From the Desk of Mary A. Hall
Friday morning

Dear Friend,

On the surface, it seems like it should be so easy, doesn’t it?

You do affirmations. You keep a gratitude list. You try to visualize what you want and you even try to change your thoughts. Well that’s what all the “gurus” tell you, isn’t it?

So why isn’t it working for you? Or maybe it’s sort of working but it certainly feels like the whole process could be a lot smoother for you. Not to mention, more comfortable. You’re thinking that this should be enjoyable, right? You imagine no longer struggling and wondering if you are doing the right things to figure this out. You know that there just HAS to be a better way.

Does this sound like you?

You are continuing to try and try to think positive thoughts, but you can’t see a shred of evidence why you should. (And on top of it, you feel guilty about not having more faith.)

You’ve even tried your best to use the Law of Attraction. But all you’ve “attracted” is more of the same.

With all this, plus all the negativity coming in through the media, you may have gotten the idea that it’s normal for you to struggle, to experience constant disappointment, to go to bed every night with worries about lack and feelings of upset, only to wake up in the morning with a sense of overwhelm or dread about what is in store for you in your day.

But all of this is not the true authentic you…

This is why I am so passionate about sharing these life-changing processes with you.

Once and for all you will be equipped and enabled to tap into your authentic YOU, and build the TRUE foundations within your inner-being that connects you back to the true abundance that is here and ready for you to experience.

It’s really not your fault that you’re not experiencing this now. Somewhere along the way, you forgot and lost touch with your true nature that carries this abundance energy blueprint. Until it grew so dormant, you no longer believed it was there.

As we grow up, we acquire “knowledge” that shuts us off from the abundance that resides within us. Without realizing it, we adopt others’ limiting beliefs about the world and about ourselves – and accept it as the truth. This outlook spreads over our entire consciousness until it permeates every cell of our being. Our connection to our authentic self is seemingly cut off.

No wonder up until now, you could only see limitations and lack all around you, despite all the affirmations and Law of Attraction books and programs you may have used to ‘attract’ (try to force) joy and abundance into your life. (Instead of becoming a vibrational match for what you want and simply opening to receive it.)

That’s the bad news.

The good news is that everything you desire is already yours. Yes, it is within your reach!

This abundance energy blueprint lies deep within all of us. (Yes this means YOU!) It is our true birthright to experience peace, joy, love, laughter and a full abundant life. As we reconnect with our true authentic selves, we begin to experience abundance in all aspects and areas of our lives – in our relationships, finances and health — along with inner peace and wellbeing.

As we begin to tap into this resonance, apparent miracles show up in our lives and we shift into new levels of ease and freedom. This signature lies deep within all of us, but we are often not attuned to this energy and therefore are not tapping into this flow of ease, peace, love, joy and abundance.

As you open up and accept these clearings and healings, you will begin to resonate to the energy signature of abundance. This resonance will “tune you in” to abundance in all areas of your life. It will open you up to heal any parts of you that aren’t in alignment with this energy and that are ready to be healed.

I designed this program to allow you to do just that.

In this program I will lovingly guide you every step of the way to help you clear and shift your old patterns and false core beliefs. You will be amazed at the new level of love, joy and abundance that shows up in your life almost instantly as you ‘play’ in these expanded energies where ALL is possible!

This amazing program of 8 audio training lessons (over 12 hours of audio) plus 6 experiential (bonus) “processing calls” (7 hours of audio) allows you to listen and experience the energies of what came forward in this profound life-changing coaching environment. This program is like a treasure map that will lead you step-by-step to clearing and opening your awareness to the abundance already within you.

And once you have that awareness, you have access to all its power with ease and flow to transform your life.

Remember riding a bike for the first time? You didn’t actually learn to ride – you simply became aware of the sense of balance that was already innately within you. And in an instant — what seemed scary, even impossible just moments before, now became easy even fun.

Suddenly, you could travel anywhere you wanted, with joy and with total faith that you would get there. And it was never hard or frightening again. You don’t ever forget once you become aware.

It’s just the same when you become aware of your inner authentic truth and your true abundance within.

It’s already there. Deep within is an inner-knowing and awareness where financial freedom, supportive relationships, and balance are easy. Now it’s your time to discover it, claim it, feel its wind in your hair and see where it can take you.

