Opening To Your Love Octave Of Wholeness and Abundance


“Love is the bridge between YOU and everything…  Your task is not to seek for love, but merely to seek and find all the barriers within yourself that you have built against it.” ~ Rumi

You are on this page because you are READY for a life-changing, flow-creating, love-forging, abundant 12-Week coaching and healing program (you’ll receive 11 LIVE, INTERACTIVE calls, including 90 days of healing energies in the background), to bring the next quantum octave of love and abundance into your field of being.

NOTE: As soon as you register… the healing and love energies begin.  This will add (as much as) an additional (PLUS) 30 Days of these supportive love and healing energies (in the background) that will begin assisting you right away to deepening the activation of the quantum paradigm of love in your being.


PLUS: Not only will Mary hold you in her undivided coaching attention, but Veronica Runyon will also be offering their support and insights as well.

(Scroll down to find out more about Veronica.)

BONUS: PLUS, 30-day pre-program activation, where you are held in powerful healing transformational frequencies with 5 additional healing and processing audios to CHANGE IT ALL.

A Video Illustration of How Love and Abundance Works:

What Mary will be activating in this program is abundance through the energy of Love and Wholeness.Love is the frequency, the platform, the foundation, for abundance and all you desire.Check out this video of a simple experiment of sending love and hate to jars of rice (it is really quite an amazing illustration of what you are about to receive).

LOVE is the central, most powerful, positive, energy in the universe. And, from the two rice jars, we also have a visual reminder that holding ourselves and others in the energy of LOVE… (OR, as seen, dislike or hate) leaves a lasting effect on us, as well as those we focus upon.

It is time to choose LOVE!

Now YOU are the jar of rice with the smiley face and, for 90 DAYS, you will receive deep, concentrated, grace-filled, focused, intense LOVE AND HEALING ENERGIES… concentrated transmissions in the energies of manifestation, love and wholeness.

Your being will be attuned to the frequencies of Love and Healing…

Bathed in these higher-vibrating energies that allow for true miracles in your life.

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Life's Been Tough Lately... Here is a Powerful Seed of Hope... (just at the right time...)

So many of us have had to maneuver through incredibly challenging times.

Still, some of us find ourselves shrugging with a sense of defeat.

The evidence of change, the sense of freedom we have been seeking, seems ever more elusive.


There is simultaneously this strange sensation of hope…
…that there is still so much more to be revealed. experiencing the pure love octave... you are discovering you anew in pure abundance...

There’s a sense that we are being cracked open, moved (for some of us, whether we like it or not) to a new place of being, of love, of hope.

There is a clear opportunity to discover grace, to find peace and sanity, EVEN JOY in the midst of these clear harbingers of change.

With that in mind, Mary A. Hall has created a powerful new coaching program designed to guide you through the sometimes rough terrain of change and transformation.

Mary will ease you into a new understanding of your power and what is ACTUALLY happening FOR YOU instead of to you.

Here, you are about to discover… the power of love…

Mary will show you new ways to resonate with the love that you are, and how that love is showing up to nudge you to a higher level of being.

You are about to experience that pure octave of the love that you embody, leading you inexorably to your true resonance of Love that we ALL ARE… and the quantum unity and oneness that blossoms from it.

Within the aspects of love and abundance…

Forgiveness is now possible in this energy.

Compassion is a way of being in this quantum field.

Connection, in fact, a DEEP connection – both internally and to others, is a given in this way of being.

Abundance in a huge field of knowing and possibility is yours in this frequency.

Mary will guide you to a love initiation that will help you to access and connect to the love that you are.

From this initiation, you establish a simple pathway, a platform, that you can now access any time when you are in need of it.

Imagine… You now have the wherewithal and the capacity to tap into this reservoir of love and support anytime you want it, need it or want to share it.

You will discover a deep knowing inside that can fundamentally create a paradigm shift of being… changing every part of you.

There's a New You Dawning

You are about to evolve into the “you” of imagination.

A new version of you that you may have wondered if it could really come to fruition.

Well, now is the time and Mary is the teacher and guide you have been asking for (along with the loving support of Veronica Runyon).

Mary A. Hall is one of the most powerful healers and coaches living today.

This is YOUR opportunity to work with her in a potent, live, 12-Week interactive coaching group. You will also receive strong remote energies and frequencies for 30 days.

PLUS, the pre-program of 30 days of healing energies and 5 healing-processing audios get you completely READY for the coaching program.

