As you enter into the holiday season with anticipation of celebrating with family and friends… there is also a deep yearning to open up to greater love, reconciliation and companionship. To receive love’s powerful embrace, transforming and ushering in healing.

Master intuitive coach and healer Mary A. Hall
is here to see, embrace, intuitively guide, and profoundly support you in love and healing energies…

 RECEIVING… 22 Days of Grace-Filled Regenerating
Love & Healing Energies Throughout the Holidays …
Including 5 LIVE Healing CALLS

Now is the time to receive regenerative healing energies in the frequency of love.

To experience the full complement of the deep and steadfast LOVE that surrounds you… the love of the Divine, the love that you are.

Yep… 22 full days of daily, being bathed in these love and healing energy frequencies.

I can feel your system letting out a big fat AHHHHHHHHH at the thought.

So much so, that the process has already begun just by reading these words and allowing this profoundly supportive energy to embrace you right now.

This will be a Healing Journey like no other…

Mary A. Hall is a powerful conduit of love energy and is about to take you on one of the most profound journeys of your life.

She has the uncanny ability to direct the energy of love and healing in powerful quantum waves. Frequencies that gently but deeply activate within you a template of consciousness that you can easily access and use.

Mary will move you to the next most potent level of your evolutionary journey of love.

She will bring you to a place of stillness, a state of grace, a place within where you connect with your truest selves and really believe it, embrace it and love it.

Veronica Runyon with her masterful abilities of healing activation and attunments will also be joining Mary in holding you in quantum ways of love and healing energies.

Together, they will be transmitting and broadcasting these beautiful love and healing frequencies daily over 22 full days.


Have you noticed that new things are stirring?

Maybe a sensation of acceleration…

It may look like an acceleration of things appearing to collapse, or an energetic quickening, or just that there is a marked sense of movement.

Those feelings and experiences are real, and now there is a way to not only support those energies but take command of them and use them for your soul’s evolution…

… An evolution to return to love.

We are always emitting a vibrational, multidimensional, masterpiece – an energetic tapestry at all levels.

In this symphony of life we are co-creating vibrationally with each and every encounter we have with each other’s energy.

Each moment we have a choice…

We either default into another’s undesirable energy or we can attune ourselves to a higher vibration of LOVE.

This higher vibrational choice allows others to now join in our energy of love, harmony, light and wholeness that contributes to and positively impacts those we are in contact with in the circumstances of our lives.


So the question is how can we overcome habits of default behaviors and
move into consistent alignment and choice of love?

The answer is several fold:

  • 1) Practice… the symphony of love… sharing and receiving from the framework of love, and in turn being supported and coached in that practice, can change it all
  • 2) Being supported, coached and held in the energetic field of possibilities that we are wanting, helps with accountability and maintaining that new behavior
  • 3) Bringing conscious awareness to the experiment of love, noticing the moments of both dissonance and harmony and loving it all
  • 4) Holding the intention of healing and love by consciously receiving and sending blessings and love
  • 5) Broadcasting love… ‘Do unto others’ opens us up to receive back what we are broadcasting as love, bringing consciousness to the symphonies of energies we are creating

This 5-fold answer encompasses how you will further be supported in this program.

You also have the opportunity to join in the live healing calls with Mary and Veronica to learn new habits of love through their profound teachings.

Allowing and receiving of these love and healing energies… opens us up to the freedom of choice. Creating the evidence of this love in our lives is the intention for this 22-day program.


PLUS, The Powerful Combined Healing Group Dynamic Will Exponentially Support You

This powerful group dynamic is where miracles and Ah-ha’s unfold.

As we come together in love and healing energies, in this large community of beautiful souls, open to RECEIVING… A magical quantum consciousness occurs.

This quantum consciousness is awakened when two or more are gathered.

As we come together, we unleash the power of love and healing and the whole group benefits from this miraculous life-giving energy of love.


Just by saying YES and joining… all who are participating are experience this awakening and quickening, within this powerful healing group dynamic.

You will experience…

Ongoing remote Energy Healings and Love being broadcast to support you through your challenges and guide you on your journey.

During these 22 days, you will be bathed in healing energies and love frequencies through remote energy healings, being transmitted and broadcast, which expands and grows with the community consciousness.

We all become a community of co-creators in this process – all of us flowing and receiving this life force energy and all you have to do is ask and allow.

The more we say YES and choose to play the more expanded the energy becomes for all of us.

These love and healing energies offer a buoyancy of support, helping you to maneuver through difficult times and tap into your truest, most beautiful self, to experiencing greater ease, connection and access into your inner calm…

THEN with 3 Live Quantum Healing Circle Calls… as we join together and embrace and hold you, your family and friend in quantum healing energies…

You’ll learn how to command that internal loving energy into a powerful broadcast… “sending love.”

