Announcing... New Coaching Program: ACCESSING DIVINE INSPIRATION

This has been the #1 process that changed my life and woke me up to my passion and who I really am at my core essence and that launched me to see that I needed to share my message with the world.
~Mary A. Hall – Abundance ALIVE~

Knowing how to connect to your inner wisdom and guidance is profoundly important in these changing times.

Gain amazing insights as you learn how to tap in and access your profound source of riches, guidance and inspiration within, available right at your fingertips.

Learning how to tap into this inner access point will allow you to open up to hear… inner Inspiration echoing from the depths of your being enabling you, with clarity, to navigate life.

Being able to act on the information received will add a richness to your life and could become one of the most important elements in weathering the big changes ahead and can help you move through them with a sense of grace. It’s critical to our own well-being… and the well-being of the Earth that we learn to live from a place of divine knowing and inspiration.

Ok, have you ever...

…wished you could, on your own, gain personal access to divine guidance… to feel true confidence about important decisions around a situation, individual or upcoming event??

…said to yourself… “I wish I knew exactly what to do!” or “I wish I knew what direction to take!”

…wondered if there is an easy way and true formula to access this divine knowing?

…demanded… “I just want to know how to be happier in my life!”

If you knew...

…there is a way of accessing your own internal knowing… would you be willing to go through the training ground to get there?

…would you be willing to even be “un-trained” to get there?

…would you be willing to spend the time and energy to explore and practice this process?

…would you be willing to spend your time and energy practicing this process weekly or even daily, if you knew it would reap great rewards for you?

…would you we willing to invest in your life and future?

If you answered yes to these questions then you ARE in the right place!

I would like to invite you to be in a group of like-minded individuals, hungry to dive deeper in exploring how to access your own divine internal knowing and inspiration hidden deep within the essence of your heart and soul.

This inner Access point will allow you to open up to hear… inner Inspiration echoing from the depths of your being, enabling you to being present in your power!

I had the pleasure of learning these techniques and processes 20 years ago… and over and over again it has saved my life by allowing me to access the information and guidance I needed – at those moments – giving me hope through many difficult times. It literally saved my life by giving me guidance, insight and direction for my life and my future and those I would eventually serve. ~Mary A. Hall – Abundance ALIVE~

I am confident that, just like me, YOU will in turn discover that this WILL BE the best thing you will ever do for yourself.

Invest In Yourself Today!

Things you will learn...

Simple techniques and processes to allow you to get out of the way… to ignite and tap into your creativity, inner knowing and divine inspiration that is ready to be revealed

How to create a space to allow for your divine inner inspiration to have a platform and voice to share with you its riches

How to get out of the way to let your creativity and inner knowing and divine inspiration flow

How to open up more areas of conversation within the other aspects and parts of yourself ready to share and inspire you into truly living and being your best life


This program is delivering directly to YOU a simple process of discovery… to tap into your inner knowing, discover what your true authenticity is and identify your soul’s inner passions.

And in having direct access to an incredibly vast and precise portal, to be able to glean and receive guidance, direction and even answers to your deepest questions.

And that you would be able to receive loving and Divine guidance in all areas of your life – so that you always knew the best step to take and could always ‘check in’ to see that you are on the right path.


And I am about to train you how to access it EVERY TIME you need this sacred guidance.

Not only do you have access to this portal, but in fact this portal is WITHIN YOU – within YOUR HEART.

Your Heart holds your true access to guidance, direction and divine knowing. You have the ability to access this information at any time in your life, whenever you are longing for the answers or looking for guidance around things you want to create or attract to you.

We all often experience ‘gut’ feelings or nudges within that give us a ‘sense’ about something that we just know is true. These feelings are actually our inner connection to Divine inspiration. It’s the intuition that we all have – which is our connection to the Divine that is here for each and every one of us.

We have just never been taught how to access it…

Until now

Accessing Divine Inspiration is a sacred and healing-imbued training that delivers the tools to take you to the depths of your Being where you can find the answers to your deepest questions. You will learn to hear your Divine guidance for any area in your life and know the insights into why you may be experiencing the situations and circumstances that are unique to you.

