1st Call – Accessing Your Divine Guidance | July 9th

1st Coaching Call July 9th – Accessing Your Divine Guidance

Today was our ‘kick off’ call and Mary shared that this will be an adventure of a lifetime – if you commit yourself to the process – because it is such a powerful process to use in your life.

She reminded us that we will want to keep some sort of notebook to keep all of our writings in one place. This will give us the opportunity to revisit and access the information again and again. Often, it’s when we have some time/space away from our writing and then we come back to it again that we can really see how clearly the messages are here for us.

What is ‘Accessing Your Divine Guidance’? Mary shared that it is opening up a possibility to be connected to who we are in such a way that we’re now opening up to the answers that are here for us and here within us.

“If we understand how much we are supported, we would never question being alone. We’re not alone and yet we have sometimes felt alone. This process will open your eyes and heart in such a brand new way to access information that you get to know here and to be confident of.”

She then went on to share that this call is really about understanding the vibration of ‘yes’ and ‘no’ . The vibration of ‘yes’ within you is a direct connection to you being in your heart. When we’re in the energy of ‘yes’, we are connected to our heart and the connection within feels good, juicy and feels like life is good.

“If you haven’t felt it before, we’re going to open up the space to allow you to experience it.”

Mary reminded us that she highly recommends that we listen to the 1st audio that explores the ‘yes’ and ‘no’. It’s beautiful, fabulous information and it gives us an opening to understand that what is within us, within our body, within the energy of our emotional being is always giving us answers and indicators of where we’re at.

She compared it to the analogy of a GPS navigation system that we use with our cars now. (It stands for Global Positioning System – to locate where you are in the world.)

We have a much more powerful INTERNAL GPS locator within us. It is directly related to our heart connection and our own internal intuition. It is like a built in internal compass that is always guiding us DUE NORTH (where we are wanting to go — Which is ‘feeling good’. Each of our own internal GPS and internal compass is directly linked and synced up with our “YES” energy within us. That “YES” feeling good energy. (As Mary called it “Our Yes Yes energy”.)

Our own INTERNAL GPS locator and Compass:
G – Guidance
P – Personal Power and Possibilities
S – System

“WE all have this beautiful GPS system within us. …You have an internal GPS system – internal guidance system. This inner guidance that is directing us with the direction of the personal power and possibilities. We are feeling the connection to who we are. It’s our inner guidance and possibility system.”

When we begin to understand and embrace this aspect of guidance within us, we become empowered… and EVERYONE has the ability to feel and hear the ‘yes’ and ‘no’ within.

‘YES’ guides us in the direction of our heart into joy and happiness… while ‘NO’ simply allows pause for us to course correct and be aware of what is going on within us and to see and become alert to the possibility of seeing we have freedom of choice for choosing a different direction.

Mary emphasized that this is not a mind process. We’re not writing with the thoughts of our mind. We’re hearing from the heart. This is also not an ego process. It’s not about trying to ‘figure things out’ and to ‘get what we want’. It’s really a spiritual process, where we are open to hearing the information that is here for us – to truly support us.

Mary then walked us through the 3-PART foundational process of opening to your divine messages.

1st – RELEASING – Allowing the paper to receive all that is present within us, simply being willing to let go of all that is percolating under the surface within. It is ’emptying’ ourselves of our concerns, ponderings, upsets or worries as well as all the good things we are experiencing in the moment.

Note: Releasing is allowing us the opportunity to get out of the ‘thinking mind’ as we release the internal pressure and empty out onto the loving pages that which has been holding out attention and focus… So that as the emptying and letting go process winds down… we are able to shift into the OPENING with a deep breath to be able to HEAR with the ‘HEART’.

2nd – OPENING – As the releasing and letting go process comes to close… There is a natural “BREATH” that occurs as we experience an opening creating a space to receive.

Note: Opening simply allows us BREATH into the present moment to listening with our heart. (As opposed to reasoning with our thinking mind.)

3rd – RECEIVING Through LIGHT INQUIRY – Here we open in curiosity and lightness of inquiry as we explore a lighthearted dialog. This could be with an aspect of ourselves (our yes and no, our heart or soul), or it could be an aspect of the Divine (Spirit, Source, Universe, that which we call divine), as well as may other that we will explore in the next calls.

Note: Receiving is opening a curiosity of INQUIRY. It is an action step of ASKING and saying ‘yes’ I want to commune and connect to seek and receive the wisdom, guidance, knowledge and understanding that is here for us from a higher source then our ‘thinking mind’.

Ask and it is given.
Seek and you will find.
Knock and the door will be opened.

The first step of Releasing is a really important step as it’s an ‘emptying’ process of what is in our conscious mind and what we are feeling in our bodies. It could be anything – whatever is here in the moment – we release it onto the paper. We just take the time to allow ourselves to write whatever is here.

We allow the paper to have this embracing hold to receive all of it. We empty ourselves and release ourselves. And we write it until we’re done writing.

As we’re writing, we get to a point where breath happens. There’s a space, an opening and a breath. And at that point we are ready to ask a question as our heart is now open to hear.

This is when we can start asking questions.

This is where we are Receiving – listening – opening up a conversation.

Mary shared that this is where the question is so important. We start asking questions and it narrows the focus of what we can hear and receive.

“The question is really important. There’s so much vastness of information to tap into and in order to listen we actually open up a question so that the information can come through.”

Mary then opened the lines to allow for several callers to ask questions. The questions were all so great as they helped all of us to understand some of the nuances of what Mary is sharing.

Mary is sharing and posting a special audio below that she lead a group through the 3 Part Foundational Process and then gave them time to discover and allow them time to write and ask ‘Yes” and ‘No’… What would you like to share with me? A fun adventure – a must listen to audio.

As a reminder, be sure to at least listen to the 1st audio of the 4-audio set that came with this program and start writing as often as you can using the processes being taught in the audio!

Here are some added exercises for you to use to explore and discover your messages from your unique ‘Yes’ & ‘No’

(Place holder for more writings to come from Mary A. Hall)




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