Your Soul Aligned Abundance


Dear Precious One,

Have you ever wondered…

Why is it that some people are immediately able to apply the principles of abundance they just learned, and instantly turn it into more love, more money, and more success?

Yet some (maybe you?) struggle year after year trying to make these principles work.

Well first, I want to debunk this once and for all…. it’s not your fault…

There’s simply something you aren’t aware of…

You see there are core internal programs that have been secretly running in the background of your deep subconscious.

This programing constantly dredges up your lack of worthiness, your doubts and fears and has been damaging your ability to quickly attract true abundance in freedom, wealth, love and triumph.

These deeply unconscious internal materials were initially installed through your unique upbringing and life experiences… your stories.

Keep this question top of mind as you read on:

“Are your unique stories helping you or hindering you?”

If you’ve ever struggled to attract more abundance in your life and wondered why you are still not getting the results you KNOW are possible, then this will be the most important letter you ever read.

I’m going to share with you exactly how to HEAL your inner blocks, your unique stories, and unleash the real you, the powerful you.

I will RESET you to your divine abundance birthright.

But before I do there are a few important questions for you to answer…

  • When things don’t go your way, do you find yourself shrugging your shoulders and defeatedly claiming “I guess I’m not good enough?”
  • Are your intentions “all in” to start a new project or business, but you simply couldn’t follow through (as if some immovable force is holding you back)?
  • Do you feel that “working hard” seems to be the ONLY default way to earn money?
  • Despite ALL those mantras and spiritual practices around money, it continually seems to escape you or seems to run even further away?
  • Do you feel like you are stuck in an invisible cycle of debt?

If you answered yes to just one of the above questions then this is for you.

After working with thousands of clients over the past 10 years around abundance and prosperity, I can confidently tell you that you are not alone.

What you are experiencing is common, completely understandable, and there is clear and accessible reason why, because there are…

5 Common Root Blocks
Keeping Most Abundance Seekers 
Love, Prosperity and Success

In fact, what I’ve discovered is that there are 5 specific threads that hold people down and keep them from unlocking their divine abundance birthright.

These 5 threads are actually 5 silent subconscious programs and, for most people, they secretly run in the background without ever being found out.

Which is why so many people continue to struggle with manifesting abundance and prosperity their entire lives.

These 5 silent subconscious programs make people think they’re in charge of their life and decision making capabilities…

When in actuality these people are blindly being led and directed by ‘their hidden stories’ (their own unique core programs) without ever realizing it.

Luckily for you, now that you’re here reading this, you don’t have to let these 5 silent subconscious programs hold you back any more.

These 5 silently running root blocks are…

  • The defeating energy of LACK… the subtle energy that believes you need to earn your worth, your value and even your dollars
  • The insidious energy cycle of FEAR… keeping you stuck in the energy of impending. lurking doom
  • Your unique (blocking) money stories that continue to play out in your life keeping you from your prosperity power
  • The perpetuating energy of DEBT… the cycle of owing and there is ‘never’ enough
  • The never-ending cycle that perpetuates, your VALUE in life has to be earned


You’ve taken the first important step: becoming aware that the 5 abundance-stifling programs exist.

With awareness comes freedom, but only once you uncover and clear your own unique, silent, money-killing programing.

Remember, most of these programs – ‘your stories’ – are old.

They have been conditioning you since childhood, which is why most people never actually realize the impact it’s had on their success.

These old stories form your unique internal thermostat, your silent parameters for living in your comfort zone, a zone that is warped and bent to protect against a foe that is no longer there.

These stories are twisted coping mechanisms that continually tell you “who you are,” and “who you can or cannot be,” without giving you any say.

So, even if you’ve gone through manifesting courses in the past and not gotten the results you had hoped…

Or you got some results but then it stopped working for you…

Or you got great results but you know there are still some sneaky area’s that are still holding you back…

These 5 silent subconscious wealth depleting programs are at work…

Which brings back the question…

“Are your stories helping you, or hindering you?”

I think it’s time to claim a new life of effortless abundance, one that declares a new set of stories, ones of; financial joy, freedom, ease, vitality, and relationships that are fulfilling and fun.