As humans we tend to go through life instinctively, allowing our survival mechanisms to take over as our default behavior. We respond to situations and circumstances with knee-jerk reactions, which often leave us feeling confused and frustrated, knowing they don’t express our true essence and don’t achieve the results we’re looking for.

This process will liberate you and empower you as it unveils and reveals the riches deep within you... sharing information and guidance as you Access and tap into YOUR knowing, weaving a beautiful tapestry of clarity for the next step<br/>in your unique life and journey...

In order to truly embrace life, fully express our authentic selves to the world, create the amazing relationships we want and step into the magic and ‘flow’ of life, we need to learn to consciously LET GO of this survival instinct and OPEN UP a dialogue with the Divine Inspiration that empowers us to live consciously and guides us to live the lives of our dreams. ~Mary A. Hall – Abundance ALIVE~

Each training delivers the deepest healing energies AND activations allowing you to open to your own sacred truths. These are active intentions that are available automatically as soon as you hear the calls and participate in the training.


  • This course will take you through various playful processes that enable you to open that dialogue with your Higher Self and to access Divine guidance in an easy and fun way.
  • You will learn ways to develop a regular practice of connecting within and tapping into this guidance and Inspiration, allowing you to seek answers to challenges as they arise.
  • These practices will empower you to approach life as your true authentic self, in resonance with the ease, well-being and abundance you deserve and desire.
  • You WILL find the answers you are looking for in each area of your life, as you tap into the amazing possibilities that are here for each and every one of us, waiting to be discovered.
  • As part of the program each call will also include automatic activations and healings allowing you to open to the playful exercises AND your inner knowing at the deepest levels
  • This program will also give you access to two months of support, starting at the beginning of the program in April.

By tapping into this inner knowledge and guidance, you’re able to live a life of empowerment and service… through Accessing Divine Inspiration, revealing the vibrant essence of your heart and soul!


There will be 8 Coaching Calls. These calls will be live interactive calls which will including webcast access during this training program.

Each call will be approx. 75 mins

This Coaching Program will consist of 8 live calls over 4 weeks – Two coaching calls per week – Starting on April 14, 2011 and continue until May 7, 2011.

Thursday Saturday
Week 1 — Call #1 — April 14 at 5:30pm (PST) & Call #2 — April 16 at 12:30pm (PST)
Week 2 — Call #3 — April 21 at 5:30pm (PST) & Call #4 — April 23 at 12:30pm (PST)
Week 3 — Call #5 — April 29 at 5:30pm (PST) & Call #6 — April 30 at 12:30pm (PST)
Week 4 — Call #7 — May 5 at 5:30pm (PST) & Call #8 — May 7 at 12:30pm (PST)

We strongly encourage that you purchase a notebook that you can use to document and ‘play’ with the processes you will be learning. This can be a very inexpensive notebook, but it is best to have a blank one, to be used only for this course.


All calls will be recorded and archived, so you will have full access to the program to listen and download audio recordings. (If you are not able to be live on the calls, you will be able to access the audio recordings.)

Join me on April 14th!

I am confident that just like me, YOU will discover that this WILL BE the best thing you will ever do for yourself.

Invest In Yourself Today!

I am so excited to offer this coaching program. Accessing Divine Inspiration is one of the KEYS to my success, abundance and finding and living my authentic voice. I connect within regularly to ‘receive’ the messages that are here for me. These messages are ALWAYS in alignment with my hearts desires and they are hands-down SO MUCH MORE than I would have ever discovered through my conscious mind or through the reasoning and thought process. Without going ‘within’ and accessing these inner messages, that were waiting to be shared with me, I would not have honed in on my passion and purpose that launched me into doing what I love today and sharing it with the world!

My wish is that each and every one of you takes the time to experience this course and find the hidden gems that are waiting to be discovered within YOU.

