Your Abundance Miracle Matrix - Brilliantly Activating YOUR True Personal Power

Dear Precious One,

Have you ever secretly wished you had access to a simplified, easy to use, clearly defined set of core factors, that once activated, turned on miracles in your life?

Have you ever felt like there was an invisible barrier or obstacle that you just couldn’t navigate past, preventing you from achieving your desires?

And sometimes has it felt like when do you focus on your desires, that your desires themselves seem to drift further away, creating more stress, anxiety and suffering?

There’s something important you may not know…

What if I told you that there is something secretly creating these seeming blocks to love, money and financial freedom.

And what if I told you that the keys to unlocking your heart & soul to soar is within your reach.

Waking up with a deep sense of calm, knowing at your core, that everything is going to be ok…

Having access to your very own power-matrix for tapping into the juice and magic of life…

Being able to clearly access your very own full-to-the-brim, customizable tool kit, filled with your own unique life-giving tools, ready for every occasion…

Feeling confident in your personal power, finally connected and ‘ in the zone’ for creating miracles

Knowing exactly what to do to put yourself into your very own love and abundance producing, miracle matrix.

And what if all of this is right here at your fingertips…

Are you ready to break free and experience your real potential… your life-fueling, juicy, unlimited power that resides within you?

If so, your direct access to your very own mystical, magical powers are right around the corner…

And what I am about to disclose… is nothing short of miraculous!

I have discovered what to do consistently that creates a specific Miracle Matrix of love, money, abundance, financial freedom, wholeness, health and more, for you and your family.

And it’s not only a matrix of financial abundance, but one of health, wellness, vitality and a sense of real palpable feel-good freedom.

My name is Mary A. Hall and I have been working closely with clients from all walks of life for over a decade….

And one thing I have witnessed over and over again, is that when a client heals and restores even one missing foundational truth in their life, it is as though the lights turn on and healing, freedom, love and abundance open up.

I am so excited to reveal that after 15 years of personal discoveries, divine downloads and teachings… that I have also, been passionately sharing with tens of thousands of individuals in my live workshops and coaching programs…

That I have stumbled upon what I call … an earth shattering breakthrough.

Throughout this last year…. I was guided on a mystical quest led by Spirit…

And to my amazement…

Everything I had discovered, learned and experienced first hand, over the past two decades, all magically reorganized into the most simplified, easy to understand system, I have ever seen.

I call these the foundational truths & power zones… for unlocking and activating YOUR very own Miracle Matrix!!

Because once each one of these cornerstone truths and zones are activated and turned-on in your life, they together form a brilliant miracle matrix, that continually activates abundance, prosperity, love and even deeper harmonious relationships.

Imagine having access to finally uncover all the areas in your life where you have been secretly missing a pivotal foundational truth…

I think it’s time you activate YOUR Abundance Miracle Matrix, don’t you?

I am THRILLED to support you in my brand new program delivering a quantum leap in love, abundance and healing.






Activate, Cultivate & Grow
Your Very Own Miracle Matrix

Have you felt like you’ve have had some successes in life… but still feel like there is something missing?

Does it appear like you’re somehow trapped in an invisible loop, experiencing the same reoccurring thread over and over throughout your life journey?

Have you ever wondered why it often feels like you’ve been stuck running on autopilot, reacting to your life circumstances?

Are you ready to receive the wisdom and clarity that will put you back in the drivers seat of your own life?

Are you ready to unlock your true, intrinsic power, creating a chain reaction that will set you free, allowing you to fully step off the hamster wheel of life?

What if I told you that within a very short period of time, you could regain back the reigns of your life…

What if it is not as complicated as you may think?

I have created this program specifically, so that you will come to understand the hidden reasons why we are actually blocking the things we want to experience in our lives.

And the REALLY good news is it’s not your fault, and during our time together… you will permanently change!

This is because together, YOU will be mentored to identify, activate, cultivate and grow your foundational power sources and miracle prosperity zones necessary to construct YOUR very own miracle matrix.

Master intuitive coach and healer Mary A. Hall
is here to see, embrace, intuitively guide, and profoundly support you in love, abundance, miracles and healing…

Through this in-depth never before offered mentoring program you will systematically align to and create your own unique miracle matrix, opening to more love, money and abundance like never before.

You will know clearly which miracle producing zones you have already fully activated and which zones are missing, and what to do to add them, to turn-on your miracle matrix.

