Audio 1 – Accessing Divine Inspiration


1st Audio – Accessing Divine Inspiration Coaching Program with Mary A. Hall and Suzanne Murray.

“You become present to yourself and your power, your connectedness as the most important thing to learn.” Mary A. Hall

Mary introducing both herself and Suzanne Murray and by explaining why Accessing Divine Inspiration is so key to both of them in their lives and those of they’ve taught to use this process.

Mary shared how she was introduced to this process over 20 years ago and it has SAVED HER LIFE in so many different situations time and again. Ten years ago she had to completely re-build her life in all aspects as her life as she knew it fell apart. She heavily relied on this process and not only did it save her, but it also guided her into a direction that she NEVER would have known without this process.

She went on to explain that the reason we want to learn this process is because it’s about getting to know ourselves, who we are, and opening up to guidance and ideas and inspiration that are here for us waiting to be shared and discovered, but that we often aren’t open to hearing because we ‘are too filled up’ and we “get in the way”.

Mary and Suzanne shared a few of the things that sometimes get in our way from receiving guidance:

  • We may be living too much in our heads
  • We may have too much mind interference – talking to ourselves about what we think we should or shouldn’t do
  • We may be too busy with an underlying pressure to keep moving, to get things done
  • We may have fear constantly underneath the surface

There are many reasons, but many of us tend to place more value on what is going on in our head, than what our body is wanting to share. Our body holds keys for us to be able to unlock and hear our inner inspiration and guidance as we learn to hear the ‘Yes’ resonance with our body.

“I have found that TRUE HEALING takes place when we are listening to the internal “yes” while being present to what is GOING on and with what we are EXPERIENCING in our BODY. We are one with our BODY. It is US.” Mary shared.

Mary then moved on to share with us THREE STEPS to Accessing Divine Inspiration.

The first step is to RELEASE THE INTERNAL PRESSURE – to let out what is present and percolating around in our mind, giving it and opportunity to have a voice. We start by just letting out (on to the paper) anything that is on our mind that we’ve carried from the day, weeks or months. We simply release the internal pressure of the day – what ever in present within that may be creating pressure that simply is needed to be released so you have fine your center space and internal breath – Things that may be present could be stress around work, deadlines, family, your work relationships, anything that wants to bubble out.

Mary shared that this is such an important part of the process because we have a still, small voice that can’t be heard over the ‘noise’ of the day. It’s vital to just release and let it all out. To find the space a full breath bringing you back to your center.

The second step is GETTING OUT OF THE WAY. We need to let go of having to figure it all out or try to control what is here to be shared.

Mary explained that we will be exploring several ways to “get out of the way” over the next few weeks. It is really important that we give our mind something else to do because that is when we are open to receiving the messages that are here for us. We often receive bursts of inspiration as we are busy doing something with our mind and that is what we want to do in this process – in order to really be open to receiving.

The third step is OPENING UP TO LISTEN, this allows us to HEAR (perceive and receive) to the messages that are present, springing forward from within ready to be shared.

In this audio Mary explored OPENING UP TO OUR UNIQUE ‘YES’ AND ‘NO’ IN OUR BODY. ‘YES’ and ‘NO’ create energy within our body. Words actually have an energetic signature within them and Mary invited us to explore the FEELINGS of these words in our body. She guided us through an exercise that explored how these words FEEL to us uniquely in our body.

Mary shared that she has spent years playing in the energy of ‘YES’ an how being in the energy of ‘Yes’ creates internal strength as this is an indicator of us being in our truth. Though years of understanding these nuances of ‘Yes’ she has later fine tuned this discovery in connection to the energy of TRUTH. All of her products and programs carry the high vibrating energy of YES.

Mary invited us to play with a writing process where we opened up to communicate with the ‘YES’ and ‘NO’ within each of us individually.

After guiding us through the process, the lines were opened to allow callers to share their experiences.

Many callers shared and were amazed and in awe with what they heard and received through this process. They went into the process with a certain anticipation of what they thought they would ‘hear’ or receive as a message, but what they heard was something they never would have expected. Beautiful messages that touched them deeply.

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