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    We all want more money. We want to know how to create a larger financial flow of wealth into our lives. Simply put… It starts within ~CREATING YOUR ABUNDANT LIFE~ explores — how to INCREASE THE FLOW OF ABUNDANCE IN ALL AREAS of your life… Inner and Outer…

    This Group Coaching program is unlike any other program on the market and is THE KEY to enable you to lay the foundations in your life that will allow you to create, once and for all, YOUR abundant life. Through this group coaching environment, you have access to the collective energy of all participants who are live on the call, or through the recordings afterward. This collective energy provides you with a window through which your specific, individual questions and concerns are addressed. Each coaching group is unique and what shows up in each group is always exactly what each individual is in need of learning.

    If you are truly ready to alter the course of your life in a profound way then you will not want to miss this program.

    Mary has taken her Abundance Attunement Healing System which takes clients step-by-step through the Foundational Layers of Abundance, and has created this Live Group Coaching Program to teach you these foundational patterns that create success in all areas of your life and heal the parts of you that aren’t in alignment with this energy. Through the program, you will learn each foundational layer of abundance and you will be given tools and techniques to apply to your life right away in order to achieve the success you’re looking for.

    From the very first session you will begin to shift as you build the foundational platform that actually creates the energy of abundance, allowing flow and delivering true Wealth, Creativity and Success to you. You will learn how the Conscious and Subconscious minds work in relationship to Wealth and Abundance and this knowledge will empower you to build your own foundation for abundance. This foundational platform gives you the imprint for feeling safe, free, confident, abundant and feeling that you are worthy to have good things come into your life. All of these feelings are the essence of self-worth and the energy that creates self-worth is the exact same foundation that creates wealth and wonderful relationships in partnership with the flow with life.

    This Coaching Program also includes processing calls in which Mary uses all of her healing systems to guide the group and individuals on the calls through processes that shift and transform the pieces of themselves that are not in alignment with Abundance.

    By the time you are done with this program, you will be able to clearly define how these foundational ways of being affect every aspect of your life. You will feel gratitude in your heart as you recognize that you have achieved leap and bounds toward clearing and creating abundance by devoting yourself to the principles this audio coaching program.

    Now in order achieve the best result from my program, ask yourself the following questions:

    If you have answered yes to these questions, then (feel this in your heart) YOU are ready, and this is for you.

    Things you will learn and experience:

    Creating an Abundant Life—- Will open you up to the Divine Energy of Money – Creating a partnership with and building acceptance with this Divine Energy is fundamental – It is understanding that we have energy around ‘Money’ much like a person we interact with. If we have misunderstanding and upset around ‘Money” we will continue to keep it at arm’s length. As we open to a new relationship with money things can shift internally and new ways of being, including acceptance and celebration of it in our life can now be possible.

    Mary has incorporated all of her healing systems into these Coaching sessions, so you will experience them all and will learn how to use them in conjunction with creating your Abundant Life.

    Plus Many Many More: Mary offers many more tools, tips and techniques that she will be sharing throughout the audio program.

    Your Package:

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    To sweeten the experience I am going to include my special HeartThoughts audio (Value $57). I created this powerful clearing and healing product to be used daily to help you to find that profound place of peace, calm and love to help you with every aspect of your life. This little audio can change your life.

    You will ALSO receive my renowned Daily HEART meditation (Value $47). I had been guided to create this unique audio meditation designed to start your day off in perfect flow and magnificence ensuring you are the perfect magnet for all you want each day. This meditation is imbued with special healing energies from my H.E.A.R.T (Heart Energy Activation, Resonance Technique) you can feel as soon as you start to listen. This is available to you as my gift to help you achieve your goals each day.

    If you’re interested in this program please sign up for the Daily Heart Meditation and list to get updates and details on when this program will be available.

