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    Healing Systems



    Mary has discovered an energy system that leverages the pure healing energy of “love” called H.E.A.R.T. (Heart Energy Activation Resonance Technique). Through this system Mary is able to access the pure and primary essence of love energy. Mary is able to “SEE” into your being, and truly identify and acknowledge the love that you are, so you can then experience that for yourself. As she activates this powerful resonance then, just like a tuning fork, you automatically begin to also resonate with and vibrate to this “love” energy. This activation within allows release of blocks, dis-ease, pain and dysfunction, creating a new field of possibilities, enabling tissue, cells and beliefs to shift into a new form. In the presence of this powerful love energy only love can survive.



    Sacred Soul Embodiment Technique (formerly known as LET) is also a proprietary system Mary has developed that helps clients to discover how to embody a new-found energy imprint of love, joy, forgiveness, happiness and fulfillment. The possibilities of what you can create are endless with this powerful technique. This simple process, when used regularly, keeps you on your path, connected to yourself, and effortlessly focused on your dreams and achievements. Using the chakras to anchor this highly Sacred Soul Energy, Mary guides you to initiate a resonance within, creating a new higher vibrating you –in your body and in the world. This newly aroused vibration enables you to embody your sacredness here and now. The subtle healing that occurs in the background contributes to an overall feeling of well-being and peace, opening you up to the flow of abundance rushing toward you.



    Mary has spent years playing in the flow of Abundance, fine-tuning her ability to tap in to and understand its source. The result is her discovery of a revolutionary system to successfully manifest abundance in all areas of life. As she played in this flow, and watched in amazement as the gates opened and abundance began to flow to her and her clients in ever-increasing amounts, she knew she had to share this system with world. The result is the Abundance Attunement program that takes clients step-by-step through the discovery of the ‘Foundational Layers’ of Abundance.

    We all want more money. We all want to know how to create a larger financial flow of wealth into our lives. We want abundant opportunities, abundant relationships and abundant success. The truth is that Abundance is a resonance deep within our core. In fact, it is an actual energy signature. When we learn how to tap into this resonance, apparent miracles show up in our lives and we shift into new levels of ease and freedom. This signature lies deep within all of us, but we need the tools and techniques to activate and tap into this flow in order to jump-start our success and abundance.



    Energetic Re-patterning is a process by which Mary shifts and transforms the energetic vibrational pattern within an event, memory or situation to release and clear the negative emotions behind it, allowing you to release yourself from the pain or struggle that is keeping you attached to it.


    Everything is energy and when the energetic signature within an emotionally charged memory or situation is less than joyous, we feel stuck and unable to move forward as free, empowered individuals. Mary is renowned for intuitively accessing the energetic signature underlying the situation and gently guides you through a process where you re-pattern the energy, releasing you and relieving you of the stress and angst it has caused. Once re-patterned, the negative emotions never resurface and you feel a certain detachment from the situation, feeling free and liberated to move forward.



    Mary has an intuitive ability to read into the energetic pattern that underlies situations, relationships, business ventures and projects, even marketing materials. She can predict or understand the success or failure of any of these based on the energy she reads behind it. ‘Everything is Energy’. With this understanding, she is able to assist and guide clients to recalibrate this energetic signature within themselves to shift the outcome, turning failures or endeavors with little momentum into incredible success stories. All reality starts from within and when we learn to focus our energy with the appropriate imprint, our outer reality begins to shift and transform.


    Clients come to Mary for readings and recalibrations on things such as websites, books, products, services, business models, partnerships and relationships. They must be willing to hear the information that Mary is seeing as well as be willing to ‘play’ in the energy, to release and clear any blocks that are present, and to allow their internal dialogue to be transformed. When they do, they watch in amazement as this process helps their dreams to align with reality.  



    Physical and Emotional Clearing and Centering

    EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique) also known as MTT (Meridian Tapping Technique) is a powerful and easy to use process that utilizes your body’s own (easy to reach) Energy Meridian Points to access and release all forms of negative, emotionally upsetting emotions, which produce energy disturbances within the body. These disturbances are accessed, easily found and released by tapping on your Meridian (acupressure) Points with your fingertips, which stimulates the Energy Meridians – literally tapping into your body’s own Energy and Healing Power.


    These Meridian Points are simple to access and tap on. Here are the basic points: 1 Karate Chop, 2 Eyebrow, 3 Side of Eye, 4 Under Eye, 5 Under Nose, 6 Chin, 7 Collar Bone, 8 Under Arm, and 9 Top of Head.


    According to Gary Craig, the founder of EFT, “The cause of ALL negative emotions is a disruption in the body’s energy system.”  This fundamental principle is the basis of EFT – that all negative emotions are felt through a disruption of the body’s energy system. Physical pain and disease are intricately connected to negative emotions and EFT restores the body’s energy balance, and negative emotions dissipate.


    EFT is especially beneficial in releasing energetic blocks that are keeping you from accessing your inner freedom and your personal power. It is effective at finding and clearing traumas and past emotional events that are keeping you stuck and can assist you in releasing blocks and limiting beliefs that get in the way of accessing your true knowing and ability to prosper in the world. It can bring peace and joy back into your life and can be effective on a wide array of issues including health, relationships, and prosperity.


    Mary is an EFT master who is naturally gifted and renowned for quickly honing into the core issues and subtle energies underlying your physical, emotional or spiritual challenges. She quickly gets to the root of the issue and then gently and lovingly guides you to release blocks and discover and connect to who you really are.