Imagine having Love and Healing energies sent straight to you from Mary, this powerhouse of love, THEN getting to work with her in live shows. WOW!

A Note From Mary

When I was thinking about this program and how I might share with you what we are about to experience and co-create together, two Rumi quotes came to mind…“The wound is the place where the Light enters you.” ~ Rumi

“Your task is not to seek for love, but merely to seek and find all the barriers within yourself that you have built against it.” ~ Rumi

These powerful ideas speak very much to what this program is about.

How to not only move within and seek to address the internal barriers to love, but to also use the wounds of life as a source to access the deepest parts of us.

All of life is forever leading us back to us and our internal connection… to the freedom of our divine love…. the love that we are right now.

I don’t know about you, but for me, these past years have been a real whopper.

So many BIG things and LIFE-changing events happened to me — and to so many of my dear, close friends.

Within it all, I had to find some time and space for me to get REAL, regroup and reassess MY life and all that life was seemingly throwing at me.

Life can sometimes show up with big stuff… stuff that’s totally beyond our control.

But something else happens in the midst of these kinds of changes…

We are cracked open…

WIDE open…

And the results are…

Our MOST Life-Transforming Revelations of Light.

You don’t have to experience the extremes of life to be cracked open. That is what this program is about… discovering the light through whatever is up in our lives.

THAT is what we will be playing with in this 12-week program.

You will move within the grandest experiments of the love octave, in a field of transformational love and wholeness.

You will be held in a light and possibility, of forgiveness and flow, moving to a new octave of life…

…beyond anything that you could have previously imagined, beyond anything that any of us could have experienced prior to this moment in history.

You are about to discover YOU… a you that is reframed in love, in power, in possibility and flow.

Looking forward to playing with you,


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There is a new way, the way of love, self love, of connection and nurturing to creatge the deepest openings and greatest abundance

Once there, you’ll…

Great things will happen so naturally, that they will seem to work out seamlessly, almost as if by magic.

This is what happens when you are in “the zone,” tapped in, open, receiving intuitive guidance and inspiration – and the most amazing sense of accomplishment washes over you, from head to toe.

This is what is possible on the journey you are about to take.

At this stage, you might even be wondering… is it possible that life could be easy, magical and joyful all the time?

Well, I have an even bigger question for you.

What if it could be?

What if there was a way to understand the WHY behind being in sync with the flow of life?

A way to step into that realm not only consciously, but also deliberately, moving with clarity and awareness into life, experiencing greater ease and joy every single day?

And if LIFE, ITSELF, throws you a curveball and knocks you off course, or your own inner demon “stuff” shows up in Technicolor, or you feel like the rug has been pulled out from under you…

What if you had a clear road map to truly guide you to find your way?

That roadmap is here and ready to connect you to… well… YOU.


What You Are About To RECEIVE




Mary will be guiding you through a 12-Week coaching program where you’ll discover a new note of you.

This will include 11 live, interactive coaching and processing calls directly with Mary in a group-coaching environment. Veronica Runyon will also be joining you in this miraculous, packed-full event.

The number 11 is purposeful, delivering the master frequencies of this new octave of love, which you will experience.

You are going to sense a new octave of love that you may not have previously known existed.

Within this octave of love is an expansive state of flow, bringing newfound peace, abundance and flow.

This flow doesn’t come from force, from doing or making ig happen, it comes from a natural capacity that becomes who you are, not what you do.

Since you are reading this, we know that you are ready for an open, clear and totally honest conversation around what is going on in YOUR life.

You are about to get REAL… to get grounded in what is REALLY happening FOR you… not to you.

Now, imagine this open, honest conversation occurring in the new octave of love… a safe, sacred space where you are held and seen

Mary is holding this space of high-frequency love, safety, possibility and flow.

In this sphere of love, a new you emerges like a phoenix rising from the ashes and soars into this new octave of being.




Mary will be diving deep into repatterning – a system that she created to allow you to re-pattern the old beliefs, views and ways of being. You will be able to use positive aspects to fuel your being into the energy of love. LOVE is the ultimate energy of re-patterning.

You will be able to create new practices of “Noticing” through the eyes of love. Imagine holding yourself in a new space of grace and love…. Loving yourself right where you are. It is here for you now.

Mary shines a light on the treasures that are already within you, showing you how to connect with them, to feel alive and flourish every day, through every experience.

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These and so much more are yours.

NOTE: The live coaching program starts in February… Mary has put together a pre-program (below item 2) to get you ready for this powerful series.