    “I have studied, practiced, taught, enjoyed, participated in many many spiritual and personal development workshops. Surely I had heard it all already and done it all…hahahahaha. The Abundant Life Course with Mary Hall, has been a missing link, the piece that pulled all of my years of training, into an embodied presence that has really empowered me to not only go through layers of ‘stuff’ known unknown, it has given me tools that i use the moment that ‘stuff’ comes up. My process has often been that I am aware of my ‘stuff’, and my searching has been to ‘now what do i do to really clear it’ and ‘be with it’ in the moment. This class is an absolute for anyone and everyone wishing to learn more about making conscious our unconscious issues as well as ways to change the way we hold them in our bodies and in our minds. I listen to the calls over and over, take notes and have started sharing the techs and info with others already…it is usable info right away and very very clear and simple. Mary’s presence is loving, kind and just ‘being with her’ creates a vortex of abundance. Indeed.”
    ~Kim Coleman, Canada. growingbeyond.com
    “This 8 week series has been a lifeline in the midst of great transition. I was able to see and feel all the possibilities of the Universe and the huge support lovingly given in each moment. It is like a mainline to the Truth through the heart. Tremendous shifts in past beliefs occurred and I am forever changed by it. Mary’s course has done what no other has in my life-reached into the core and anchored without a doubt who we all truly are, Divine Beings of Love and Light!”
    “Dearest Mary, this 8 week course has been so amazing, transformative, helpful, insightful and an absolute joy! I have done many years of personal growth work both in the area of healing trauma and in the area of abundance/law of attraction. I have not come across any program or teacher that seamlessly integrated the two in the way you do. While people on all levels of abundance and healing will greatly benefit from your work, this class really is a rare beacon of hope and the missing link to abundance for people who are dealing with deep-seated vibrational obstacles. I am in awe of your ability to create tremendous safety, authenticity, intimacy and trust among a large group of strangers over the phone and webcast. You honed in on core issues, on the messages between the lines, with such skill and ease through your intuition and sensitivity for energies. You are able to explain the concepts with great clarity from the depth of your understanding. Most of all, the healing light of your love shines through the words so brightly and touches, sometimes gently pierces people’s hearts in just the right places, reminding all of us of who we really are. I am honored to have been a participant and witness to your work.”
    “Taking Mary’s “Journey to Abundance” is the greatest gift I could have given myself (and, therefore, all of my loved ones!) at this point in my life! To me, it’s been miraculous! Mary is “Love Personified” and she is exactly who I needed to “hold me” (with Love, Compassion, & Support) in order to get “unstuck” and to truly blossom in my life! After only 7 classes, homework, and “Playing” with all the loving information and strategies that Mary gave us, I’m feeling GOOD, HAPPY, & JOYFUL 85% of the time NOW!! Life is exciting and I’m feeling infinitely blessed!!!!”
    ~Carolyn Mair
    “There have been so many shifts in my awareness and so many examples of how abundance has either entered or been recognized as having already been present in my life I could write a short story about it! The depth of balance I’ve achieved in my life accompanied by the feelings of joy, gratitude and love I’ve learned to maintain throughout my day/week is something I thought it would take years to train myself to do; however, you’ve catalyzed it in 8 weeks! Bless you and thank you Mary for the size and strength of your divine heart.”
    ~Kami Bowman
    “Hi Mary, I can’t thank you enough! You have an astounding ability to hold space and energy to assist you in transforming limiting patterns and experience the flow of abundance in the very fabric of your being. Your ability to share the nuances of abundance has helped me to shift in truly profound ways more quickly than anything I have ever done before. I will be ever grateful!”
    “Dear Mary, I can’t thank you enough for this 8 week course. I was stuck. I now forgive myself for losing trust in myself and life itself. I do have hope in the future that I know I have control over how I feel about things, people and myself, if not on the event itself. I let go of me wanting to control everything by myself and feeling guilty when I can’t. It is becoming so much easier for me to go back to that feeling of love, peace and joy inside of me. I know that is what I am and we all are. Thank you Mary for shining your light on me. I’ll do the same as much as I can.”
    ~Danielle Dubois