This is a zone of miracles, that once each zone is activated, forms a foundational-matrix for a sustainable, lasting, abundant living.

And I will be right there with you, at each step.

My hand will be on your virtual back for this live, online program, as you turn around the challenges that arise in your life.

I’ll help sustain you as you build your solid impenetrable money-transforming Miracle Matrix supporting your day-to-day life of prosperity.

This is a culmination of my life’s work as a healer and “abundance coach.”

I have tears in my eyes as I write this and feel into who you are moving into.

I sense you as you move into confidence knowing EXACTLY what to do in any given moment in your life to change your circumstance into flow, relief and peace… finally.

My heart is full in this moment as I invite you into your brilliance, your genius, your true soul-centered quantum abundance and prosperity….

Your Miracle Matrix!

Your Miracle Matrix
Abundance & Prosperity
Mentorship Program Includes…


Your Power Sources of Manifestation

You’ll be shown how to turn on your 3 distinct Power Sources.

These power sources work synchronistically together with your quantum prosperity zones, to activate and claim your true inner power… allowing you access to create your hearts desires.

Your quantum prosperity miracle producing zones are intrinsically fueled by your soul’s unique Power Sources…

…your Being Power Source, your Love Power Source and your Creative Expression Power Source.

You’ll learn the secrets to identifying and integrating your very own power sources to turn on your 8 zones for lasting confidence and clarity, empowering and equipping you throughout the rest of your life.

Just one of these power sources activates your true-north directional field, to access your personal manifestation compass that leads you to your true miracle producing power.

You’ll understand the power of love, not just the feelings of love, but as a vibrant tool and power source that can transform everything at the molecular level.

Imagine activating your very own energy producing formula, that allows you to quickly, solidify and build your personal power and equilibrium for lasting change.

Imagine constantly receiving clarity and direction from your inner guidance system for your next best steps…

Imagine activating your true energy portal to your personal power for unlimited, delightful, self-expression and manifestation…

But first, let me reveal the real CORE source of YOUR power!

You see, there are commonly two main schools of thought…

One that centers on connecting to your inner power of ‘beingness’, while the other focuses on your ‘creative power of expression’ for manifesting and receiving abundance .

The real key is to understand that both aspects are deeply important and yet both miss a very important element that ignites everything.

Let me explain…

While most of us think of ourselves as ‘human’, living in a biologically, dense physical body, working at breaking through our limiting beliefs to free ourselves, to eventually attain and become more spiritually enlightened…

Let me tell you, nothing can be further from the truth!

This one foundational misbelief keeps us believing we are stuck in our human existence, trapped in a sense, to our emotional experiences.

The truth is, we are first and foremost a ‘Spiritual Being’, in a fully radiant, expanded state, existing beyond time and space, yet here momentarily in human form… within this physical universe.

Essentially, we are a brilliant, divine, spiritual Soul-Light being, seeking an arena to explore, create, and express ourselves as divine love in human form!

Love is the foundational source of our being and the fuel for our soul’s highest earthly expression.

We are intrinsically expressions by our Divine Soul-Light Essence… here on an human adventure, creating juicy life experiences.

Hence our desires for manifesting love, companionship, family, abundance, prosperity, harmony, adventure and joy in life.

That is why we are fascinated with the law of attraction and manifestation techniques, because deep, deep down we know we are fueled with the power and capacity to create and express our deepest soul’s desires.

So we either create and experience our lives out of unconscious defaults that arise from our past experiences… or we consciously create from our true source of power as love.

The choice is yours!

If you choose Love as your vital source of being, coupled with the power source of your creative expression…

Then I am here to guide you on your magnificence and glorious adventure of awakening to YOUR power as love…

…activating your power sources for your soul’s delight and creative expression here and throughout your life.

 Turn On Your Quantum Prosperity Miracle Zones

Through our time together, you’ll be mentored in activating your soul’s 8 refined miracle matrix, manifestation zones, that when applied, create a quantum shift in your perceptions, capabilities, and your ability to fully receive.

Get ready to unlock the mysteries of creating your very own quantum miracle matrix, so you can have a life that you’ve envisioned, thriving in love, abundance and wellbeing.

With your divine connection to Spirit and Source firmly established, you’ll succinctly activate the frequencies that govern each zone, to turn-on your personal creation-manifesting power.

By living in these zones you’ll systematically build a solid foundation for miracles to emerge…

Your 8 Quantum Prosperity Miracle Zones

Each zone builds upon the next, creating a strong, solid, vibrant, living matrix.