The energies are soooo transformative that you have to ease into the program between now and February with the following product…


These calls have been so beautiful and have made a huge impact on me. I thank you Mary, Jennifer & Veronica for being so open, honest & vulnerable. Thank you all for your energy & love we all share & hold for each other it really is so powerful. Thank you Mary, & Veronica for your continuing energy of holding us in love & healing, it’s very heartwarming & luscious, beautiful energy! ~ G

Thank you so much Mary, Veronica and Jennifer for the gift of this amazing, Love- filled program!!! I am reveling in the beautiful, nourishing, nurturing, Divine Love energy, and appreciate immensely the guidance you’re providing as well. ~ J

Dear Mary, Veronica and Jennifer, Thank you infinitely for this beautiful, Divine, life changing program. I am profoundly grateful!!! The connection to Love that I am now experiencing fills me with joy! The calls were exquisite! Each put the icing on the already magnificent secret sauce cake! THANK YOU!!! ~ S

I’m so happy for saying yes and being part of this program. Every call helped me and I’m so deeply grateful for you all the sharing that has opened me more to love. I love you all so much, Divine Love ~ M

HUGE thank you, Mary, Veronica, and Jennifer and everyone! What happened when Mary worked with me deserves to be called a MIRACLE, the way I went from pain and hurt to laughter in an instant! I try to stay in an “Everything is possible” mind set, but to actually experience that is amazing! When I remember the hurt and the pain, giggles come up! And I wonder how does it feel for Mary, Veronica and Jennifer to be able to create Miracles and change lives!I So much admiration you for being so brave, so open and so loving! I THANK YOU and I LOVE YOU from all my heart! ~ V




As Mary tapped into the 12-Week Love Octave coaching program, she knew that in order to receive this Octave of frequency, you would need to prepare.

You won’t believe what you are about to receive…

This is a gift beyond belief.

Mary usually charges thousands for this.

You are going to first be held in a field of love for 30-straight days… even before the program starts.

So, in addition to the 90 days of remote healing that you will receive as part of the 12-week coaching program, you will ALSO receive 30 days of remote healing prior to the coaching program.

A TOTAL OF 120 DAYS of remote healing. Holy Jumpin’!

Her clients that receive this usually pay $1000 or more per month for this amazing capacity… and it’s yours as a bonus to this offer. WOW!

“This is the secret sauce that has continually assisted me and my business in moving the needle on my abundance. Many of you have heard the story of my movement from living in my car to a multi-million dollar company in 18 months. Mary is the piece of the puzzle that supported me in that journey... this 60 days of pure Mary can help you do the same. I’m so excited for you.” ~ Jennifer McLean, Host Healing With The Masters

THEN, on top of the first 30 days of powerhouse healing and abundance support, you will also receive 5 audios of healing, processing work.

These powerful audios will get you started in the Love Octave system and allow you to do the necessary openings in preparation for the coaching program.

You can dive in right away while receiving the remote healing.

We are so excited at who you are about to become.


Beautiful souls, this coaching group has been absolutely opening for me. Thank you to each and every one of you for the deep opening of love you have allowed me, just by being present in this group. Again, thank you all for your insights and your deep love. ~ J

This program has been amazing. Thank you to all who shared, each person was truly a catalyst for me. I thank all of you for sharing & your honesty it was very eye opening & transformational for me in many ways as well as opening my heart. ~ G

Thank you Mary, Thank you for this wonderful course. I’ve had many ah-ha moments. Those moments have brought me closer to understanding that we’re all connected – that we experience the same feelings. I will continue to listen to these sessions well after the end of the program and practice the many suggestions. I believe in miracles. Thank you Mary – I am so grateful for this opportunity. ~ L

A great big heart-felt thanks to you Mary for your warm gentle healing teachings and generous giving of yourself to us. I appreciated Veronica’s added experiences and wisdom and particularly the “Will I be OK?” suggestion, and also Jennifer’s buoyant passionate presence throughout. I feel imbued with so much more love and have many tools to use to grow more and more of it in my daily life. Much gratitude and much love! ~ A

Thank you Mary, Veronica and Jennifer for this wonderful Love Octave program. Thank you Jennifer for your part in bringing it together via HWTM. All of you were so loving, open, vulnerable and authentic, and it touched my heart deeply. Something I am very grateful to have been a participant. Thank you to the community of all of us for sharing & support & all the love we all shared. Thank you Mary! So much deep heartfelt gratitude & love to all of you! ~ G

Thank you to all of you who agreed to share your lives and your stories and be vulnerable. Thank you for allowing me to learn about myself by being witness to you and your journey and your changes. This program has been absolutely wonderful, as are all of you. ~ N


Downloadable MP3s (Retail Value $147)

In this audio set, you will receive two variations – a long version and a short version of audios that will get you started in the morning and help you to finish your day.

