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    This is YOUR Chance to Receive an Empowering Strategy Healing & Coaching Session To SKYROCKET Your Business in 2021…

    Imagine being seen… I mean REALLY seen?

    Imagine being coached by someone who distinguishes the deepest aspects of purity, divinity, abundance… who sees what even you haven’t yet seen?

    Imagine someone who can not only access your gifts, but also sees with clarity the impediments to those gifts… allowing you to now shine in your brilliance.

    Then, imagine someone who is there for you, present so deeply, helping you lift the veils of limiting beliefs, self-sabotage and releasing old life patterns.

    Imagine someone that can then show you the clear light of day… the powerful emanation of creation that YOU ARE?

    Imagine partnering with Mary to fully embrace your most powerful magnificent self, shining brightly into the world.

    Are you ready to be coached into a skyrocketing transformation in 2015…

    For a Select Few, Mary A. Hall is
    Opening Up a Rare Opportunity for BREAKTHROUGH,
    Personal One-On-One Year Long Coaching

    Mary A. Hall is opening spots in her one-on-one coaching schedule for a very special set of souls.

    This a rare occurrence…

    Because of the extremely high demand for Mary’s proven healing and abundance coaching, she had to re-evaluate how she served and, as a result, has changed her business model.

    This has opened the space for high-end coaching that is designed to turbo charge the lives and businesses of the Successful Entrepreneurs & Professionals who are accepted, into awakening to the love, financial wealth and success that was always meant to be.

    Mary realized that those clients who have the MOST success (some to the tunes of millions of dollars) were the ones that committed to her year-long coaching sessions.

    These clients were committed so deeply that, together – in partnership with Mary as their coach, they skyrocket to unprecedented breakthrough success.

    Maybe you are one of the next?


    It has been proven over and over that private coaching is THE SECRET INGREDIENT to success.

    It is, by far, the thing to which the most successful and balanced souls consistently point, instantly quickening their lives and businesses to new levels of expansion.


    Because good coaches deliver the information, insights and perspectives that you need to achieve expansion.

    They are the sounding board of the soul; they provide holistic support beyond anything that one discipline of healing could provide.

    The really good ones anticipate your needs and evolution, delivering exactly what you need when you need it most.

    Many of Mary’s clients share that their rapid growth would have NEVER happened without her guiding them so effectively.

    Coaches as talented as Mary intuitively address the “I didn’t know what I don’t know” syndrome…

    A good coach is able to show you the questions to ask AND the answers as well.

    A great coach will bring your attention to those areas you weren’t thinking of, then show you the “how to” in that newly revealed area.

    A powerhouse coach will help you become successful, a better leader, and a more confident person.

    A coach like Mary not only offers all those attributes of coaching, she ALSO delivers the vibrational healing elements of life, addressing the deeper opportunities of the soul’s expression.

    Coaching is the key differentiator between rapid change and evolution and clunking around in the dark.

    Now, who are YOU in this coaching relationship?

    Does this resonate with you…


    You are already successful and you know you have what it takes, but it feels like you have to do it alone and it is not only taxing, but takes forever to “get there.”

    M says

    MARY’S ANSWER: Mary dissolves the barriers and creates a clear, energetic and practical roadmap. You’ll shake your head at its simplicity and revel in the depth of change it creates in your life and business. Mary supports you in obtaining repeatable, sustainable momentum.


    You are capable and have accomplished A LOT, but sometimes it feels like it’s getting harder and harder to stay on track. Those pesky limiting beliefs and self-sabotaging behaviors creep up and seem to continually stop you.

    M says

    MARY’S ANSWER:Mary creates a new framework of possibility. In other words, she shows you that there is no “track” to stay on… the limiting beliefs simply dissolve in the face of the love and wholeness in which Mary holds you through your process of healing.


    You’re committed to your own personal evolution, healing and awakening. You know this is the key to your full capacity of success, business growth and personal empowerment. But, the fine-tuning, buffing and polishing that the soul requires can’t happen alone in the vacuum of one’s private, personal perspective.

    M says

    MARY’S ANSWER:Mary walks alongside you on your journey to expansion with an encouraging hand on your back and the other hand on your heart. She shows you the light of your soul and what it’s ready to reveal to you and the world. She helps to fine-tune the awakening of your soul’s yearning… offering tailored healing support that allows you to move mountains.


