Still time to join Advanced ~ LEVEL 3 ~


Taking Your Journey To the NEXT Level…


• Begins February 16th 2019 •

With “Queen Of Abundance” & Healer Extraordinaire; Mary A. Hall

A BRAND NEW… 5-Week ADVANCED Online Course — Soul-Aligned Manifesting Magic & Miracles



From The Desk Of Mary A Hall:

Dear Current Participants In the Level 1 and Level 3 Soul-Aligned MANIFESTING Quantum Healing Immersion Programs…


You wanted MORE!

So I’ve created a continuing into Advanced Level 3 – 5 Week Advanced Soul-Aligned Manifesting program to keep your momentum going.

Know that in this next generation program we will continue exploring the zone of magic, where miracles unfold and your true desires blossom into fruition.

We will be playing with aligning your heart and soul, clearing the way for welcoming magic and miracles in your life.

AND, I will be helping you to not only understand these advance manifestation tools, techniques and concepts…

But together we will be doing some magic-alignment to ensure that by the end of 5 weeks you are aligned with these special magical manifesting frequencies that you can use over and over.

READY To Take Your Manifesting and Healing Momentum into the Quantum? 

Abstract background

This is your chance to spend ANOTHER 5 weeks with me…

In an even more INTIMATE group.

We will be playing at a very sacred and powerful level of transformation.

Imagine, a beautiful young emerging bud of new insights and flow is now showing up and unfolding in your life…

Creating momentum and springing forth a brand new flourishing, blossoming bouquet of new possibilities, ready to manifest in your life during our next 5 weeks.

By the time our 5 weeks are complete, you will…

“WOW! I’m so happy for saying yes and being part of this program. Every call helped me and I’m so deeply grateful for you all the sharing that has opened me more to love, greater abundance and in seeing so many possibilites, more then I could have imagined.” ~ N

“I could feel the flow of abun-dance in every cell of my body. Never before have I felt so alive and full of gratitude. I now have a new energy blueprint that I can call forth for the rest of my life. Thank you, sweet angel, I love you sooooo much!” ~ K

What You Will Receive…



 5-Week – LEVEL 3  Soul-Aligned Manifesting – Welcoming Magic and Miracles

The main part of your program consists of 5 LIVE Manifestation and Alignment Sessions, infused with Quantum Possibility & Abundance Healing Frequencies.

PLUS 2-LIVE Mentoring Coaching Calls, including new expanded Quantum Possibilities and Healing Energies.

Each session focuses on helping you get clear and ready to start manifesting in alignment to your heart and soul.

These are your miracle manifesting sessions and includes…

MORE… In-The-Background Daily NEXT LEVEL Imbued with Quantum Possibility and Abundance Healing Frequencies

I am dedicating myself to YOU, everyday for the 5 Full Weeks of this program.

Plus I will continue everyday, tapping into you and using my proprietary healing system that gently sees you, honors and acknowledges you, and subtly yet powerfully aligns you to your expanded possibility frequencies.

We will not be meeting, speaking or texting… this energy work is all done in the background as I tap into your energy signal in a virtual way.

You may even notice moments of “ahhh” where you just plain feel better.

Each week you will see possibilities in your life emerge as you also create more and more opportunities for manifesting your heart’s desires and witnessing it coming to fruition.

Previous participants have shared with me that this has been a profound experience, to be held in my embrace of deep intention for healing and awakened possibilities.


As soon as you register for this program you will be receiving these amazing in-the-background possibility and manifestation healing energies.

During our time together:

You will be able to ask your questions of me directly and to receive greater clarity in fine-tuning your manifesting muscles.

I will be coaching and apply my unique healing system to our interactions on each call.

This will also be supported by the group dynamic… you will see yourself in others, and as they heal and clear, you will to, as “all boosts are raised.”

This is the finale of putting the tools in your hands for manifesting in your divine heart and soul-alignment… and it promises to be VERY powerful!


