3rd Call – Accessing Your Divine Guidance | July 24th

Today’s call was our 3rd Accessing Divine Guidance call and we explored our Sacred Messages from our heart, soul and body.

Mary started the call by acknowledging everyone who has taken the time to post and share your writings on these pages. She shared that it’s so thrilling and encouraging to be able to read what everyone is receiving.

Jennifer shared that the energy that Mary is offering us and the content that she is teaching us is a connection to Divine Wisdom, which is light and uplifting. She gave us the analogy that Mary is like a magnet and that we are these little filings and that Mary magnetizes us so that we grow. Jennifer invited us to open to this energy to connect and feel it for ourselves.

As we are opening up to a communion with our heart in this call, Mary opened up a healing space for all of us that continued on throughout the call and that is fully imbued on the audio. This healing is specifically for our Divine Heart as we can often feel pain in our sacred heart because of past hurts.

Mary then moved onto the content of the call – opening up a dialogue with our heart, body and soul – and she explained that the reason we communicate with these different aspects of ourselves is because each aspect brings out a new nuance. So, even though we could simply ask Divine Wisdom and would receive a beautiful message, there are these unique nuances that are very relevant to different aspects of our experience.

Mary then reviewed the different steps in this writing process and shared that sometimes we’ll hear similar messages and we can have a tendency to dismiss it because it seems to be repetitive. She urged us to listen to these messages as though we are hearing them for the first time because there is relevance to them in our lives. She also encouraged us to take action on what we’re receiving.

Mary shared with us a quote from Marianne Williamson that is perfect for our releasing process:

“The more room you give yourself to express your true thoughts and feelings the more room there is for your wisdom to emerge.” Marianne Williamson

The more we are present and expressing our true thoughts and feelings, we unwind and empty ourselves and it allows for our breath and for our wisdom to emerge.

Mary then shared with us an example of ‘Releasing’ that she did this week so we could see what it looks like for her:

“Wow. I’m tired. Wow. My body is tired and sore. I’m so tired I don’t even know if I’m able to write. I’m just writing what’s here now. I am really aware of my physical body being sore and achy. My mind feels slow and sluggish…. I’m looking forward to everyone coming over…really nice to see everyone working together. Mom will be so happy to see everyone. I’m so glad my sister came to come and help me. We had such a great time together…Taking a breath…. Today’s mom’s birthday celebration…..”  

Mary shared that there were many things that came forward in this releasing process that she didn’t even realize was there. There were thoughts and energies that were percolating underneath and it was only by ‘releasing’ that it came forward.

Mary shared another quote from Marianne Williamson that beautifully illustrates this:

“If we miss the moment, we miss the clues. In the present, when we allow ourselves to fully live there, we are restored, made wiser, made deeper and happier. “

Mary then went on to explore the aspects of communicating with our heart, soul and body.

She shared that there are certain components that we must embody in order to receive our messages and commune with them.

First, we have to ask. We have to take the 1st step to ask to tap into and receive that which is here for us here and now. There is always information here for us and we want to ask as we are building a relationship with our heart, soul and body. It’s a relationship, a conversation, a dialogue of listening, hearing and opening to the wisdom that here for us. As we do this, we are changed.

We then went onto the writing process that we did together on today’s call.

Our question for today is: What would you like to share with me that would ring more love and joy into my life?

We first released, then we asked this question of our heart, our soul and our body and Mary shared with us what she received.  

Mary’s writing from her heart:

“Mary, stop trying. Let go of trying. Let your heart speak. When you stop trying you step into allowing. Allowing is the energy of the heart. Receiving is the energy of the heart. Receive love, receive joy, peace, laughter. Allow it in to soothe you. Allow it to melt away your concerns and worries. Yes, you are concerned and worried. You want everyone to understand the gift you are sharing with them . A gift that will save their life if they choose to live with this gift. It has changed your life and added great riches to your life. Now let it be. They can choose to receive the gift or not. It is now up to them.”

Mary’s writing from her soul:

“Wow. What a great question. Mary, you must first understand that my desire for you is to not be in pain. People often think the soul’s path is a path of discovery through pain that has to be resolved through lifetimes. My desire for you is to be at peace…and true peace comes through service, not working, but service of helping your fellow man… as you do, the pain within you resolves. For our greatest pain is separation. We are all meant to be joined.” 

Mary’s writing from her body:

“Yes, I’m so glad you asked. I’m here to be a communicator of your heart and soul. I’m always letting you know if you are following your heart. If you are connected to your soul and what brings life to life for you. If you only work for money, you miss out on the joy and love of life. If you wake up to do tasks, you miss out on the juiciness that life lives inside of you. So seek to be connected to me, your body. Feel love, and joy and laughter in your body. Yes, today.”

Mary shared that there is life in these messages that touch us so deep. It’s only 5 minutes of releasing, opening and asking a simple question and we receive these riches that enliven in us to remember our connection to our soul, heart, or body. It brings forward information that we don’t even expect.  

Mary and Jennifer opened the lines to allow for everyone to share what they ‘received’ in their process. Hearing and receiving the messages from each individual was so sacred and encouraging.

After opening the lines, Mary finished up the call by encouraging us to take 5 minutes as often as we can to 1st release, and then to ask this simple question of each aspect of our Being.

Please remember to post your writings below through the week!

We invite and strongly encourage you to share your writings and thoughts from the content and exercises you learned from the 3rd call of this coaching program.

In the week between the 3rd and 4th call, you can use the Comment Box below to share with us as often as you’d like.

The more that we all share with eachother, the more that we feel encouraged and supported through this journey and often we will see that the messages we are receiving are truly coming from spaces beyond our thinking minds.





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