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    This area is designated for Mary A. Hall’s
    Amplified Abundance Program participants.
    In this area you are provided with 2 opportunities for connecting and sharing with Mary.

    To allow you the opportunity to SHARE with Mary your experiences, insights, and ‘A-HA’ moments.

    As you to listen to Mary’s coaching calls and apply the teachings in your life, you will start to have ‘awakening’ moments where you really start to see things in a new light and start to notice new openings and changes taking place in your life. Mary LOVES to hear your experiences and stories, so here is a great place for you to share these with her.

    2. – TO ASK MARY:
    To allow you the opportunity to ASK Mary any questions you may have.

    As you listen to Mary’s coaching calls and apply the lessons learned, you may encounter questions that arise. This database is designed to give you 24-7 access to submit your questions to Mary.

    Mary will review and compile the questions asked and will address them during her live coaching calls. (Mary will not be responding to you individually or sending you the answers to your questions separately.)

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