So, if you want to uncover and heal your 5 unique silent subconscious programs.

If you’re ready to clear out the old stories that have been holding you back.

If you’re over the never ending cycle of lack.

Then, I have a special invitation for you.

I’ve created a special 40-day immersion of Quantum Healing Transformation, an experience specifically designed to help you and other dedicated clients clear out these silent subconscious programs.

I am so committed to your support and healing that I’ve created something that will finally unlock your abundance birthright, your true unique Soul-Aligned Abundance.

It’s time to REBOOT and bring HEALING to those old stories and blocks.

It’s time to rise above them and move forward into YOUR Divine Abundance Birthright.

Imbued Quantum Healing Energies and Guided Processes for
Awakening You to YOUR Soul-Aligned Abundance!

As I shared with you earlier, after working with thousands of clients over the past 10 years supporting them in abundance and prosperity, I can confidently tell you that there are 5 common threads that hold people back and keep them from stepping into their divine abundance birthright.

Take my client, Tiffany, for example…

She was working at a low paying job, struggling to make ends meet.

She was living paycheck to paycheck. After we started working together, I took her through my Quantum Healing Transformation Processes and what happened for her was remarkable.

Not only did she get a raise in her current job, but she was also offered a higher paying position within the company. Here’s what she emailed me after we worked together…

Mary! Thank you so much for your love and healing processes… After you helped me connect to who I really am, life is completely different now.  I really feel like I value myself for the first time. I now hold myself in a different way and unexpected things are happening because of it. I got a raise at my job out of the blue AND then shortly after… they offered me an even higher paying position! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!

Another great example comes from my client Cheryl.

Before she came to me, she was struggling to have a deep, meaningful relationship with her mom.

Her mother was very critical of her and undermined her worth whenever she got the opportunity.

Cheryl came to me on a mission.

Her mom was coming to visit her in four weeks and she wanted to be able to hold a conversation with her without getting upset and from feeling attacked.

I guided her through the Quantum Healing Transformational Processes and Cheryl set off equipped for her week long visit with her mom. She emailed me after her mother’s visit and here’s what she had to say…

You won’t believe it… My mother and I had many lovely conversations while she was visiting. There have only a few times that were just slightly uncomfortable. Which was a miracle all in itself. AND when I dropped my mom off at the airport, she turned to me said “I love you.” I was so shocked… it was the first time I’ve ever heard my mom tell me that she loves me. Thank you, Mary from the bottom of my heart.

This is just a taste of what people have experienced – what you can experience – once you go through the Quantum Healing Transformation Processes.

There are thousands of other stories just like Tiffany’s and Cheryl’s.

So, finally, after years of taking individuals through this powerful healing process and getting hundreds of requests to put together a program…

I’ve decided to get this out in a much bigger way…


This program is specifically designed to help you heal and unlock your divine abundance birthright, to unleash your unique Soul-Aligned Abundance

Yes, now is your time to stop spinning your wheels of trying to find “your worth” and finally receive the infinite support, infinite guidance, infinite love, and infinite abundance that has always been meant for you.

You’re going to walk away from this powerful 40 Day Program, with the rare ability to uncover, heal and release the blocks keeping you from your abundance.

40-Day Quantum Immersion Healing Fest 

You will be receiving ongoing Quantum Healing Energies and Love Frequencies Daily… throughout the duration of this program.

Here’s A Sneak Peek Into Your
Soul-Aligned Abundance Healing Transformation..

This program consists of 6 LIVE Alignment & Quantum Healing Sessions over the course of our 40 days together plus an additional 3 LIVE Quantum Healing and Coaching Sessions..

Each quantum healing session focuses on helping you uncover and heal each of the five silent subconscious programs while bringing greater healing and alignment to your heart and soul.   

