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    About Mary

    Mary Hall is a renowned Healer, Coach, Author and Speaker. Her system for guiding others to connect to their Heart and Divine Essence has launched her to become known as one of the most profound Healers in the industry. At the heart of her work is her ability to see others for who they really are – as Divine Beings of Love and Light who are having a magnificent human experience. She radiates light and love onto everyone she encounters and holds a space of honor and compassion which enables and empowers others to remember their own true essence. It is in remembering and connecting to our heart and Divine essence where we can open the gates to a life free from emotional and physical pain, that flows with ease, well-being and abundance.

    Mary is a self-educated, life empowering “coach” that has many tools at hand to coach her clients from an energetic, cognitive and physical perspective into the open flow of life where well-being and abundance abound. As an E.F.T. master and Abundant Life Coach, she is celebrated for her amazing ability to guide individuals to clear, release and create new energetic imprints that allow them to resonate with, move into, and live from a new place. This new energetic signature becomes a higher resonating attribute within them, enabling them to open up to a life of abundance and ease. She is a passionate Healer with a profound intuitive sense that leads her straight to the root issue of any challenge one may be facing.

    Mary’s perceptions and understanding of the energetic imprint within all things is profound and intuitive. In fact she has used this intuitive gift to define new healing paradigms utilizing the energetic imprint of the highest Divine energies to develop H.E.A.R.T. (Heart Energy Activation Resonance Technique) Resonance and Sacred Soul Embodiment Technique. These systems imbue each energy healing session with the primary essence of love energy creating a field of new possibilities to shift tissue, cells and beliefs into a new form.

    Mary incorporates these many modalities when working with clients and her versatility is one of the key ingredients to her success. She has a remarkable ability to quickly hone in on the subtle energies and the core issues allowing her to guide clients gently and in a focused way to release blocks and therefore help them to create a freer more joyful life while moving forward to attain their desired goals.

    Mary has been a guest speaker at many events and workshops in addition to being a frequent guest on many tele-seminar series.