Mary A. Hall is renowned for her ability to hone in, clear and help heal one’s abundance energy. She teaches that Abundance IS an energy and AS WE learn to play in our own innate abundance energy, we open to flow and expansion, healing occurs within our own abundance energy and amazing things start to show up in our lives.

Mary has felt a calling to do 3 Days of FREE Abundance Healing. Each day from May 6th to 8th, at 11:11 AM PST, she will host a call where she will activate a clearing and healing meditation for everyone who is on the call live and listening to the call later. All you need to do is REGISTER BELOW, show up and be open to the healing that is here for YOU!

The incredible power of a group healing call is that the resonance factor created by all the callers on the line vibrating with their own abundance energy, creates a powerful resonance and vibration of remembering that vibrates and awakens even further each callers abundance energy! Join us to experience this amazing phenomenon of the power of the group energy.

This is a 3-Day healing series that will run from Friday, May 6th until Sunday, May 8th. The calls will be between 15 to 30 minutes long, and they will start at 11:11 AM Pacific/Los Angeles/California time. All of the calls will be hosted on Abundance Alive Healing & Coaching Online Community. Non-members are welcome to this FREE event.

You will receive the healings even if you aren’t on the call, so at 11:11 AM PST for each of these days,
take a moment to just notice where you are and to know that the healing is taking place in that moment.
The more you listen to the calls, live or on the recordings, the more you will anchor the healings
in your body, opening up your heart and attuning to the energy of Abundance.

Friday, Saturday, Sunday / May 6th, 7th, 8th 2011

11:11 AM Pacific/California/Los Angeles

Abundance Alive Healing and Coaching Online Community Site

FREE – 3 Live Healing calls to listen for FREE for 48 hours after each call.

(Members will have automatic access to all downloadable audios.)

FREE – Daily Heart Meditation.

(Read more about it below and how to download your free Mp3 audio.)

Only those who register will be receiving the healings. Mary will
only be able to work with those individuals who are signed up.
By signing up, you are giving her permission to help you
clear, heal and raise your abundance vibration.
So sign up now to join and register for FREE.


Magnify What You Want Each Day!

I was guided to create this unique Heart Meditation as an amazing way to start off your day in perfect flow and magnificence. The audio is imbued with special healing energies from my H.E.A.R.T. Resonance technique, that you can feel as soon as you start listening. As you take time in the morning to activate your own heart, this energy will be anchored in for the remainder of the day, guiding you to the actions, circumstances and individuals that serve your Higher Purpose. By allowing space for your heart to lead you, you step into the flow of abundance, joy, peace and well-being. You tap into Divine Inspiration and are innately guided to the perfect actions that lead to the realization of your dreams. Your interactions with others become synchronistic and engaging and your days are filled with ease, free from the stress that your overactive mind can create.

Sit back, listen, and bask in this amazing awareness of being showered with this heart energy, as your heart opens while becoming the perfect magnet for all you want each and every day.

Simply fill in the form below and you will have instant access to the Daily Heart Meditation (value $47.00) as my gift to you. (This is a downloadable version only.)

I hope you enjoy the heartfelt meditation to help you achieve exactly what you want.

NOTE: H.E.A.R.T. accesses the pure and primary essence of love energy, I have discovered a way to guide this energy into my client’s blocks, dis-ease, pain and dysfunction to create a new field of possibilities, enabling tissues, cells and beliefs to shift into a new form, and this energy is found in each word of this healing meditation.

Thank you for your commitment to your ongoing health and wellness in creating your best life!


Mary A. Hall