#1 Live Quantum Healing & Alignment Session:
Harnessing Your True Divine Value & Worth

The “Lack Eliminator”

      • The one secret belief people hold onto that causes lack to run rampant throughout every aspect of their lives
      • Use the “Lack Eliminator healing technique to clear away money lack, love lack, and other common areas of lack in your life right now
      • How to powerfully set up your subconscious so that lack is no longer a challenging presence in your life
    • Clearly tap into your thriving soul-aligned abundant self

#2 Live Quantum Healing & Alignment Session:
Clearing & Dissolving The Fear Cycle

The Subtle Success Saboteur

      • What the subtle success saboteur is and how it creeps into our everyday lives and keeps us unsafe
      • Mary’s special process for quickly eliminating this sneaky success crippler
      • Peace around safety, money, and prosperity like you’ve never experienced before
    • Fully replenish and reset your thriving soul-aligned abundant self

#3 Live Quantum Healing & Alignment Session:
Clearing and Healing Your Money Stories

Tap Into Your Prosperity Power

      • The biggest pitfall most people unconsciously fall victim to, that shuts down Prosperity Power
      • How to keep from falling for this pitfall (if you haven’t already) and what to do if you have
      • How to tap into your unique Prosperity Power
    • Quickly reset to your soul-aligned abundant self

#4 Live Quantum Healing & Alignment Session:
Identifying and Clearing Debt Energy

Eliminate The Debt Cycle

      • How you have been innocently stuck and unknowingly participating in a loop of debt
      • How to clear and heal the silent energy of debt lurking in your life
      • How to once and for all identify, heal and clear these energetic cycles of debt
    • Release the stranglehold of debt and create a new profound freedom in your life

#5 Live Quantum Healing & Alignment Session:
Connect Deeply To Your Soul-Light

Unlock Your True Worth

      • The #1 silent killer of your worth and how to eradicate this pest
      • Identify and clear the REAL underlying program of true worth (this one’s a game changer)
      • How to reclaim your TRUE worth
    • And much, much more…

#6 Live Integration
Quantum Healing & Alignment Session:
Your Thriving Soul-Aligned Abundance 

Standing In Your New Found Wealth

      • You are about to be standing tall in confident alignment and integration with your Divine Soul Aligned Abundance Birthright.
      • You’ll discover the key to resetting your personal vibrational imprint of Abundance
      • With trust and conviction you’ll connect to your heart and soul for a greater deepening of your intrinsic worth and vitality
    • Integrate and align to your thriving soul-aligned abundant self

#7 LIVE Quantum Healing & Coaching Calls
Dates to be announced…

3 – Live Quantum Healing & Coaching Calls

      • Dial in to work personally with Mary & Veronica live.
      • In these live healing & coaching calls, group healing energies are activated as Mary & Veronica work with each person who raises their hand
      • Connect deeper to your heart and soul for a greater deepening of your intrinsic worth and vitality
    • Healing and Integration to align you to your thriving soul-aligned abundant self

40-Day Quantum Immersion Healing Fest…
Awakening Your Soul Aligned Abundance

6 – Live Quantum Healing Sessions


3 – Live Quantum Healing & Coaching Sessions

40-Days Daily Remote Quantum Healing Energy

 Healing Past Present & Future 

Healing Energy & Power of “I CAN”

Special Early Bird Special:


Plus, When You Join Now You Also
Get Instant Access To These Incredible Bonuses…

#1 BONUS Healing Energy:

40-Days -Daily Remote Quantum Abundance & Love Energy Healing

You will receive daily remote healing energies, as you live your daily life, transmitted and broadcast to you in the background throughout your program.

As a result of these daily powerful healings in the background, you will experience…

      • Rapid awakening around love and abundance
      • Deep connection, peace, joy, and calm as you move forward into your divine abundance birthright
      • The magical quantum consciousness that only occurs in remote healing of communities of beautiful souls on this large of a scale
    • And much, much more…

Value: $500.00

#2 BONUS Healing Audio:

 Heal Your Abundance
Through Your Past, Present and Future

You will also receive a powerful Mp3 download of this healing audio, one of Mary’s MOST popular programs designed to move into the subconscious material from the past AND the future!