Just by reading this page, you have begun to make the shift!

Most programs that center around Self Improvement and the Law of Attraction give you inspirational stories plus high-level concepts and theory. This is fine as far as it goes, and many of the teachings are sound – in theory. But they don’t tell you HOW to take action or apply it in your own life in a practical way.

Creating an Abundant Life program is totally different. It’s designed to take you step-by-step from where you are right now in your relationship to your abundance to discovering a new, deep connection with your authentic self, the love within.

The results? Peace, inner-balance, joy and financial freedom that you won’t just theorize about or hope for but that you’ll actually feel and experience as you go through the program.

As you do, you will learn each foundational layer of abundance and receive powerful tools and techniques to apply to your life right away in order to achieve the success you’re looking for.

And you won’t be alone.

“Taking Mary’s “Journey to Abundance” is the greatest gift I could have given myself and, therefore, all of my loved ones. To me, it’s been miraculous. Mary is “Love Personified” and she is exactly who I needed to “hold me” as she did with Love, Compassion, & Support, in order to get “unstuck” and to truly blossom in my life. After doing the homework, and “Playing” with all the loving information and strategies that Mary gave us, I’m feeling GOOD, HAPPY, & JOYFUL 85% of the time!! Life is exciting and I’m feeling infinitely blessed!”
~ Carolyn Mair, Oregon ~

Thousands have used this very coaching program to shift and transform their thoughts and beliefs into reclaiming and connecting to their true authentic selves… and they now possess a step-by-step approach to access their abundance whenever they need it.

Just as you will!

From the very first audio you will begin to shift
as you build the foundational platform that actually creates the energy of abundance, allowing flow and delivering true wealth, creativity and success to you.

You will finally experience feeling safe, free, confident, abundant and absolutely certain that you are worthy to have good things come into your life.

These feelings of safety, freedom and confidence are the energies of self-worth — the exact same foundation that creates wealth, wonderful relationships and all the blessings of an abundant life.

“I have studied, practiced, taught, enjoyed, participated in many, many spiritual and personal development workshops. The Abundant Life Course with Mary Hall, has been a missing link, the piece that pulled all of my years of training, into an embodied presence that has really empowered me to not only go through layers of ‘stuff’ known unknown, it has given me tools that I use the moment that ‘stuff’ comes up. This class is an absolute for anyone and everyone wishing to learn more about making conscious our unconscious issues as well as ways to change the way we hold them in our bodies and in our minds. I listen to the calls over and over, take notes and have started sharing the techs and info
with others already…it is usable info right away and very, very clear and simple. Mary’s presence is loving, kind and just ‘being with her’ creates a vortex of abundance. Indeed.”
~Kim Coleman, Canada ~”

  • Tenderly identify and clear the internal blocks and self-blame that have been hiding your abundance from you
  • Understand and clear your personal limiting beliefs and self-concepts that have kept you playing small in life and feeling disconnected from your true authentic self
  • Release your burden of fear, guilt and upset around present finances and/or past decisions so you can move forward in freedom, ease and joy
  • Enjoy daily abundance energy exercises and practices that will raise your frequency and help you create, tap into and open you to your unique flow of abundance.
  • Find out how to PLAY and receive YOUR abundance gracefully and joyfully, rather than straining, struggling and working so hard.
  • Gain a new understanding and clarity around Your False Beliefs, Trauma, Stuck Energy and Physical Symptoms
  • Free your inner essence to allow yourself to receive (without this, you’ll continue to block your abundance).
  • Create Your Financial “Plan of Play” – an enjoyable blueprint for your wealth and success
  • See the miraculous effects of your conscious and subconscious mind on your life, and tap into YOUR true power once you learn to harness them for your own good
  • Connect and resonate to your authentic self and the true love that resides within you
  • Experience the joy of redefining and finally restoring your sense of self-worth.
  • Open your understanding to truly see and experience all the abundance that is already yours
  • Receive Spirit-guided healings, transforming the areas within that are ready to be healed and released
  • Discover a new place within your inner-being to invite and allow in deep healings around your faulty foundational layers that aren’t in alignment with the truth of your abundant being.
  • Understand how by not embracing your inner compassion and forgiveness may be the one thing that is keeping you from your abundance – learn how to recognize this in your own life and the steps to take to truly forgive even the ‘unforgivable’