Each zone intrinsically carries its own frequency and energetic blueprint that once fortified, then activates the next zone.

These 8 zones incorporate your bodies potent healing power centers, as well as your physical, emotional, mental and spiritual bodies for true quantum power.

Once these eight zones are fully activated, it miraculously turns on your Miracle Matrix for a vibrant, juicy life.

Your Vitality Connection Zone – Here is where it all starts. Access your true source of vitality and beingness, to fully activate your innate freedom and power.  Your vitality, self-worth, inner bliss and deep sense of calm reside here in this zone. Gain back the reigns of your life, activating your power to choose life and to live your true hearts desires.

Your Energy Producing Zone – Activate your personal portal of energy creating power in your life. Understand the key sources that turn-on to your energy production and how to unlock them for growing and maintaining your energy for vibrant living.  Connect to your true power source of energy and get clear on what elevates your energy and what depletes it.

Your Power Activation Zone – Here is where your power is turned on and activated. Once you understand the principles and frequencies that govern this zone, you will always have access to your own personal power for the rest of your life. Turn on your hidden power and connection for accessing your quantum power at any moment.

Your Quantum Life-Force Zone – This zone influences and activates all other zones. It is the power-house zone for accessing your deepest soul-lights’ expression and vital life-force. As this zone is fully activated it sets in motion all the cooperative components to move together and to work synconissticly to support you. This is your true power center to fuel all your desires.

Your Freedom Debt-Free Zone. As you activate your debt-free zone, you liberate yourself from the hidden, depleting energy behind debt. Freedom, joy and reconciliation are here for you in this zone. Gain the powerful clarity on how to fully move into your debt-free zone for vibrancy, wellbeing and prosperity.

Your Joyful Manifestation Zone – This zone is often misunderstood. You will gain the clarity you need to fully activate this zone of joyful creation. Once you understand the frequencies that govern this zone, it will no longer be a mystery. You will be able to turn on your power for manifesting greater love, harmony and prosperity and all your hearts desires.

Your Expanding Prosperity Zone – The joy in life is to fully experience your power and to welcome in love, abundance and prosperity. To activate this zone takes great care in understanding the frequencies that govern and influence this zone. Once you are fluent in these frequencies you’ll be in the zone for miracles. Turn on your secret fueling, abundance quotient and once activated, watch the multiplying effect begin to expand, creating ripples of miracles in your life and those around you.

Your Miracle Receptivity Zone – Here is were it all comes together. Open the flood gates for welcoming and receiving all good things. In order for you to fully access miracles and welcome in blessings into your life, receiving fully is critical. Being in the frequency of receptivity is vital. As you unlock your intrinsic core connection to your worth, you are able to release any past stories that have held you captive so you can fully step into the zone of miracles.

These 8 Quantum Prosperity Miracle Producing Zones fueled by your soul’s unique power sources, creates lasting confidence, clarity and empowerment, equipping you powerfully throughout the rest of your life.

 Reclaiming Your Hidden Power &
Embracing Your Soul Teachers

Each of us carry a distinct path — our soul’s path — it’s unfolding and remembrance of our truest nature as love and light.

The thing is we don’t often know our own soul’s path until it is uncovered and revealed in our life experiences.

Along our path, there are many teachers that impact us in our lives, that secretly points us in the direction that eventually leads us back to our true essence.

Accessing the true wisdom from these life teachers unshackles the chains of lack and limitation, freeing us to access our power, and in turn our prosperity.

All of our divine teachers create many catalytic moments that push us into searching, seeking and remembering… who we are at our essence, our true divine Soul-Light.

And it is within these seemingly difficult life moments, spurred by our teachers, that we often hide and lock away our power.

You are about to know in the depths of your soul, how to release any story that may have previously held you back from the flow of abundance and full expression of love in your life.

You will discover how to reclaim your hidden powers, while powerfully embracing your soul’s teachers in a new light…

So that you can truly put yourself back in the driver’s seat of your own healing and recover your true living power.

You will uncover where you have secretly hidden your power… and what to do to systematically unlock and regain your power for life, love and abundance.

Your life teachers are often the spark that leads you to the source of your greatest revelations of the truth, of who you really are… that then allows you to embrace your true divinity that you always have been.

Your Healing Power Centers
A Source Of Abundance & Flow

Imagine accessing your very own healing power centers to activate your potent-power for vitality and real lasting change.

