2nd Call – Accessing Your Divine Guidance | July 17th

2nd Call July 17th – Accessing Your Divine Guidance

Accessing Your Divine Guidance from Spirit, Angels, Guides, Higher Self, and the Universe
Today’s call was about exploring our communion and dialogue with Spirit, Angels/Guides, Higher Self and the Universe and Mary really explored in depth how we can access these messages.

Mary revisited the process with us where we first release, and then explore our inquiries, our questions.
She shared that when we are inquiring/asking questions, we’re actually building a relationship with Spirit. As we ask for help and clarity, we open our hearts to really hear what’s here for us. We enter into the inquiry via a relationship, knowing that the answer is here for us. All answers are here for us and we simply open our heart to hear what’s here.

“The releasing process is a relationship -putting on the pages that we’re exposing our heart and soul to the Divine… Uncovering all that’s here – knowing there’s no judgment. As we allow for it to find the breath, there’s a letting go of everything that is being written.”

After we release and find the breath, we then shift into receiving – into the curiosity of inquiry.
Mary then went on to explain that everybody receives the messages a little bit different. For Mary, it often comes out as one word at a time – very slowly. And she feels the energy of each word so this is how she knows that It’s not her mind, but that it’s coming from beyond her.

Jennifer McLean was on the line and she shared that it’s Mary who has allowed her to receive her own messages. She explained that during this call we are all being held by Mary’s energy and a space is created within us that allows us to receive. Jennifer shared that for her, the messages come through as sentences, and that it sometimes it feels like warmth. She also shared that none of it comes in when she’s in a place of worry. It can’t come through from this space.

Veronica shared that for her, she writes really quickly to bypass the mind, then pretends, imagines what source/spirit would say. If she tries to ‘hear’, ‘feel’ or ‘sense’ the messages, she has a blank page. When she imagines or pretends that Source is speaking to her, she receives the messages and usually when she looks back upon them a few hours, days or weeks later she can really see with clarity that it’s not her mind, but that the messages are coming from beyond.

Mary then shared how she loves the magic of sacred texts or writings that enliven within us the knowing of a presence greater than us. She read us 2 quotes from Marianne Wiliamson and shared that as we read these, we remember who we are and come back to a space of love and care that is here for us.

The Writing Process

Mary then led us through the writing process, and she shared some questions that we all took some time together to write with.
Here were the questions from today’s call:

  • What would you like to share with me today?
  • What would you like to share with me today that would open me to …..?
  • (…more of your great love and support…more compassion and love towards myself… more forgiveness to myself)

Here were the questions from today’s exercise:

  • Spirit, what would you like to share with me today?
  • What would you like to share with me today that would open me to more love and compassion with yourself?
  • Angels and guides, how can I open to your love support and guidance for me?
  • What else would you like to share?

After we all did the writing process together, Mary opened the lines to allow many of us to share the writings that came through. They were all so inspiring and we strongly encourage and invite you to post your writings below!




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