“This Abundance class has been one of the BEST classes that I’ve ever taken. I am becoming the person that I’ve always dreamed that I could be. This course s is beyond words. It allowed all of us to shed another layer of our old self and allowed us to blossom like a spring flower. I am forever grateful and touched by your level of commitment and generosity. God Bless you and all the things that you do. I highly recommend this AMAZINGLY transforming class to anyone that is ready to find their authentic self.”
~Debbie Lyn Toomey~

If you really want more abundance in your life you MUST understand how the Conscious and Subconscious mind work in relationship to Wealth and Abundance. With this understanding you will learn to create your very own blueprint for wealth. Together we will empower you to build your own foundation for abundance.

With approximately 12 hours of audio over 8 powerful lessons, you will be lead step by step into the feeling sense of abundance. These 8 lessons will guide you into creating these foundations, expanding you into your fullest life.

Building the FOUNDATIONAL PLATFORM actually creates the energy of abundance, allowing flow and delivering true wealth, creativity and success. 
What does this platform or blueprint contain and look like? Well… How would you like to Feel safe? Feel free? Feel confident? Feel abundant? Feel that you are worthy to have good things come into your life? This is exactly what the blueprint will help you attain. What creates WEALTH in your life is the same foundation that creates SELF WORTH, CONFIDENCE, wonderful RELATIONSHIPS and all good things in your life. By the time you complete this audio coaching program you will be able to clearly define how these foundational ways of being affect everything in your life.

Do you sometimes feel stuck in an area of your life… like the same situations and challenges keep surfacing over and over? In order to hold the vibration of abundance there are old traumas and stuck energies that need to be cleared and released. These processing calls allow you to experience Spirit-guided healing and coaching in “real time” as the best of my original coaching programs processing calls using E.F.T., my own proprietary processes of L.E.T. which is the Sacred Soul Embodiment Technique – plus H.E.A.R.T. healing techniques invite you to clear out your obstacles to wealth. The energetic frequencies of the healings are embedded into each of the audio recordings and you will feel the shift within you as you listen to these profound and life changing 7 hours of audio.

These processing calls are magical. The incredible power of group healings is established by a resonance factor created by all the participants going through this program. Each individual I worked with became a representative of the soul group that created a powerful entrainment and vibration for clearing, releasing and remembering, heightening and awakening each participant’s connection to love, compassion and forgiveness to attune to abundance energy even further! Experiencing these clearing and releasing processes, will continue to attune YOU to your own abundance energy.

Do you sometimes listen to an audio and think “I should write that down”? Or do you ever want to remember the exact phrasing of something? Do you sometimes consume information better through reading? Do you like to make notes of your “aha’s” in the margins? With these transcripts you can read the content of the audios to enhance your listening experience. Also, if you need to do a keyword search to find a certain phrase or concept, the transcripts are an amazing tool! It is great to have another sensory experience to take in and to reinforce the amazing content found in this series.

Do you love having reminders and extra ways to help anchor, ground and strengthen your experience when you are going through a program like this? Included in your package are 9 supporting documents FULL of information to support this audio coaching program, an inspirational poster, a HeartThoughts poster and other powerful materials giving you more ways to uplift your consciousness along with some of my best abundance teachings documents, and much more!

Now you can listen and connect to the origins of the Creating an Abundant Life Program in my 2009 Interview with Jennifer McLean on her show “Healing with the Master’s”. Jennifer was generous in allowing this recording to be made available as a part of this special package.

Use these two powerful and heart-centering audios to enhance your journey through the 8 Lessons so that you maximize and amplify your experience and get to the connection of your inner abundance more quickly.

Along the way, you’ll be taught and equipped with a whole range of tools you can use as needed – forever! — to clear stuck, limiting beliefs, to access your true authentic self and to align with your inner peace, love and abundance whenever you desire.