Get real clarity on how each chakra and its associated energy body is positively activated for real healing power for living.

Imagine being fully mentored to understand your physical, emotional, mental and spiritual bodies for vibrant creation… and it is not what you think.

Discover the full reason why you are often stuck in creating your future, as a projection and recreation of your past… and how to shift it all.

You will receive powerful clarity to access your real power to heal and release old emotional patterns.

Once you understand the power-influence of these power centers… your heart and soul will move into a fuller expression within your physical body, activating the dynamics of your physical bodies innate healing, as a potent source of health and true vitality.

Creating Your Powerful Miracle Matrix Rituals

My research has uncovered the true quantum “ah ha” moments that are pivotal in freeing your mind for powerful living, around love, abundance and money.

I’ve discovered that the way we think manifestation works, is actually backwards…

And why it has often felt like a hit or miss, or it seems like it hasn’t really worked out the way you’ve expected.

When you start to see the simplicity of your power sources, your 8 zones and your healing power centers, and and how they work together to support you completely… you will understand why you were stuck.

And it is about to get even better…

Together, you’ll be building your very own customizable tool kit with easy to follow “play zone” activations and guided processes, plus much more… to help you inculcate your new miracle zones for lasting change.

Modern research has revealed that once you create a new habit with powerful emotional rewards, your brain brilliantly joins in and rewards you by turning your habit into a silent ritual, that in turn, frees up your mind’s cognitive resources for truly powerful living.

With your power sources in mind and your zones activated, you will know beyond a shadow of a doubt, what your unique miracle producing activities are, and how to successfully move forward with these clearly defined action steps.

You will be empowered to now orchestrate your very own custom designed miracle producing rituals and actions steps to exponentially grow and expand your miracle-attraction matrix.

Together, I will support you in creating your very own simplified, manifestation, miracle creating tools and rituals that will take you into grace and ease in your life.

These prosperity miracle producing rituals and tools, when activated, creates a chain reaction, that frees your mind, putting you ‘in the zone’ for miracles…

And you will never be able to go back to that old state of lack, once you have it… you’ll be in the miracle zone.


Three Months of Weekly, Manifestation,
Miracle Matrix Mentoring…

The materials and healings you are about to receive are so profound and potent that I have laid out a 3-month plan to deliver it all to you.

My seminal work is clearly laid out in an easy to digest step-by-step way, so that by the end of our time together, your life will be different in grand and subtle ways.

During our time together your will gain clear access to uncovering all YOUR very own Miracle Matrix Zones and how they work together synchronistically to create a miracle matrix for living.

For example in just one mentoring and healing call together, you will gain access to the one pivotal thing that can turn it all around and open the flood gates to a miraculous life.

And that’s just ONE CALL!

You’ll receive the exact configuration of all the components needed to put you in the miracle zone and watch health, wholeness and vibrancy open up.

You’ll be able to create a true practice of attuning to and igniting your personal miracle matrix frequencies for a renew relationship with your miracle zones of love, wholeness and abundance.

You’re about to understand all the nuances of the abundance frequencies for activating your own miracle matrix zones with all the key components needed to deeply activate and cultivate them in your life.

Then feel yourself awash with the blessings and juicy adventure of being able to connect deeply to your miracle zones for lasting satisfaction and harmony in your life and relationships.

Turn On Your Abundance Miracle Matrix

 12 Modules:

In these 12 live, information packed modules, you will experience the profound deepening of each specific vibrational imprint associated with each matrix and zone.

Each module and call is encoded with energetic transmissions to further align you with your soul’s highest purpose and expression in this lifetime.

These frequencies will facilitate core activations deep into your cells, recalibrating to align you to receive fully your divine birthright of abundance, love and wellbeing, fueled by your connection with the Divine.


Module 1

The Living Divine Love Matrix

The Universal Divine Love Matrix — You’ll discover the governing universal frequencies that enliven all existence. As you connect to this living power source, you’ll deepen your alignment to yourself ,while aligning with the Divine Universal vibration of love. This will further deepen your foundational awareness of the cooperative, thriving, matrix that sustains all life. You’ll experience Divine support at a whole new level, expanding your ability to fully receive it’s power-source for living your soul’s desires.