As a result of this powerful digital audio healing course, you will…

      • Heal past, present, and future abundance blocks keeping you from the most authentic and permanent versions of your love, peace, and joy
      • Tap into your special, unique abundance energy allowing you to expand through space and time
      • Receive the ultimate abundance blessing, a proprietary Mary-made powerhouse blessing of abundance (this one is worth the WHOLE program)
    • And much, much more…

Value: $97.00

#3 BONUS Healing Audio:

The Expanding Power of “I CAN”

Mary discovered that there is a certain frequency that needs to be plucked in order for the acceleration of financial freedom that you are about to experience. She calls it “I can.”

During a live quantum healing call that Mary facilitated, the powerful energy of “I CAN” appeared and as a result of this high frequency healing digital audio, you’ll discover…

      • How to quickly tap into the field of abundance and effortlessly move beyond “I can’t” into “Yes, I can”
      • The secret to tapping into the life-changing energies of these two words
      • How to pull in the ultra manifesting powers of “I CAN” into every cell of your body
    • And much, much more…

Value: $97.00

Why Join The
“Soul Aligned 
Quantum Healing Transformation”
40-Day Immersion Healing Fest Now?

When you join the “Soul Aligned Abundance – Quantum Healing Transformation” program now, you can take advantage of (a very limited time opportunity) special low introductory investment.

I’ve made this exclusive program so affordable on purpose.

I’m on a mission to help as many people uncover and heal their biggest blocks to abundance.

It is actually especially important to humanity at this time… that as many people as possible are opened up to see their magnificent power.

When thousands clear and heal the deep unconscious abundance saboteurs, it unleashes their true soul-power.

That power untethered, creates a ripple of change on the planet that can activate waves of transformation that can move into humanity, nudging all souls to live from a new place of compassionate abundance.  

PLUS, because this is the only time I’m running this exclusive healing program LIVE, I want to make it a no brainer for you to join.  

That’s why right now this program is the most affordable it will ever be.

AND, you’ll get instant access to the three incredible bonus programs as well.

This opportunity will not come around again…


Who Is This “40-Day Immersion Healing Fest” For?

This special healing program is for you if want to…


40-Day Quantum Immersion Healing Fest…
Awakening Your Soul Aligned Abundance

6 – Live Quantum Healing Sessions


3 – Live Quantum Healing & Coaching Sessions

40-Days Daily Remote Quantum Healing Energy

 Healing Past Present & Future 

Healing Energy & Power of “I CAN”

Special Early Bird Special:


This is for you…

If you’re really serious about making the change to live in alignment with your divine abundance birthright.

If you’re intent on becoming your most abundant and prosperous self.

Maybe you don’t want to look back one more time on what could have been…

You don’t want to reflect back and think:

“I wish I would have taken Mary up on her Soul Aligned Abundance Quantum Healing Transformation program while I still had the chance.”

Well, the time is now, this is your chance to finally change these 5 subconscious beliefs that have been dragging your down for years.

It’s your time to REBOOT.

This is your chance to bring true HEALING transformation to those old stories and blocks.

It’s time to rise above them and move forward into your Soul Aligned Abundance, the divine prosperity that has always been meant for you.


40-Day Quantum Immersion Healing Fest…
Awakening Your Soul Aligned Abundance

6 – Live Quantum Healing Sessions


3 – Live Quantum Healing & Coaching Sessions

40-Days Daily Remote Quantum Healing Energy

 Healing Past Present & Future 

Healing Energy & Power of “I CAN”

Special Early Bird Special:


“Wow!! That was simply awesome Mary. I could feel the waves of love and healing energy radiating from your words. I was in definite need of some ‘uplifting’ and healing and that certainly delivered.” ~ G

THANK YOU FOR THE AMAZING HEALING CALL!!! It is so powerfully freeing and healing! I felt some huge, beautiful, love-filled shifts during the call and throughout the night in regards to “worthiness”. With Mega Love and Thankfulness ~ A

“Mary, your second healing call had me dancing under the full moon with spirit last night. I could feel the flow of abun-dance in every cell of my body. Never before have I felt so alive and full of gratitude. I now have a new energy blueprint that I can call forth for the rest of my life. Thank you, sweet angel, I love you sooooo much!” ~ K