Much Love,


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With Purchasing Option 2 – You will be receiving:

Golden Silence ~ All Is Possible ~ Audio MP3 ($147.00 Value)

This amazing product is one of the most profound and advanced abundance frequency changing products I HAVE EVER EXPERIENCED. ~Jennifer McLean – Healing with the Masters

This is by far my most favorite product I have created! ~ Mary A. Hall

The silence is based on a special technology that Mary invented for this audio product…

Mary was part of a project several years ago where she explored and worked with new technologies to raise the vibration of a room and the individuals entering. She has taken this to a whole new level and figured out a way to offer THE HIGHEST VIBRATIONS of ABUNDANCE through AUDIO in a silent format — ALL YOU RECEIVE IS THE ENERGY OF ABUNDANCE.


Since Mary started offering this product in the fall of 2010, listeners have all been blown away and have shared how the power and delicacy of this intricate vibrational frequency have been benefiting their lives.

Many who experienced it have burst into instant tears as they felt their hearts instantly open (safely and thoughtfully) to the new vibrations of flow and love.


Those who experience the silent energy of this audio have experienced an ease and flow in all areas of their lives. This juicy and velvety energy puts you into your OWN flow and can dissolve any previous conditions of lack.

Practiced participation with this audio over time will allow YOU to open to the abundance energy signature allowing it to become a permanent part of your life’s experience.

In the spring after receiving thousands of emails from folks telling me of their financial challenges I turned to Mary and asked her if she had a way to use the powerful energies she had worked with me on, to share with you, and Golden Silence is what she came up with! I am telling you with intense earnestness… this is the audio you have been looking for if you are wanting to open your abundance… IT IS THAT GOOD. ~Jennifer McLean – Healing with the Masters

Imagine sitting at your desk as you begin to tackle…

a large assignment or getting ready to create something new,

and in the background silently supporting you is an amazing supportive

energetic platform, gently guiding your frequency to tune into the

highest levels of creativity and spontaneity…

this Golden Silence… nudging you to create and produce at the

highest level of vibration.

You can now play this anywhere at any time without anyone knowing that you are raising your vibration and improving your creativity, flow and abundance.

ALSO, this beautiful delicate energy is available to anyone else in the room who is open to this resonance…

…if someone you live or work with is open, from an intention of flow and abundance perspective, they WILL receive the benefit. If they aren’t open it will simply be like a cool breeze of upliftment for them, and no more.

(This is a complete silent audio and includes a version with a GONG sound at the beginning, to let you know it has started and at the end).


Mary A. Hall

Mary Hall is a renowned Healer, Coach, Author and Speaker. Her system for guiding others to connect to their Heart and Divine Essence has launched her to become known as one of the most profound Healers in the industry. At the heart of her work is her ability to see others for who they really are – as Divine Beings of Love and Light who are having a magnificent human experience. She radiates light and love onto everyone she encounters and holds a space of honor and compassion which enables and empowers others to remember their own true essence. It is in remembering and connecting to our heart and Divine essence where we can open the gates to a life free from emotional and physical pain, that flows with ease, well-being and abundance.

Mary is a self-educated, life empowering “coach” that has many tools at hand to coach her clients from an energetic, cognitive and physical perspective into the open flow of life where well-being and abundance abound. As an E.F.T. master and Abundant Life Coach, she is celebrated for her amazing ability to guide individuals to clear, release and create new energetic imprints that allow them to resonate with, move into, and live from a new place. This new energetic signature becomes a higher resonating attribute within them, enabling them to open up to a life of abundance and ease. She is a passionate Healer with a profound intuitive sense that leads her straight to the root issue of any challenge one may be facing.


