Congratulations and Welcome to your
~ 22-Days ~ Return To Love Healing Fest Program

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A Brief Outline to Get You Started

Welcome to your 22-Day Holiday Return To Love & Healing Fest and LIVE Quantum Healing Calls. Dates and times can be seen below. Replays and Downloads will be available once the live calls are complete.

Know that the Quantum Healing Energies, and Love-infused energy transmissions have started as soon as you said YES and signed up – just sit back and receive the remote love frequencies and energy healings.

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Note: Below you find your Bonus Audios

Your Return To Love – Live Quantum Healing Call Dates


Live Call Access Information for All Callers and International Call-In Phone Numbers
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Full List of Dial in Numbers:

Skype Users: To participate, you can connect to the calls by clicking the “Join Now” button and entering the conference ID, or you can connect manually by following the instructions for Mac or PC. For instructions, CLICK HERE!

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Dial-in Access Details:

Phone Number: (949) 333-4822
Pin Code: 770647#

Below Link To Access Local & International Phone Numbers:


Live Quantum Healing Calls

Feb 11th Call Canceled – New Date is Feb 18th

Feb 18th – Reschedule Live Call


Bonus Coaching Call – Feb 25th at 1:00pm (PT)

Feb 25th –  Healing & Coaching Call



Your Special Bonus Area



Mirror Magic  Exercise Doc

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Below are the dedications and vows emailed directly to
Those sharing their commitments toward themselves – that are not on facebook:

Mothers day card with pink roses .


~ I Promise to Love, Honor, and Cherish you through everything you’ve been through and will still go through.

Through All of your devastating hardships! Even when your heart wasn’t open to all. Even when you are hurt, anxious, and vulnerable.  Even when you hide. Even when you aren’t pure. Even when you are imperfect as you always are. Even when you expose yourself.

You are always Loved ! You are Loveable! I Love You Truly, Softly, Madly, & Deeply Forever!


~ “Beautiful, precious One— I AM perfect, whole and complete. I open to receive more love, not less. I open to love more, not less. I open to BE more love, not less. I AM love, love I AM.”
~ Blessings, Jeni


~  My decree:
”Beloved, precious child of my soul, Carolyn, you are the love of my life. I vow and decree this day to honour, cherish and behold you as the beautiful jewel of my heart and soul, divine in every way; and to love you more and more every day; to love all facets that dance in shadow and light; deeply embracing with so much love, the unresolved, vulnerable, sensitive, fearful, critical, painful, doubting and conflicted parts, recognizing their cry to receive more of my unconditional love. We are whole and complete exactly as we are in every moment. We are ONE”

Thanks you! Blessings of love, joy and abundance ~ Carolyn


~ My Valentine to myself:

My dear beautiful, beautiful self – with all my heart – I say (I want to promise, but I say)…my dear beautiful self, I will love you more and more – not less and less. Whatever you do, whatever you feel, whatever is going on, my dear beautiful self, I promise (as much as I’m able to promise) I love you, and I will love you more, and more, and more, my dear. Not less.  Count on me. I love you so much and I am changing my ways in this most beautiful new, most beautiful true, most beautiful way. I love you, my love. I love you.

Thank you so much! ~ Carol





Below are the Intentions emailed directly to
who wish to share their intentions – that are not on facebook:



Confidently, peacefully, enthusiastically take action connecting with people, places, experiences that are best for me, and give and receive what is best for me to give and receive.

~ Universal Child



Thank you …gratitude & love,

~ Christina


Intention – To partner with the Divine to self- care freely, easily and with flow.

Blessings, Thank you for 22 days!

~ Gloria


I set and hold this intention:

I am held in the energy of love,

feeling supported, nurtured, cherished, and accepted,

and this energy of love supports me in all my life activities and experiences.

My body, mind, emotions, and spirit feel the vitality that this energy conveys.

I feel such gratitude and appreciation

as I allow the energy of love to penetrate into every aspect of my being

and to radiate from me.

~ Gail


Here is my intention for the 22 days of love…

That I am open to and stepping into all the love and support the universe has for me in all areas of my life and more.

Much love

~ Ann Marie


My intention is to fully step in to claim and fully inhabit the love that I am, allowing me to experience the most expanded version of myself possible. Thanks so much ❤️

~ Kim


My intention for 22 days Love Fest Quantum Healing is to be WHOLE and fulfilled  in all aspect of my life.

Thank you so much. Much love,

~ Angela


I am fully opening to deeply receive love’s healing, comforting embrace; I am opening to fully trust love’s healing power; trusting my beautiful amazing body’s wisdom to heal, trusting my Divine Presence to receive clear guidance; trusting in my co-creative power with Mother Gaia and all realms of spirit; trusting my unfolding journey is divine. I see and open to receiving the divine working through all who are assisting my healing journey at this time. I am deeply grateful, honour and love all I’m experiencing. I find peace, joy and the blessings, liberated from my past creations that no longer serve my highest good; welcoming NEW inspiring, soul – aligned creations, vitality and abundance.



My intention is stepping more and more in alignment with my heart’s desire and enjoying the communication with my divine guidance which has always been guiding me.  Thank you….

~ Christine


“I breathe LOVE! I am tuned into my Joy flowing with Divine guidance. I am sharing Power from the Heart!”
Thank you…



My intention is being love. I say YES to love; I am loving, I am loved & I am lovable, and so it is ! I say yes, yes , yes! My heart is overflowing with love.

~   ❤ Marilyn


My Intention is to value the depths of myself fully. To celebrate who I authentically am and all I can be with pure love and acceptance for myself and others.
~   ❤ Thank you so much!