Module 2

Your Soul-Light Essence Power Matrix

Your Divine Soul-Light Essence Power Matrix — You’ll connect to your Divine Soul-Light essence, gaining clarity, to access to your intrinsic power… and it is the key to everything. Connecting to your Soul-Light will activate your innate genius and true essence and joy for living. This will further unlock your heart and soul deep at your core, giving you access to awaken your untapped potential. Here is where your deepest treasures and power resides. You will learn how to access your intrinsic power and essence for fueling your life with more joy and freedom for living.


Module 3

Your Living Vitality Matrix

Your Innate Vitality Connection Matrix — Activate Your Core Vitality Connection Zone —  This is where your physical and Spiritual DNA is activated and moves into vibrational alignment with your physical existence. This connection invokes your divine rite and inner authority. This is the key to standing in your power and truth, trust your intuition, and taking full possession of the life and destiny you desire. As you begin to access this vital energy and approach life through this empowering perspective, you’ll begin liberating yourself from self-sabotage, self-criticism and inner judgment, that has been secretly draining your vitality. You’ll access your true worth, allowing you to regaining the reigns of your life, and turn on your vitality and inner calm for living.


Module 4

Your Living Source and Supply Matrix

Your Divine Supply Matrix — Your Personal Spiritual Reboot Begins Here — Develop a deep and constant connection to the Divine energy of the Universe, the Source, to God. Strengthen the signal between you and your Higher Power, so you get clearer and quicker guidance when you need it. Nurture your spiritual connection to make it it a fuller, richer, more meaningful part of your life than it has ever been before. In deepening your connection and alignment, you will further activate your truest source of supply for a well-spring of ongoing thriving abundance.


Module 5

Your Living Energy Matrix

Your Energy Source Matrix — Activate Your Energy Producing Zone —  Align with the powerful creative force that animates the universe and engage with your truest divine energy source. Connect to your true personal portal of power, activating your energy signal, to get laser clarity on what elevates your energy and what depletes it. You’ll get clear on what your own unique ‘bliss blockers’ are, and how to clear them, allowing you to fully access your exhilarating vibrant energy for life.


Module 6

Your Living Power Connection Matrix

Your Power Connection Matrix — Activate Your Power Connection Zone — You’ll discover the magical inner power that you possess when you activate and cultivate your ‘inner compass’. This will enable you to stay on purpose and aligned with Spirit even when you’re feeling overwhelmed by the chaos and complexity of daily life. You will understand the key factors necessary to silence your ‘fear chatter’, those ongoing endless mental loops that keep you anxious and worried and drained of your power. You’ll turn on your true-north directional field to fully access your quantum power at any moment.


Module 7

Your Living Divine Love Matrix

Your Divine Living Love Matrix — Activate Your Quantum Life-Force Zone —  You’ll activate your Divine Soul-Light’s expression and your Divine love-fueled power source for living, to connect to your soul’s truest expression . This is your true power center to fuel all your desires. You’ll become empowered as you experience a deeper connection between yourself and others, as well as between yourself and the rest of the Universe. You’ll cultivate a profound sense of confidence in your ability to meet any challenge that arises in your life and accomplish anything you set your mind to. As you move into this higher new state of self-awareness, you’ll be even more clear and assured in everything you do. With this matrix and zone fully activated, it will set in motion all corporative components, moving in concert as they come together to support you through this vibrational field and activation of love.


Module 8

Reclaiming Your Hidden Power Matrix

Reclaiming Your Power Matrix — Your life’s journey has bestowed upon you significant gifts, unique to you and important to the world. Uncover where you have hidden these gifts, as well as your power, along with the simple steps to accessing and reclaiming your power. You’ll open a deeper connection with compassion, to transform your fears, flaws and weaknesses into powerful assets. As you do, a profound state of trust in yourself will unfold as you systematically unlock and reclaim your power for living your life to the fullest.


Module 9

The Debt-Free Matrix

The Debt-Free Matrix — Activate Your Freedom Debt-Free Zone— Activate your debt-clearing power source and shift your scarcity mindset. Liberate yourself from the hidden energy behind debt, that has been that silently plaguing you. Let go of your money baggage, the hurt, fear, doubt, so your can create a new “welcoming” money pattern and activate a powerful debt-free life.


Module 10

Your Living Creation Activation Matrix

Your Creative Expression Activation Matrix — Activate Your Joyful Manifestation Zone — Activate your joyful, creative power for self-expression, nurturing and cultivating your hearts deepest desires. As you connect deeply to your heart and soul, one of the most fulfilling commitment’s you can make in life, is to boldly step into living your life as a unique creative expression of the Divinity that resides within you. As you connect deeply to your potential, you will gain access to the frequencies that govern your creative expression and how to turn on your power for manifesting greater love, harmony and prosperity.