“Dearest Mary, this class has been so amazing, transformative, helpful, insightful and an absolute joy! I have done many years of personal growth work both in the area of healing trauma and in the area of abundance/law of attraction. I have not come across any program or teacher that seamlessly integrated the two in the way you do. While people on all levels of abundance and healing will greatly benefit from your work, this class really is a rare beacon of hope and the missing link to abundance for people who are dealing with deep seated vibrational obstacles. I am in awe of your ability to create tremendous safety, authenticity, intimacy and trust among a large group of strangers over the phone and webcast. You honed in on core issues, on the messages between the lines, with such skill and ease through your intuition and sensitivity for energies. You are able to explain the concepts with great clarity from the depth of your understanding. Most of all, the healing light of your love shines through the words so brightly and touches, sometimes gently pierces people’s hearts in just the right places, reminding all of us of who we really are. I am honored to have been a participant and witness to your work.”

~Nina, AZ~

I have studied, practiced, taught, enjoyed, participated in many, many spiritual and personal development workshops. The Abundant Life Course with Mary Hall, has been a missing link, the piece that pulled all of my years of training, into an embodied presence that has really empowered me to not only go through layers of ‘stuff’ known unknown, it has given me tools that I use the moment that ‘stuff’ comes up. This class is an absolute for anyone and everyone wishing to learn more about making conscious our unconscious issues as well as ways to change the way we hold them in our bodies and in our minds. I listen to the calls over and over, take notes and have started sharing the techs and info with others already…it is usable info right away and very, very clear and simple. Mary’s presence is loving, kind and just ‘being with her’ creates a vortex of abundance. Indeed.”

~Kim Coleman, Canada ~

“I have been doing so much consciousness work, and yet I always felt a level of awareness that I could not reach/access. So even though I could feel things, create on one level, in my physical reality I was not experiencing it. Now, after going through your class, I now understand why I could not let it in. And I got to a point of loving/honoring and being myself that I was able to end a relationship that I knew was not right for me. The best part of this whole experience is the feeling of love and flow that I feel. And even though there may be more to address, I am doing so from a very different space…a more loving space and it feels so much easier, gentler, and kinder to myself and others. Thank you Mary, for your love and holding of the space for us to see who we really are. I love you.”

~JiSeon, Oregon ~

“There have been so many shifts in my awareness and so many examples of how abundance has either entered or been recognized as having already been present in my life I could write a short story about it! The depth of balance I’ve achieved in my life accompanied by the feelings of joy, gratitude and love I’ve learned to maintain throughout my day/week is something I thought it would take years to train myself to do; however, you’ve catalyzed it in 8 weeks! Bless you and thank you Mary for the size and strength of your divine heart.”

~Kami Bowman, Florida~

Taking Mary’s “Journey to Abundance” is the greatest gift I could have given myself and, therefore, all of my loved ones. To me, it’s been miraculous. Mary is “Love Personified” and she is exactly who I needed to “hold me” as she did with Love, Compassion, & Support, in order to get “unstuck” and to truly blossom in my life. After doing the homework, and “Playing” with all the loving information and strategies that Mary gave us, I’m feeling GOOD, HAPPY, & JOYFUL 85% of the time!! Life is exciting and I’m feeling infinitely blessed!

~ Carolyn Mair, Oregon ~

This Abundance class has been one of the BEST classes that I’ve ever taken. I am becoming the person that I’ve always dreamed that I could be. The collaborative effort that you and Jennifer gave to all of us is beyond words. You both allowed us to shed another layer of our old self and allowed us to blossom like a spring flower. I am forever grateful and touched by your level of commitment and generosity. God Bless you and all the things that you do. I highly recommend this AMAZINGLY transforming class to anyone is ready to find their authentic self.


These past 8 weeks have been wonderful for me. When I started this course I had so many doubts and held beliefs that were setting me up for the wrong things in life. Today I feel like the world is open to me. Mary, you have provided the most powerful and wonderful tools in order to build the foundation for abundance. I feel so much better about all of the abundant possibilities before me. And now I ‘know” that every day is a divine blessed infinitely abundant day. This group has been wonderful to work with. Thank you Mary for blessing me with so many loving gifts.”