You can listen to the morning 8 minutes or 10 minutes upon arising and, in the evening, 9 minutes or 14 minutes before you fall asleep.

Most people fill their thoughts with fear, worry and doubt… dread of the day in particular as they begin and end their days.

These audios are designed to anchor in a new set of possibilities in the realms of Love, Wholeness and new Possibilities coming into your awareness.

Anchor your day right at the start with these high vibrating energies – again embraced by Mary as she holds you in your light.

And then, in the evening, release the day and be guided through, noticing the good things that you experienced that day, letting go of anything that upset you.

You are now preparing for a remarkable night’s sleep (the best you have ever had we promise), and prepared for a tomorrow that is going to be a grand and brand new day of possibility.

One of the most important exercises in abundance you can undertake…
JUST THESE AUDIOS will change your entire abundance frequency.

AND you are embraced with Mary’s rare and magnificent energies, shining an energetic light on YOUR light, which you will feel throughout your days and nights.


Downloadable MP3s (Retail Value $147)

This product is simply a must-have as part of your abundance journey.

Many of you who have purchased Mary’s products in the past already own this wonderful audio. So, not to worry, it is here again for you.

For those who are experiencing the miraculous energies that Mary has created for the very first time, this product is here for you in full support.

After receiving thousands of emails from folks sharing their financial challenges, I turned to Mary and asked her if she had a way to use the powerful energies she had practiced on me to share with you…

And she created …this remarkable SILENT energy experience.

This is the grounding frequency, the starting point for all abundance. It creates the signature of “ALL IS POSSIBLE” in your field, allowing you to find a footing to then move into more advanced abundance signatures.

I have been hearing the wonderful responses to this gorgeous silence over the last year and, without exception, they were ALL blown away by the subtle delicacy of this intricate vibrational frequency.

Just by “listening” and really experiencing this silent energy, many were brought into greater ease and flow in all of life’s experiences and challenges – creating a smoother resolve as they opened up to ‘all is possible’.

Many who experienced it burst into instant tears as they felt their hearts instantly open (safely and thoughtfully) to the new vibrations of flow, love and possibility.

Those who experience the silent energy of this audio will now have no ceiling to their abundance. This juicy and velvety energy puts you into your own flow and can dissolve any previous conditions of lack.

Practiced participation over time with this audio set
will allow that abundance energy signature to be
a permanent part of your life’s experience.

Imagine sitting at your desk as you tackle a large assignment or need to create something new… in the background, silently supporting you, is Mary and her Golden Silence – All Is Possible energy, nudging you to create at the highest level of vibration.

You can now play this SILENT GOLDEN SILENCE audio anywhere at any time without anyone knowing that you are raising your vibration and improving your abundance.

ALSO, it is available to anyone else in the room who is open to this resonance. If someone you live or work with is open, from an intention of abundance perspective, they WILL receive the benefit. If they aren’t open, it will simply be like a cool breeze of upliftment for them, and no more.


Imagine a new level of honesty, being held in love and healing…

What if it is not about figuring it out as much as being willing to embrace YOU and YOUR life…

…yep, even those moments where you think,”this is too hard”…

WHAT if there is a whole new component of SELF-DISCOVERY?

A way of being that could liberate you and help you actually embrace yourself anew?

A NEW WAY of being that brings true clarity and ease back into your life?

The good news is, you absolutely can.

And you can do that right now.

You’ll be bathed in healing light… and begin feeling the openings of love and grace, as soon as you say YES and register…

Join Mary and discover your Love Octave.