“Wow, this was amazing Mary! I can’t believe how relaxed I feel after it. I released so much heavy energy during the call, and so easily – it just floated up and out of me. I was listening to a recorded call on my ipod, but at one point it seemed like your voice was actually coming out of my heart rather than the earphones! I was surprised, but it felt so right. I was so touched when you told us Spirit never sees us as being unworthy or not good enough – it brought tears to my eyes. I’ll definitely be listening to this one again and again! Thank you, thank you, thank you for doing these calls Mary.” ~ D

These calls have been so beautiful and have made a huge impact on me. I thank you deeply. Thank you all for your healing energy & love we all share & hold for each other it really is so powerful. Thank you Mary, & Veronica for your continuing energy of holding us in love & healing, it’s very heartwarming & luscious, beautiful energy! ~ M

Thank you so much Mary for the gift of this amazing, Abundnce and Love- filled program!!! I am reveling in the beautiful, nourishing, nurturing, Divine Love energy, and appreciate immensely the healing guidance you’re providing as well. ~ J

Dear Mary, and Veronica, Thank you infinitely for this beautiful, Divine, life changing program. I am profoundly grateful!!! The connection to Love and Abundance that I am now experiencing fills me with joy! The calls were exquisite! Each put the icing on the already magnificent secret sauce cake! THANK YOU!!! ~ S

I’m so happy for saying yes and being part of this program. Every call helped me and I’m so deeply grateful for you all the sharing that has opened me more to love and greater abundance then I could have imagined. I love you all so much, Divine Love ~ N

HUGE thank you, Mary, Veronica, and everyone! What happened when Mary worked with me deserves to be called a MIRACLE, the way I went from pain and hurt to laughter in an instant! I try to stay in an “Everything is possible” mind set, but to actually experience that is amazing! When I remember the hurt and the pain, giggles come up! And I wonder how does it feel for Mary and Veronica to be able to create Miracles and change lives! I have So much admiration you for being so brave, so open and so loving! I THANK YOU and I LOVE YOU from all my heart! ~ V

I am so grateful for everything I have learned in this beautiful program. The awareness around the concept of self sacrifice and debts of IOU’s has been HUGE for me. I had no idea how that I was secretly controlling. I will continue to relisten to this amazing program. I thank you from the bottom of my opening, ascending heart for this program. ~ S

Spent the evening yesterday relistening…..its beyond words…. that piece of consciousness around the debts and IOU”S I have I created for another.. and myself… by doing everything from expectation of receiving… instead of helping and being of service from love and just, being me…….and then forgiving… went deep.. and I am deeply touched by this and by your unconditional, overflowing Love Mary! Thank you so much!! ~ L

Mary A. HallAbout Mary A Hall

Mary is one of the most powerful intuitive healers and coach. She not only leads in the field of abundance, wealth, money and success, she is also a renowned energy healer, assisting with physical and life challenges of all stripes and colors.

She has an uncanny knack for tapping into the level of flow, health and abundance and is able to then adjust the internal energies accordingly through coaching and energy work. Having worked with preeminent individuals; business leaders, health and wellness leaders, advertising and brand companies, doctors, financial advisors and more, she has proven over and over that there is always a point of access to shift one’s capacity for balance, harmony, abundance and health.

This is not just some philosophy or rote practice that Mary delivers, this is pure access. Mary helps individuals move the needle on their lives and open the floodgates of possibility. She creates a space of allowing for breakthrough changes in how one feels, looks at, and interacts with relationships, health, money, wealth and abundance, allowing in a new formed self love and acceptance. Get ready for your transformation.

Veronica RunyonAbout Veronica Runyon

Veronica is a powerful healer, with an intuitive ability to hone in on core issues, inviting a profound healing experience on all levels – physical, emotional, mental and spiritual.

She is a heart-based coach who guides her clients to a deep exploration and understanding of who they really are at their core; a Divine being of Love, allowing them to blossom in strength, peace and resilience.

She’s also masterful at holding a loving space while initiating healing activations and healing energies that profoundly supports all those in her presence.

She strongly believes that there is a Magnificence within each of us, that once discovered and shared with the world, enables us to live a life of ease, joy and abundance.