I love working with clients using E.F.T. (Emotional Freedom Technique) an elegantly simple system of healing in which simply tapping on energy meridian points releases and unhooks the emotional traumas that have been held with our bodies. It also interrupts old, unwanted patterns in the brain and opens up the soul to flow with more health and well-being. As an E.F.T. specialist I am renowned for my ability to quickly hone in on energy disturbances, which allows me to get to the core issues percolating beneath the surface. This creates an opening for participants to experience healing that delivers amazing results. I use this technique in many of the processing calls.

Sacred Soul Embodiment (referred to as L.E.T, Life Empowering Technique in the audios) is a proprietary system I developed that helps clients to discover newfound energy, happiness and fulfillment. This simple technique when used regularly keeps you on your path and effortlessly focused on your dreams and achievements. The subtle healing that occurs in the background contributes to an overall feeling of well-being, peace and total safety, opening you up to the flow of greatness rushing toward you.

Many of your self-concepts you have received or unconsciously adopted are patterned into the very cells of your body. Energetic Re-patterning is a leading-edge proprietary system of creating a new energetic imprint and story that is reinstalled within. Moving deep into the body, I will help you create a new vibrational blueprint and “tell a new story” about old patterns. This new story erases the old blocks, reconnects you with your authentic self and replaces the energy of what you don’t want with that of what you do want, so it can flow toward you.

The heart has an essence all its own… and accesses a different intelligence. I have discovered an energy healing system that leverages the pure healing energy of “love” called H.E.A.R.T. (Heart Energy Application Resonance Technique). Through this system I am able to access the pure and primary essence of love energy in you that is at the heart of your authentic self. This H.E.A.R.T. energy is then awakened within you and this loving energy is effortlessly guided into your blocks, dis-ease, pain and dysfunction — creating a new field of possibilities, enabling tissues, cells and beliefs to shift into a new form. HeartThoughts are phrases that stimulate the H.E.A.R.T. energy.

  • You are teachable, and ready to learn tools to transform your way of being
  • You are ready to let go of blaming yourself for past choices, and have the life you’ve always dreamed of
  • You are ready to release the struggle, the “coulda woulda shoulda” thinking and the belief that your current stuckness will never end
  • You are ready to “meet” your authentic self – perhaps for the first time in your life
  • You are open to changing and feeling your abundance, and ready to become abundant in every area of your life
  • You want a new way of life that feels full and free instead of heavy and backward-looking
  • You are ready to effortlessly feel your self-worth, even if you’ve spent years rejecting yourself
  • You are ready to let go of your fear around finances
  • You want to stop guessing at what to do — and receive guidance from a true heart-centered master
  • You want to feel guided and blessed along your journey to full out abundance!
  • You want more joy, peace and love in your life… and are ready to believe that you deserve it!


Mary A. Hall is a healer and coach who is renowned for her ability to hone in, clear and help heal one’s abundance energy. She has spent years developing her understanding of the energy of abundance and fine-tuning her ability to access it. She teaches that Abundance IS an energy and flow and AS WE learn to play in our own innate abundance energy, we open to flow and expansion, healing occurs within our own abundance energy and amazing things start to show up in our lives.

The result of Mary’s years of discovery is her revolutionary proprietary healing system to activate and clear and to open one’s ability to manifest abundance in all areas of life. Mary has shifted and healed the abundance energy of hundreds of clients, taking them to levels of wealth they’ve never before experienced. As she’s played in their flow, and watched in amazement as the gates opened and abundance began to flow to them in ever-increasing amounts, she knew she had to open up this healing and clearing energy for you. Mary infuses all of her programs with this healing energy, but has never before opened a program like this to do daily clearing, healings and openings for you and your Abundance Energy…

ABOUT MARY: Mary is a renowned Healer, Coach, Author and Speaker. Her system for guiding others to connect to their Heart and Divine Essence has launched her to become known as one of the most profound Healers in the industry. At the heart of her work is her ability to see others for who they really are – as Divine Beings of Love and Light who are having a magnificent human experience. She radiates light and love onto everyone she encounters and holds a space of honor and compassion which enables and empowers others to remember their own true essence. It is in remembering and connecting to our heart and Divine essence where we can open the gates to a life free from emotional and physical pain, that flows with ease, well-being and abundance.