There is a new paradigm of Sending LOVE that has a whole NEW meaning.

There is POWERFUL healing and life giving energy for the sender and the receiver in the practice of SENDING LOVE.

Check out this video of a simple experiment of sending love and hate to jars of rice (it is really quite an amazing illustration of what you are about to receive).


LOVE is the central, most powerful, positive, energy in the universe, and from the two rice jars, we have also a visual reminder that holding ourselves and others in an energy of LOVE… (OR as seen, dislike or hate) leaves a lasting effect on us, as well as those we focus upon.

It is time to choose LOVE!

Now YOU are the jar of rice with the smiley face and for 22 DAYS you will receive deep, concentrated, grace-filled, focused intense LOVE AND HEALING ENERGIES… concentrated transmissions in the energies of manifestation, love and wholeness.

Your “being” will be attuned to the frequencies of Love and Healing.

Bathed in these higher vibrating energies that allow for true miracles in your life.

AND you will be shown how to send love to and bless each member of this 22-day community (including you!)

There is an ancient spiritual practice that to receive your desires, you activate and bless others who have a similar need or desire and therefore enable the desires to come to fruition.

If you want a new house… work for Habitat for Humanity and help another build their house.

If you want healing… you assist another with sending love and prayers for their healing.

Another ancient healing technique is to “bless” another with a healing intention.

Seeing the love they are, and that by being “seen” there is an ignition of light and love that in turn creates new possibilities for them (AND YOU — you are blessed when you bless).

This blessing technique will also be part of the program.

Now by tapping into the power of LOVE and healing, and offering a blessing and giving, you are helping all in the community, AND by being part of that same community you are also receiving.

Now, that is ON TOP of the container of love and wholeness that Mary and Veronica will hold you in.

It is a holistic cycle of blessing, giving, RECEIVING and giving, blessing and again receiving.


This is your chance to receive BRAND NEW attunments and activations to help you shift into the love, peace, light and abundance you want and deserve.


  • 22-Days of love and healing energies transmitted and broadcasted daily directly to you (in the background, just register and receive)
  • 22-Days of love vibrational attunments and healing activations – energetically in the background
  • 3 – live quantum healing circle calls; where we all form a circle and through a guided process send love to family and friends during this holiday season
  • 2 – live bonus quantum healing calls; you receive the theories and are taught the specifics of broadcasting and receiving healing and love energies
  • Love meditations, thought activations and practices
  • Powerful love activations igniting an inner flame of love possibilities
  • The potent sequential and cumulative affects of being in this field of love for 22 straight days
  • The quantum power of the community – expanding group dynamics
  • Receiving love blessings from each member of the 22-Day community
  • Receiving the powerful blessings of broadcasting love to yourself and the community




To release the stories that have held you in bondage…

And truly see the truth of YOU… through the eyes of love that sets you free.

You are about to be held in a space of love and healing allowing you to clear and open your field….

All of which allow you to powerfully connect to and align to more love and healing throughout this holiday season and for any life situation: health, financial, and inner healing you desire.




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We are so delighted and honored you are joining us in this Holiday and New Year LOVE and HEALING FEST.





About Mary A HallMary A Hall

Mary is one of the most powerful intuitive coaches. She not only leads in the field of abundance, wealth, money and success, she is also a renowned energy healer, assisting with physical and life challenges of all stripes and colors.

She has an uncanny knack for tapping into the level of flow, health and abundance and is able to then adjust the internal energies accordingly through coaching and energy work. Having worked with preeminent individuals; business leaders, health and wellness leaders, advertising and brand companies, doctors, financial advisors and more, she has proven over and over that there is always a point of access to shift one’s capacity for balance, harmony, abundance and health.

This is not just some philosophy or rote practice that Mary delivers, this is pure access. Mary helps individuals move the needle on their lives and open the floodgates of possibility. She creates a space of allowing for breakthrough changes in how one feels, looks at, and interacts with relationships, health, money, wealth and abundance, allowing in a new formed self love and acceptance. Get ready for your transformation.


About Veronica Runyon

Veronica is a powerful healer, with an intuitive ability to hone in on core issues, inviting a profound healing experience on all levels – physical, emotional, mental and spiritual.

She is a heart-based coach who guides her clients to a deep exploration and understanding of who they really are at their core; a Divine being of Love, allowing them to blossom in strength, peace and resilience.

She’s also masterful at holding a loving space while initiating healing activations and healing energies that profoundly supports all those in her presence.

She strongly believes that there is a Magnificence within each of us, that once discovered and shared with the world, enables us to live a life of ease, joy and abundance.