Module 11

Your Living Abundance Matrix

Your Abundance Matrix — Activate Your Expanding Prosperity Zone — Learn how to expand the creative process for exponential abundance, adding fuel to grow the seeds of “your creations” you have planted.  Uncover the foundational principles of expansion and abundance, to clearly access the secrets to becoming your strongest, most confident and loving self.  Turn on your secret fueling, abundance quotient, and once activated, watch as it creates a multiplying effect… creating ripples of outflowing and inpouring abundance.


Module 12

Your Living Receptivity Matrix

Your Receptivity Matrix  — Activate Your Miracle Receptivity Zone — Here is were it all comes together. Open the flood gates for welcoming and receiving all good things. Your ability to, with open arms receive… is crucial to being in the zone of full receptivity and celebration for all the good coming your way. This ensures that your spiritual connection remains the foundation of your receptivity and enables you to realize your vast potential, making real those things you had previously only dared to imagine.



They'll jump at the chance to help you out

What you will receive:



Bonus items that will powerfully support you in activating your miracle matrix…

Morning and Evening Possibilities

Downloadable MP3s (Retail Value $147)

In this audio set, you will receive two variations – a long version and a short version of audios that will get you started in the morning and help you to finish your day.

You can listen to the morning 8 minutes or 10 minutes upon arising and, in the evening, 9 minutes or 14 minutes before you fall asleep.

hwtm15-maryahall-waover (1)

It can be easy – even second nature, to fill your thoughts with fear, worry, doubt and even dread of what the day will bring…

This kind of response leaves you longing for more peace, greater clarity and more profound understanding that isn’t shrouded in fear. And today, there’s hope…

Mary has designed these audios to anchor in a new set of possibilities in the realms of Love, Wholeness and Possibility. You’re going to begin your day within these high vibrating energies – again embraced by Mary as she holds you in your light.

And then, in the evening, release the day and be guided through, noticing the good things that you experienced that day, letting go of anything that upset you.

You are now preparing for a remarkable night’s sleep (the best you have had, we promise), and prepared for a tomorrow that is going to be a grand and brand new day of possibility.


AND you are embraced with Mary’s rare and magnificent energies, shining an energetic light on YOUR light, which you will feel throughout your days and nights.

Abundance Golden Silence

Downloadable MP3s (Retail Value $147)


This is simply a must-have as part of your regular abundance practice. You can use it over and over again to deepen your connection with the Divine flow of all that is.

Mary is providing you with a timeless, evergreen tool for transforming your life and the lives of those around you.

Just by listening and really experiencing this silent energy, individuals are regularly brought into greater ease and flow in all of life’s experiences and challenges – creating a smoother resolve as they opened up to a reality where all is possible.


Many who experienced it burst into tears as they felt their hearts instantly open (safely and thoughtfully) to the new vibrations of flow, love and possibility.

Those who experience the silent energy of this audio will now have no ceiling to their abundance. This juicy and velvety energy puts you into your own flow and can dissolve any previous conditions of lack.

Imagine sitting at your desk as you tackle a large assignment or need to create something new… in the background, silently supporting you, is Mary and her Golden Silence – All Is Possible energy, nudging you to create at the highest level of vibration.

Play this SILENT GOLDEN SILENCE audio anywhere at any time without anyone knowing while simultaneously raising your vibration and exponentially increasing the flow of your abundance.


If someone you live or work with is open, from an intention of abundance perspective, they WILL receive the benefit. If they aren’t open, it will simply be like a cool breeze of upliftment for them, and no more.

Daily Heart Meditation video


Mary first guides you through a process of connecting deeply to the abundance deep within you and all around you. It will provide you within your mind’s eye, what you can actually do to move into your new, brilliant future, feeling the flow and alignment with the vibration of wellbeing and abundance.


This is SUCH a powerful process for allowing your to connect deeply to your heart and soul and the future you REALLY want to be living.

Imagine what it would be like if, in those times when you just can’t describe what you want, to be guided to aligning and connecting to the vibrant, love and abundant, healing energies of life.

This combination keeps you in a state of play so your heart’s desires flow forth as you create your most miraculous life.


So Are You Ready To Gain Access
To YOUR Miracle Matrix…

Are you ready to shorten your learning curve… and save yourself years of struggle?