Mary is a self-educated, life empowering “coach” that has many tools at hand to coach her clients from an energetic, cognitive and physical perspective into the open flow of life where well-being and abundance abound. As an E.F.T. master and Abundant Life Coach, she is celebrated for her amazing ability to guide individuals to clear, release and create new energetic imprints that allow them to resonate with, move into, and live from a new place. This new energetic signature becomes a higher resonating attribute within them, enabling them to open up to a life of abundance and ease. She is a passionate Healer with a profound intuitive sense that leads her straight to the root issue of any challenge one may be facing.

“Dearest Mary, this class has been so amazing, transformative, helpful, insightful and an absolute joy! I have done many years of personal growth work both in the area of healing trauma and in the area of abundance/law of attraction. I have not come across any program or teacher that seamlessly integrated the two in the way you do. While people on all levels of abundance and healing will greatly benefit from your work, this class really is a rare beacon of hope and the missing link to abundance for people who are dealing with deep seated vibrational obstacles. I am in awe of your ability to create tremendous safety, authenticity, intimacy and trust among a large group of strangers over the phone and webcast. You honed in on core issues, on the messages between the lines, with such skill and ease through your intuition and sensitivity for energies. You are able to explain the concepts with great clarity from the depth of your understanding. Most of all, the healing light of your love shines through the words so brightly and touches, sometimes gently pierces people’s hearts in just the right places, reminding all of us of who we really are. I am honored to have been a participant and witness to your work.”
~Nina, Arizona~

“I have been doing so much consciousness work, and yet I always felt a level of awareness that I could not reach/access. So even though I could feel things, create on one level, in my physical reality I was not experiencing it. Now, after going through your class, I now understand why I could not let it in. And I got to a point of loving/honoring and being myself that I was able to end a relationship that I knew was not right for me. The best part of this whole experience is the feeling of love and flow that I feel. And even though there may be more to address, I am doing so from a very different space…a more loving space and it feels so much easier, gentler, and kinder to myself and others. Thank you Mary, for your love and holding of the space for us to see who we really are. I love you.”
~JiSeon, Oregon ~

“There have been so many shifts in my awareness and so many examples of how abundance has either entered or been recognized as having already been present in my life I could write a short story about it! The depth of balance I’ve achieved in my life accompanied by the feelings of joy, gratitude and love I’ve learned to maintain throughout my day/week is something I thought it would take years to train myself to do; however, you’ve catalyzed it in 8 weeks! Bless you and thank you Mary for the size and strength of your divine heart.” ~Kami Bowman, Florida~

“These past 8 weeks have been wonderful for me. When I started this course I had so many doubts and held beliefs that were setting me up for the wrong things in life. Today I
feel like the world is open to me. Mary, you have provided the most powerful and wonderful tools in order to build the foundation for abundance. I feel so much better about all of the abundant possibilities before me. And now I ‘know” that every day is a divine blessed infinitely abundant day. This group has been wonderful to work with. Thank you Mary for blessing me with so many loving gifts.”
~Love, Cecilia from Ohio~

“It’s hard to put into words what the Abundant Life Coaching Group means as it’s such as transformational experience. I came in as version 1.0 and leave as 2.0 and my view of the world is wide open, abundant and full of bright vibrant color. Thank you so much for everything.”
~Sherry Waddingham, Canada~

“OMG Mary, I wanted to share with you a video I made over the summer, inspired by the Abundant Life course. The feedback has been super and it’s been viewed now for 2 days and already had over 230 hits. I am THRILLED! Thank you so much for the inspiration and the tools to step out and create myself visible in the world!! Mary, I SO appreciate you as a huge light helping the planet ascend. I recognized that this is what your unique and powerful Abundant Life Program is doing – with manifesting as the excuse. I told my fellow healer friend in New Jersey the same thing, which prompted her to purchase the program and is excitedly listening to the program. My friends and I agree, you are an amazing guide to following the heart – the dimension the planet is moving towards. And I’m getting there!! I’m so grateful. Just this morning, I recommended your Daily Hearth Meditation to a client who was really struggling. I know it will help her to rise up out of a cycle of misery and set her on a happier path.”
— Jane Moody.

If you are truly ready to alter the course of your life in a profound way
then you will not want to miss this program.