    You are ready to claim your power and your voice… Ready to discover the unique you and ignite the unfettered light that is you and your gifts. Yet, you just can’t seem to access that power, that force of being, that deep, abiding sense of your unique potential… the lighthouse that is YOU.

    M says

    MARY’S ANSWER:Mary will reawaken your sense of the possible. She will inspire and jumpstart hope and possibility so that you not only believe it can happen, but know it. She helps you discover your voice in all areas of your life — whether it’s standing for yourself or for others (friends, family, customers, communities, et al), you can find that strength, that voice, with confidence.


    You are up to big things, but your perfectionism and fear of criticism can sometimes hinder you from reaching your bigger vision and the goals that you know are possible.

    M says

    MARY’S ANSWER:Mary guides you to ignite a deep confidence, a sense of well-being and knowing that you are the source of joy for all. She shows you a path to honoring those parts of you while allowing them to guide you to your true self, the self-loving part… a trusted aspect that creates miracles.


    You know in your heart that you are a pioneer and an edge pusher… you are someone who can help shift the status quo. This isn’t just leadership in business or spirituality or profession, this is leadership in life — a life that is fulfilled and claimed with strength of purpose.

    M says

    MARY’S ANSWER:Mary guides you to embracing the whole of your life, landing in your voice, freeing yourself and, therefore, shifting your emotional status quo. Becoming the true leader and pioneer within so it shows up in life.


    You’re a superstar in business or as an entrepreneur and you “get ‘er done…” but overwhelm and pressure consume much of your time and energy… and you plow through to achieve at the expense of your health and maybe even your relationships.

    M says

    MARY’S ANSWER:Mary holds for you the vision of leadership, life and success in the eternal and creative. Mary’s coaching supports you in expanding your intuition, opening your heart more and more, and trusting yourself at the deepest levels for creating and manifesting the most unexpected results.



    Each Session, Mary holds you in being seen in your magnificence.

    Let’s break down that last sentence…

    Mary not only sees you in your magnificence, she “holds you” in BEING seen, so YOU can see it as well.

    In other words, she holds you in your energetic possibility… so that possibility is visceral, real, and easily moves into your reality.

    Each session with Mary, you’ll witness the application of her healing and intuitive genius to transform you — before your very eyes– into the next best version of YOU.

    Through each coaching session you will gain access to and live into your true voice and potential, being fully able to shine in your brilliance.

    As Mary works with you one-on-one, she will access the deepest aspects of you to show you YOUR genius.

    Here is what you will experience working with Mary…

    • A clear and succinct energetic “read” of you and your situations
    • A deep immersion into Mary’s profound healing energies
    • She will facilitate noticeable clearings and palpable, energetic restructuring
    • You will witness the acceleration of your “Abundance Frequency”
    • Your energetic system of being will be reorganized and streamlined through Mary’s proprietary “Energetic Re-patterning”
    • Mary will perform constant, ongoing “Abundance Calibrations”
    • With resonant clarity, Mary will intuitively guide you to your next best steps

    Through decades of working with thousands of souls to realize their abundance, love and wholeness, she has created some succinct shortcuts into the soul’s discovery processes.

    Mary applies these secret formulas to turbo charge the healing and manifestation process.

    This fast track healing literally ignites the soul into deep restorative transformation.

    The results are a level of wisdom, knowing and peace that may have previously felt near impossible.

    The powerful processes that you will experience in your 6 month Group Healing & Coaching with Mary A. Hall:

    Principles of Empowerment

    Finding and connecting to Your INNER Voice, where your true power resides and self-confidence flourishes.

    Principles of Success

    Honing in on your unique signature for success, service and shining your brilliance, ready to stand up and be seen in your truth – fully being congruent with your voice and what you are here to do and be.

    Principles of Abundance

    Connecting and activating to your distinctive abundance frequency while allowing it to blossom and flourish, growing as you master the principles of abundance.

    Principles of Wellbeing

    Connecting Body, Soul and Spirit to fully activate Your internal well-being and health, exploring the principles of physical celebration and full inner-and-outer acceptance, activating your sacred spirit, willing to BE here fully embodied.

