self love and acceptance. Get ready for your transformation.