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    By Special Invitation Only…

    YOU are receiving this beautiful invitation
    because you have recently completed both
    Level 1 and Level 2 of our
    Love Octave & Abundance programs.

    You are here because you are answering the inner calling to grow
    deeper in connection to YOURSELF as LOVE.

    4 Options
    To choose from
    as you continue your journey into LOVE…

    You are on this page because you have experienced and have been
    witness to the beautiful transformations, awakenings and awareness’s
    that have come through in the first 2 Levels of
    ‘Opening to Your Love Octave’ Coaching program
    You are READY and EAGER for more life-changing,
    flow-creating, abundance-forging coaching and healing
    to bring the next octave of love and abundance into
    your field of being.

    Below are a few ways you can continue
    in this sacred group energy:

    We have been so in awe with you as we’ve been witness to your growth, expansion and transformation over the last 6 months.

    Each and every being that has joined us in this journey has grown leaps and bounds in the time that we’ve been together.

    In fact, you may not even realize the extent to which you have opened up and accelerated your growth.

    Often, when we step into our natural state of being – which is of love and light – it just feels so natural, that we don’t even realize how profound the difference actually is.

    Since we have been witness to your progress since Day 1, we truly see how far you’ve come and we are so eager to continue on with more advanced exploration of this work.

    We are opening up for you 4 options so that you can see what might be the best fit for you!

    All 4 options will be a continuation of your activation of love, abundance and flow through the energy of Love and Wholeness.

    As we step into LEVEL 3 of this Love Octave program, we will be diving into ‘advanced energetics’ – learning how to master our emotions and our energy, and learning how to focus our love and energy to create our heart’s desires.

    And of course, this all happens with a solid foundation of LOVE – which is the essence of who you are at your core.

    You are evolving into the TRUE “you”– and this Level 3 will only continue to support you in this evolution.



    Option 1: Three Months Level 3
    Advanced Love Octave Immersion program



    For those who would like to continue on in a similar format to what you experienced in Level 2 of this program, than this is for you! For 3 months, we will continue to come together twice per month to expore this content even deeper than we were able to in Level 2.

    You will continue to be immersed in the healing energies and abundance activations AND you will continuity to have the beautiful community support that you have been experiencing both on the calls and on the facebook group!


    THIS includes: 2 monthly ‘content’ calls, together we will come together to explore new ways to dive into ‘creation energy’ where you will learn to really focus this energy of love into creating and manifesting your heart’s desires!

    In addition you will also receive 1 monthly healing call with Mary (Full immersion 2-4 hour straight healing call).

    In this call Mary will facilitate a deep inner healing for you, which will allow allow of your ‘stuff’- anything that is not in harmony with the love and light that you are — to simply dissolve and lift away while you are immersed in this high vibrating healing energy.

    PLUS you get access for 3 months to our Abundance Alive healing and coaching site were you get access to LIVE one-on-one interaction with Mary and Veronica.



    Love Octave Advanced Level 3 – Immersion
    Begins Sept 12th and continues through Nov 28th

    ALL Calls are on Saturday at 12:30pm (PT) – (California Time zone)


    September :
    Saturday – Sept 12, Sept 19, Sept 26

    October :
    Saturday – Oct 10, Oct 24, Oct 31

    November : (UPDATED NEW DATES)
    Saturday – Nov 14, Nov 21, Nov 28



    Option 2: Three 1:1 Sessions with Mary
    PLUS 3 months – Level 3 Advanced
    ‘Love Octave Immersion program’

    1:1 sessions with Mary are extremely in demand. When you connect with her directly and she is fully focused on you, there is a ‘turbo’ charge that happens. Often clients feel that they move through lifetimes of ‘stuff’ in just 1 session. If you are ready to go deep and do ‘whatever it takes’ then this is for you! Imagine being seen by Mary while she is working with only you directly in a private and confidential session. The possibilities are endless!

    Get the best of both worlds!! With this option you will enjoy both a 1:1 session with Mary PLUS the 3 months Level 3 – Advanced Love Octave Immersion coaching and healing program.

    Not only will you benefit from the 1:1 time, but you will also benefit from the additional content exploration, the 3 months of healing and activations PLUS the amazing community!!

    PLUS you get access for 3 months to our Abundance Alive healing and coaching site were you get access to LIVE one-on-one interaction with Mary and Veronica.



    Option 3: Three 1:1 Sessions with Veronica
    PLUS 3 months – Level 3 Advanced
    ‘Love Octave Immersion program’

    Veronica is a sought after healer and coach. As you know, Veronica has been mentoring with Mary for years and she ‘gets’ the content that Mary shares at such a deep profound level.

    She brings her own intuitive abilities, healing modalities and her own ‘twist’ on some of the processes. If you are looking for some 1:1 support PLUS access to the coaching program, then this might be for you!!

    You will receive THREE 1:1 Sessions with Veronica, PLUS the 3 months Level 3 – Advanced Love Octave Immersion

    PLUS you get access for 3 months to our Abundance Alive healing and coaching site were you get access to LIVE one-on-one interaction with Mary and Veronica.



    Option 4: Join the Abundance Alive Healing & Coaching Community

    Twice a month (sometimes even 3) Veronica holds a LIVE healing activation call on Monday night.
    Twice a month (and sometimes 3) I host a LIVE healing and coaching call where you can ask me your deepest question and get on the spot healing and coaching.

    This is ongoing monthly support at a great value.



    You are on your way to receiving the support and breakthrough you desire.

    *** NOTE: Your Credit Card will show charge coming from INNER ACTIVE ***

    Thank you for your commitment to your ongoing well-being and abundance and in creating your best life!


    Mary A. Hall