    Principles of Light-Heartedness
    and Playfulness

    Explore and heal the inner child to restore your child-like joy, light-heartedness and playfulness, reengaging with life in a new sense of wonder and curiosity, feeling safe, free and alive with life and nature.

    Principles of Activating
    the Miracle Zone

    We each have our own unique Miracle Zone. Explore and master the principles that magically activate your own Miracle Zone, opening you to a world of wonder, as your world magically opens up to you.

    Mary will tailor any and all of these principles to YOUR specific needs, desires and goals.

    Are you starting to see?

    This is not your father’s coach.

    Mary represents the next generation of cutting-edge healing, matched with proven principles of success and married with sound business advice and personal coaching.

    “There are very few coaches with whom I have worked that can hold the space for me to be... ...all that I can be. That can also provide the deepest transformational healing energies to move me instantly into new discernments, creativity and flow. That, in turn, can provide sound business coaching, which opens up new ways of seeing and creativity to create the most expansive breakthroughs imaginable. There is no question my first million dollars in revenue that occurred within my first 18-months in business, happened because of the energetic support and heart-opening coaching from Mary. I can’t recommend Mary Hall enough as a coach... Are you finally ready to move into health, success, peace, even freedom? Then this year-long coaching program is the only path. I’m so excited at who you are about to become by working with Mary A. Hall, a true miracle of healing, abundance and love.” — Jennifer McLean Host of Healing With The Masters, Creator of Success Signature Business Coaching, Multimillionaire Entrepreneur, CEO McLean MasterWorks

    Now, working with Mary is not for everyone… Mary is clear in whom she is willing to take on.

    The coaching sessions she delivers are so powerful, that she knows certain folks simply are not yet ready for the enormous surge of power, success, health and love that is about to happen.


    Circle X bullet image

    You don’t think it is ever possible to earn a 6-figure income. (Mary is only taking on superstars who are ready to light up their lives and make a difference in big ways.)

    Circle X bullet image

    You constantly share the story of trauma and drama of what happened TO you. (Mary wants to work with those who are no longer willing to fight for their limitations and are ready to release their stories of pain and trauma.)

    Circle X bullet image

    Your vocabulary is replete with the statement “yeah, but.” (Mary wants to be the advocate for your soul to move quickly; the stalwart energy that “yeah, but” represents will stall her ability to move you to the next level.)

    Circle X bullet image

    You are not prepared to fully and completely invest in yourself – financially, time commitment etc. – to finally move into something bigger, different than what you’ve been experiencing. (Mary is opening the doors to those who know this IS clearly their next step and see this opportunity to work with her in this year-long, on-on-one coaching as a gift, not an entitlement.)

    These “this is NOT for you” statements are not meant to accuse nor hurt; they are meant to select the perfect high-performers that are READY for this advanced success coaching.

    Working with Mary in this rare, one-on-one, personal year-long coaching program is for those individuals who are ready to be guided unerringly to the next step of love, abundance, success, and well-being that was meant for them at this time.

    Recieve an empowering strategic session with Mary right now

    SO… how can you be one of these individuals who has the privilege of becoming one of Mary’s year-long coaching clients?

    How can you receive a FREE Coaching and Healing Strategy Session

    DIRECTLY with Mary?

    Step 1

    Fill out the application in the form on the next page by clicking on the application button found below.

    Step 2

    Mary will reach out to you via email to set a time for your free strategy coaching session.

    YEP, you heard that correctly; Mary will contact YOU and you can experience her amazing energy and be held in your light.

    Mary will assist you in clarifying what is going on right now and map out a strategy that is customized for you and your life, and where you are in this moment.


    To receive this free strategy session, all you have to do is apply and wait for Mary’s call.

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    This is YOUR Chance to Receive an Empowering Strategy Healing & Coaching Session To SKYROCKET Your Business in 2021…

    Imagine being seen… I mean REALLY seen?

    Imagine being coached by someone who distinguishes the deepest aspects of purity, divinity, abundance… who sees what even you haven’t yet seen?

    Imagine someone who can not only access your gifts, but also sees with clarity the impediments to those gifts… allowing you to now shine in your brilliance.