Holiday Gifts of Love and Healing

Wishing you the splendid joys and blessings of this holiday season…

With Deep Gratitude and Love,


Your Special Holiday Gift of Love and Healing

This Healing Audio is brand new… and envelopes you in love, miracles and healing energies. It offers you quantum healing energies for deep healing release, facilitating healing and restoration.

Your Holiday Gift:


                            Quantum Healing Journey with Mary A. Hall


A Journey to Transcend Time, Healing Your Past

MP3 File

This Quantum Healing Session transcends time to deeply unlock and heal your past, those former moments of hurt, upset, trauma and deep woundings from within your life.

Journey back in time with me as we together bring a healing embrace to those formerly wounded parts… releasing them, transmuting them and healing the internal separation so that you can welcome those aspects of you home, restoring you to more and more deepening wholeness.

Gift yourself with this 30 min deep Quantum Healing, as we together offer this healing embrace to all those parts of you that needed to be seen, heard, understood and honored.

You will experience a deep activation of healing, clearing and recalibration throughout your whole being… on all levels as we deeply allow in the integration of knowing to those younger parts of us that ‘healing is coming’… settling into the loving, compassionate rich energy that is present and, focused on you!.

This audio is deeply encoded with profound Quantum Healing energies that were present during the call. Simply gift yourself with these 30 mins of deep healing, compassion and understanding for your past.


Wishing you love and joy!