5th Call – Accessing Your Divine Guidance | August 7th

5th Upcoming Call August 7th – Accessing Your Divine Guidance

Today was our 5th and final call for the Accessing Divine Guidance coaching program and we explored the messages from our soul around our mission, our resources our purpose.  

Mary shared that often times, this is where we tend to want to start with our process of inquiry. We want to know how to create an impact in the world and to know what our life is about. These are the driving forces within each of us, and we feel that if we knew what our passion and purpose was, we’d have the focus and vision to live a fulfilled life.

In this process of inquiry, however, there are foundational principles that need to be laid first before we can explore our passion, mission and purpose. These are the foundational layers that we have been exploring over the last 4 weeks and Mary reviewed them with us today on the call.

 The 1st layer was understanding you.  This is the YES & NO that we explored. Through this first layer, we get a knowing and understanding of what makes us feel good and we tap into the empowerment of feeling the directive, guiding force within. And in our energy of NO, it is always here for us in a beautiful way as a course corrector.

Our 2nd layer was to explore our guidance from the unseen realm – our spiritual connection with the divine and the angels and guides who are here to support us. Mary shared how amazing it isthat we have this ability to tap in, connect, hear and understand that we’re not alone. We are lovingly and gently being held and supported to live a rich full life.

Our 3rd layer was coming back to finding ‘you again’. We tapped into the information, guidance and support that is here for you from your heart, soul and body.  Each nuance of your being has information here to support you and guide you on your journey.

Our 4th layer was tapping into the unseen majestic realm that has all of the resources, the flow of abundance and the divine energy of money. It’s all here and wanting to play and partner with us in each and every moment. When we tap in and communicate with it, we are opened up to this whole realm of the unseen support.

And today are coming back to our own being as we explore what fuels and ignites us – what creates this sense of aliveness in us as we move forward in our life or as we’re here in service.

One of the things that Mary really highlighted with us is that as the messages come forward, they come forward in simplicity and so it could be easy to overlook the deep messages that are here for us. Mary invited us once again to hear the message as though you’re hearing it for the first time; to have the space of heart opening where we hear it for the first time.

Mary then introduced us to the questions that we explored in today’s call. She listed out the questions that we will be asking our Soul and gave us different ways to approach each question.

Here are the questions:

Soul – what is my mission?

What would you like to share with me to help me find my mission?

What are my gifts?

What would you like to share with me that would open me to my gifts?

What is my passion?

What would you like to share with me to connect me with my passion?

What are my resources?

What would you like to share with me that would open me to my resources?

What is my purpose?

What would you like to share with me that would connect me to my purpose?


Mary then shared with us a few of the writings she received as she explored these questions on her own:

“Dear soul, what would you like to share with me about finding my mission?”

Trust. Trust that you know. That it is here already within you. You don’t have to go looking for it. Just embrace who you are and in doing this simple step it will lead you to your purpose and mission that is within you seeking to come forth. Be willing to trust that it is here already within you. “

“Dear soul, what would you like to share with me that would help me find my mission?

Your mission is what fuels you. Ignites a passion and drive to better the world. Better the planet. Yes it is a desire for the betterment of life outside of you…Blessing, creating a better world one day at a time…”

“Mary – Dear soul, what are my gifts?

Your gifts are your authentic love. Your ability to see people truly as beings of love and light… You have the ability to sense and see abundance, to not be in their stuff and stay in the truth of who they are…”

We then took the time to do the exercises together and then Mary opened the lines to allow everyone to share their sacred messages.

It was so touching to hear everyone’s messages and to hear how much so many of you have shifted and opened up through this program!

Please remember to post your messages below and continue to add them to the previous posts based on what you are writing about. It’s so fun to read what is coming through for everyone!


We invite and strongly encourage you to share your writings and thoughts from the content and exercises you learned from the 5th call of this coaching program.

You can use the Comment Box below to share with us as often as you’d like.

The more that we all share with each other, the more that we feel encouraged and supported through this journey and often we will see that the messages we are receiving are truly coming from spaces beyond our thinking minds.





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