~Love, Cecilia from Ohio~

It’s hard to put into words what the Abundant Life Coaching Group means as it’s such as transformational experience. I came in as version 1.0 and leave as 2.0 and my view of the world is wide open, abundant and full of bright vibrant color. Thank you so much for everything.”

~Sherry Waddingham, Canada~


Suzanne Murray

Suzanne Murray is a gifted creativity coach, abundant life coach, EFT practitioner, intuitive healer and writing teacher committed to empowering others to find the freedom to engage their creativity and create a life they love. She works with simple, powerful techniques to help clear whatever gets in the way and creates a safe and sacred space for your life and creativity to blossom. She provides an experience of the joy and beauty that comes from embracing the creative process for both creative expression and creative problem solving in every area of our lives. An award-winning writer, Suzanne’s work has appeared in literary magazines including Orion and The Sun. Author of a book of poems Love Poems to Nature, she has kept a journal for thirty five years and is currently at work on a collection of essays about her connection to Ireland. She also has creative experience in photography, dance and design. An advanced trained Psych-K, ThetaHealing & EFT facilitator she works with coaching clients to clear limiting beliefs that hold them back from the life they really want.


“Suzanne is more than an excellent teacher. She is an inspiration. Her writing workshops are not only about the craft of writing, but are a journey into the heart of the writing experience…”

– Jill Cagan

Suzanne’s class was outrageously inspirational. She offers a nearly endless variety of tools and creates an atmosphere that is both challenging and unconditionally supportive. She showed me how to side step blocks and let the creativity flow. No question, it is the best writing class I’ve ever taken.”

– Ed Richards

“Suzanne has just the right touch, so supportive and gentle as we birthed our little word babies, she showed us how to see the beauty in them. And it wasn’t fake! Once she pointed out the beauty, it was there!”

– Martha Stedman

“Suzanne’s knowledge and ability to facilitate the writing process is incredible.”

– Janice Glynn

“Suzanne is a skillful teacher of creativity who knows exactly how to stimulate a connection to the creative within her students. Her adept and sensitive handling of writers at all levels of accomplishment is one of her strongest qualities, and she is also a writer of rare emotional gifts.”

– Joel Friedlander

“Suzanne’s writing class is a joy.”

– Ruth Marshall

“Each time I take a workshop from Suzanne, I come away excited and inspired about writing and about my life! Suzanne is a skilled and subtle facilitator, encouraging the best in each of us to come out. Magic happens!”

– Joan Rendell

“Suzanne is an amazing teacher. She has a real gift for coaxing her students’ inner muse out of hiding. Since beginning Suzanne’s class my creativity through writing has skyrocketed, and my relationship with my own muse has opened doorways, softened edges, and freed me from the shackles of my inner critic. I will be ever grateful.”

– Melissa Paterson

“Suzanne is a delightful multi-faceted jewel of talent. Her classes facilitate the rise of your inner voice to the surface. My writing has expanded and deepened so much through her insightful and generous guidance.”

– Kay Crista

“Thank you Suzanne for your fine inspiration. I will always credit your writing coaching with all the wonderful progress I have made this past year.”

– Ellen Fitzgerald

“Suzanne’s writing class re-ignited my passion for writing so that I am now writing every day. She provided both the inspiration and the structure for me to follow through on several writing projects. I am so grateful.”

– Gina Scott

“I had an amazing class with Suzanne. She helped me open the door to my creativity fully. It remains open still, but I needed her guidance to do it. I will be forever grateful.”

– Melissa Auden

“Everybody in the coaching class had an amazing experience. Suzanne has a fabulous ability to help you get clear on who you are and where you want to go.”

– Jody Tucker

“Suzanne’s superb leadership, inspiration and open heartedness helped me, in a very short amount of time, rekindle my confidence in my creative self.”

– Francine Krause

“The creativity coaching class was fantastic! Suzanne is an amazing teacher.”

– Margaret Glynn

“Suzanne’s fine coaching skills put me on a more open, productive and creative track, helping me to hold the course to wonderful changes in my life.”

– Nancy Costa

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