• Begins February 16th 2019•

Your Details…


All Saturday and Sunday* AND Friday calls are at 1:00pm Pacific/California Time ( 2pm Mountain, 3pm Central, 4pm Eastern/New York Time & 9pm BST/UK/London Time).



MORE… In-The-Background Daily Imbued Abundance Quantum Healing: Every Day Starting AS SOON AS YOU REGISTER


Online, in your own personal Course Portal to access indefinitely, your dial in information to access every call as well as your downloads will be found here. (There may even be a few surprise bonuses that will show up!)


“Thank you so much Mary for the gift of this amazing, Abundance and Love- filled program!!! I am reveling in the beautiful, nourishing, nurturing, Divine Love energy, and appreciate immensely the healing guidance you’re providing as well.” ~ J

“Wow, this was amazing Mary! I released so much heavy energy during the call, and so easily – it just floated up and out of me.  I was so touched when you told us Spirit never sees us as being unworthy or not good enough – it brought tears to my eyes. Thank you, thank you, thank you for doing these calls Mary.” ~ D



5-Week ADVANCED Level 3 Soul-Aligned Manifesting – Welcoming Magic and Miracles

AND… I’m Deeply Serious About Your Transformation and  Well Being…

I hope you are as serious about making the change to live in alignment with your heart & soul and divine birthright along with your truest desires, as I am in supporting you with that intention.

This program was created just for you, especially if you’re intent on becoming your most abundant and prosperous self.

Maybe you don’t want to look back one more time on what could have been…

You don’t want to reflect back and think:

“I wish I would have taken Mary up on the NEXT PHASE,  Soul-Aligned Manifesting Magic & Miracles course to expand into my new possibilites while I still had the chance.”

Well, the time is now, this is your chance to finally change those old habitual core habits and step into regaining the reigns of your life.

It’s your time to take this into the quantum.

This is your chance to bring further HEALING and transformation to those old stories and blocks.

It’s time to rise above them and move forward into your Soul-Aligned, Abundant Self, freely expressing your true essence that has always been meant for you.

To your abundant life,





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Yes I’m Ready…

5-Week ADVANCED Level 3 Soul-Aligned Manifesting – Welcoming Magic & Miracles


“What happened when Mary worked with me deserves to be called a MIRACLE, the way I went from pain and hurt to laughter in an instant! I try to stay in an “Everything is possible” mind set, but to actually experience that is amazing! I have So much admiration you for being so brave, so open and so loving! THANK YOU!” ~ V

“WOW! I’m so happy for saying yes and being part of this program. Every call helped me and I’m so deeply grateful for you all the sharing that has opened me more to love and greater abundance then I could have imagined.” ~ N


About Mary A. Hall







Mary A. Hall is a renowned Healer, Coach, Author and Speaker. Her system for guiding others to connect to their Heart and Divine Essence has launched her into becoming one of the most celebrated and profound Healers in the industry.

At the heart of Mary’s work is her ability to see you for who you really are – and identify the conscious and subconscious decisions and patterns that brought you to this moment.

Mary has many tools at hand to coach you energetically, cognitively and physically into the open flow of life, where well-being and abundance abound.

As a master in several modalities of healing, and an Abundance Life Coach, she can guide you to clear release.

Her remarkable ability to quickly hone in on subtle energies and core issues allows her to gently and precisely guide you to transform blocks.

And she’ll help you create new energetic imprints that allow you to resonate with, move into, and live from a new place of flow and financial well being.

This new energetic signature of prosperity becomes a higher resonating attribute within you, enabling you to open up to a life of more abundance and ease.

Under her guidance, you create a freer, more joyful life while progressing toward your desired goals.


“I am so grateful for everything I have learned in this beautiful program. The awareness around the concept of self sacrifice and debts of IOU’s has been HUGE for me. I had no idea how that I was secretly controlling. I will continue to re-listen to this amazing program. I thank you from the bottom of my opening, ascending heart for this program.” ~  S


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