Are you ready to connect deeply to your soul and live a vibrantly, abundant life…

Are you ready to release the beliefs that kept you trapped in the illusion of pain, shame, guilt, fear and revenge…

Are you ready to liberate your mind and liberate your soul…

Are you ready to soar to new heights that you never thought possible before…

Are you ready to receive the wisdom of a master intuitive coach and healer who can truly support you in what’s next, and help you maintain that advanced level of consciousness into the next phase of our life.

  Join us in this brand new, never before offered,
abundance miracle matrix mentoring program,
to turn-on and activate your miracle matrix.

This course alone will re-alter the way you experience yourself… and your life!

What I am about to share with you in this program is nothing short of miraculous…

And it is going to rock your world!!

No matter where you are… this will revolutionize how you see yourself and your capacity to let in abundance and fully embrace yourself in love.

Here is where true possibilities emerge.

Say YES to creating YOUR Miracle Matrix….








Foundation must first be laid:

Divine Living Matrix of Love- the Field  (Foundation of all living things – Universe / Form / Substance / Material World)
AND we are Soul-Light Beings


1 Being Power Source  — Fueled from our Soul-Light Essence and Being

2 Love Power Source        ”    “

3 Creation Power Source   ”    ”

4 Abundance/Receptivity Power Source    ”    ” in connecting to divine supply

( 5 Our Divine Creative Expression) – our higher purpose – soul’s purpose

Are very Soul DNA…. at it’s purest essence is programed to create…..   (God eternal written in the body)

***** and deep to the DNA of our soul and subatomic molecular levels!  ******

******** Notes

Your  Embracing Your Soul Teachers…   For True Abundance

****   WOUNDINGS…  (Our power is hidden in the illusion of suffering)

……..We are here in full-freedom and choice… yes, in free will.

……and understood the laws that govern them,

… it all becomes an adventure instead of a hit and miss


**** Add *** Ancient Manifesting Rituals ?? —  Building  Daily spiritual connections that keep you on track and in the zones… Customize — because everyone is so unique to what not only empowers them, but also what connections them to their high purpose (for being here)(at this time in history)

*** Also *** Look at creating a POWER DECK — to pick a card on line to practice for that day.  HUM>>> maybe THREE DECKS — one for BEING Source… one for LOVE Source and one for CREATIVE Expression Source.   (and also mentioning pervious zone that must be activated for this zone to fully work ******


Life-Force *** create from heart – in the stars***


NOTES for Later:

10) Creation Matrix – Emotional Body (FEELINGS FIRST)

11) Abundance Matrix – BIG – Bless, Invest, Give — Be the Frequency of Influence

12) Receptivity Matrix – Being in the Flow and Connect to Divine Supply

Maybe Bonus Call Later *** 13) Higher Purpose – Divine Purpose for living

*** Divine Supply —  Divinity lives within you…  (temple of the Holy Spirit) Your Higher Power Connection and alignment to activate your true source of supply and thriving abundance


Mary A. Hall

About Mary A Hall

Mary is one of the most powerful intuitive coaches. She not only leads in the fields of abundance, wealth, money and success, she is also a renowned energy healer, assisting with life challenges of all stripes and colors.

She has an uncanny knack for tapping into the level of flow and abundance and adjusting and calabrating the internal energies through coaching and energy work.

Having worked with preeminent individuals; business leaders, health and wellness leaders, advertising and brand companies, doctors, financial advisors and more, she has proven over and over that there is always a point of access to shift one’s capacity for balance, harmony, abundance and health.

This is not just some philosophy or rote practice she delivers; this is pure access. Mary helps individuals move the needle on their lives and open the floodgates of possibility. She creates a space of allowing for breakthrough changes in how one feels, looks at, and interacts with relationships, health, money, wealth and abundance, igniting newly formed self love and acceptance. Get ready for your transformation.


About Veronica Runyon

Veronica is a powerful healer, with an intuitive ability to hone in on core issues, inviting a profound healing experience on all levels – physical, emotional, mental and spiritual.

She is a heart-based coach who guides her clients to a deep exploration and understanding of who they really are at their core; a Divine being of Love, allowing them to blossom in strength, peace and resilience.

She’s also masterful at holding a loving space while initiating healing activations and healing energies that profoundly supports all those in her presence.

She strongly believes that there is a Magnificence within each of us, that once discovered and shared with the world, enables us to live a life of ease, joy and abundance.