Thank you Mary and Veronica for the beautiful healing energies and activations of the heart. Thank you for the love and kindness and holding us all in this lovely space. Many blessings. ~ G

Thank you, Mary, Veronica and Jennifer, for all of your love and sharing your knowledge and energy with us. Your love comes through so clearly and on the replays too. My Aha-ha! is remembering how powerful my love is to me and those around me as well and how hurtful negative thoughts and words are. AND I always have a choice. Love you guys, ~ J

Thank you everyone, and especially Mary, Jennifer and Veronica. This has been hugely powerful and healing. … I opened to love, released, forgave – and especially forgave myself. I feel so much lighter now, more at ease, and more worthy of receiving. Thank you, thank you, thank you. ~ R

So much thanks to Mary, Veronica and Jennifer! I have gotten so much from this program, so many things have been opened up, so much awareness, and it has really heightened my determination towards self love, and to rid myself of self hatred and incessant self criticism and old fear and hurt. I’ve cried more in these last weeks than in the last 10 years, and it feels so good to release. Thank you to everyone in the group for your energy and my great love to all.~ L

Magnificent shifts are beginning to occur in my thinking, and hence energy. I am really seeing how it all has to do with my thoughts. When Veronica guided us in the meditation, I felt the freedom of releasing “my story” and “victimhood.” Then with Mary’s guided meditation, and reminder that no matter how long we’ve been holding a belief or a pattern, we can step into newness at any time. ~ J





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so we are providing for a limited time:


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I am so grateful for everything I have learned in this beautiful program. The awareness around the concept of self sacrifice and debts of IOU’s has been HUGE for me. I had no idea how that I was secretly controlling. I will continue to work with this liberating content and relisten to this amazing program. I thank you from the bottom of my opening, ascending heart for this program. ~ S

The 3 mantras/practices that I find myself using several times each and every day are: “Can I love myself in the face of this?”, and, “I am imperfect, I am enough, and I love me”, and, the pink bubble exercise. I am so excited to now start listening through the replays of the classes, to bask in the beautiful Love resonance, and even further expand Love. ~ J

Spent the evening yesterday relistening…..its beyond words…. that piece of consciousness around the debts and IOU”S I have I created for another.. and myself… by doing everything from expectation of receiving… instead of helping and being of service from love and just, being me…….and then forgiving… went deep.. and I am deeply touched by this and by your unconditional, overflowing Love Mary and Jennifer! just Thank you so much!! ~ V

I came across this quote which seems to describe the energy present here in this amazing LOVE OCTAVE coaching group.

Come out of the circle of time

Into the circle of Love.


~ J

Everyone’s intentions are so wonderful & from the heart. I feel so blessed in being a part of this loving community! Thank you everyone for all the love & light you are bringing to this beautiful time we all have together. May all of our lights get brighter & brighter & may we all continue to allow ourselves to be embraced by the love/light energy of spirit & continue to allow ourselves to open more & more to receive all that is ours to receive. Special thank you to the beautiful souls Mary, Veronica & Jennifer for making it all possible for us to say YES! Big hugs & love to all. ~ G

Mary’s love, energy or enthusiasm never wavered… I am so deeply grateful that I was lead to this Love Octave Coaching program. Thank you Mary, Jennifer and Veronica. ~ N

Thank you and much love to you Mary, Veronica, and Jennifer for this program, your love and your guidance. It’s been a powerful time at an important transition point for each of us and for our world. ~ R

Mary A. HallAbout Mary A Hall

Mary is one of the most powerful intuitive coaches. She not only leads in the field of abundance, wealth, money and success, she is also a renowned energy healer, assisting with physical and life challenges of all stripes and colors.

She has an uncanny knack for tapping into the level of flow, health and abundance and is able to then adjust the internal energies accordingly through coaching and energy work. Having worked with preeminent individuals; business leaders, health and wellness leaders, advertising and brand companies, doctors, financial advisors and more, she has proven over and over that there is always a point of access to shift one’s capacity for balance, harmony, abundance and health.

This is not just some philosophy or rote practice that Mary delivers, this is pure access. Mary helps individuals move the needle on their lives and open the floodgates of possibility. She creates a space of allowing for breakthrough changes in how one feels, looks at, and interacts with relationships, health, money, wealth and abundance, allowing in a new formed self love and acceptance. Get ready for your transformation.

Veronica RunyonAbout Veronica Runyon

Veronica is a powerful healer, with an intuitive ability to hone in on core issues, inviting a profound healing experience on all levels – physical, emotional, mental and spiritual.
She is a heart-based coach who guides her clients to a deep exploration and understanding of who they really are at their core; a Divine being of Love, allowing them to blossom in strength, peace and resilience.
She’s also masterful at holding a loving space while initiating healing activations and healing energies that profoundly supports all those in her presence.
She strongly believes that there is a Magnificence within each of us, that once discovered and shared with the world, enables us to live a life of ease, joy and abundance.


We take VISA, MasterCard, American Express, Discover, PayPal -

We want everyone that is called to join us to be able to…
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