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The Quantum Love Octave LIVE Coaching Program starts on March 19th 2016. Dates and times can be seen below. Replays and Downloads will be available once the live calls are complete.

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Phone Number: (949) 333-4822
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Live Call #1 – March 19th 2016 – 1:00pm (PT) – Saturday

Our 1st call set the stage for the next 3 months of this beautiful, sacred journey into the heart, where our truth and power reside.

We launched the call with some energy infusions, connecting energetically to the group and to what is possible for us in the months to come.

We then shared some insights about setting an intention for this program and for our time together.

It is so beneficial to set an intention because it actually reveals to us what is possible and it creates a ‘pulling’ power, anchoring in and attracting to you your highest desires of opening to love, harmony, wellness and abundance.

Next we moved into an exploration of the ‘I AM’ – which is a key way to access the depths of ‘who we are’ and our connection to source/spirit/the Universe.

This awareness of the ‘I AM’ – our inner connection to who we truly are, is the first cornerstone to let love in. Love resides only in the present moment…

As we move into the present moment where we are connected to our ‘I AM’ essence, our ‘I AM presence’, we see that it opens us up to being embraced by love, compassion and strength in every moment.



We explored ways in which we could identify the ‘I AM’ beliefs that we are currently functioning within us, beneath the surface, which reveals to us why we are living the reality we are currently experiencing. These ‘false’ I AM beliefs keep us from the truth our powerful ‘I AM presence’.

And this awareness gives us the opportunity to transition back into the ‘I AM’ statements that resonate with our TRUTH and that reflect our hearts desires, within the truth of who we truly are as love – ultimately leading us to the life we desire.

We finished up the call with another beautiful healing – anchoring in the quantum love energy into our beings, opening up the ‘I AM’ awareness and infusing our beings with healing and love. (The excerpt of this 15 min. healing is provided below.)

It was such a blessed and fun call. We encourage that you listen to it before we meet again!


Full Audio Replay and Download Access:


Below is the special ‘I AM’ Healing portion of our healing and coaching call that we all experience together.

This is a 15 min powerful healing audio that allows you to listen and receive the golden healing energy that was present, connecting each of us to our ‘I AM presence’.

Be transported as you receive this quantum healing energy… tapping into being present to your ‘I AM presence’ and your power of love, connection and healing.

‘I AM’ Healing Session Replay
and Download Access Below:


LOVE PRAYER:  (by Angela Montano)

Dear Source,

Help me to be in love with me just as I am,
Help me to be in love with each moment just as it is,
Help me to be in love with all people I meet, just as they are.


Live Call #2 – March 26th 2016 – 1:00pm (PT) – Saturday

In our 2nd Call, we went deep into an exploration of the energy of love.

We learned that everything is energy and that the highest vibration of energy is love – which is the inherent force of the Universe and is our intrinsic nature – the truth of who we are at our essence.

In every moment we are broadcasting our own unique energy signature out into the universe. The energy that we are broadcasting out is what we are co-creating in our lives.

In every moment we can CHOOSE the energy that we are vibrating to, and thus alter our reality and to contour it towards what we truly desire.

In the call we learned to ‘resonate to love’. We learned how to access the energy and how to choose to vibrate to the energy of love in any given moment.

This takes practice. It is like a muscle that we need to strengthen and as we choose to strengthen it by ‘playing/resonating’ with it every day, we will begin to notice as things in our lives transform.

We also learned a new simple way of greeting everything… by saying “I love you” to everything that comes into our awareness. This is an easy way to access the energy and to generate love all day, every day. It seems simple, but don’t let that trick you. This is powerful stuff.

We also moved into exploring more deeply the ‘I AM’ presence. Becoming aware of our ‘I AM’s is actually becoming aware of the energy we are broadcasting.

There are 2 parts to this: 1st becoming aware of our current I AM statements (which are often our defaults and can often be negative – I am broke, I am suffering, I am hurting, etc.) so that we can begin to notice our ‘default patterns’ of what we’re generating in the Universe

And then the 2nd part is in choosing new I AM statements that we can begin to resonance to… incorporating  love and the beautiful energies of what we truly desire.

We especially focused on 2 very important I AM statements:



We learned how to ‘play’ with these to activate our truth as love.

After exploring all of this content, we then opened up the lines to work 1:1 with a few callers. The questions posed were amazing and truly representative of what this powerful group is calling forth and open to receive. The insights and wisdom brought forth for each caller were transformative for all of us.

We suggest that you relisten to the replay to really anchor in the concepts.

I also created separate audios for the Content, Resonating to Love – Healing session and the Coaching sessions so that you can listen to them separately.


Full Audio Replay and Download Access:


The Call #2 Full Begining Content ONLY Session Replay
and Download Access Below:

‘Resonating to Love’ Healing Session Replay
and Download Access Below:

Call #2 Coaching ONLY Session Replay
and Download Access Below:


NOTE: A special “LOVE INTO THE CENTER” live session
Replay and Download Access Below:

Last Saturday, I was live on the line to let those that called in know that there was no call being hosted… in order to allow for everyone to chat up with the first two calls.

An amazing session of ‘Loving Into The Center’ immerged for two of the callers. They were gracious to allow everyone in this program access to this recording.

You can use this Healing Session audio to allow yourself to also LOVE Into The Center… what is going on in your live.


Live Call #3 – April 9th 2016 – 1:00pm (PT) – Saturday

In our 3rd call, we reviewed what we’ve learned in the first 2 calls that began our journey into Awakening our Quantum Love – which is our birthright and is intrinsically who we are.

We then moved into a really fundamental piece which Mary shared is pivotal to everything we are learning here.

Mary shared that she has been in the field of coaching for a very long time and through her 1:1 work or her group programs, there is a very strong message that she consistently receives from Spirit which is that we are deeply supported by the Universe, by God, by Spirit, by Source, by Nature. (However you best resonate to the force that created all).

In a continuation of the ‘I AM’ exploration, she introduced us to a new ‘I AM’ phrase:


She shared that we are all part of the whole. We are all oneness. We are all interconnected. We see ourselves as separate which is a beautiful aspect of the intentional duality of this Universe.

However, we are actually all one. And with this awareness, we become aware of the support that is here.

Our bodies are supporting us, the Universe is supporting, the energies and beings that are unseen from our visual perception, our own unique vantage point, are here supporting us.

And with this awareness, Mary invited us to see ourselves in the way that God (the Universe/Spirit) sees us. Seeing ourselves in our magnificence. Our potential.


And through this, we move into this energy of incredible support and a ‘welcoming’ – an invitation for us to step into our divinity and potential within the energetics of love.

We also explored why many of us may feel resistance, confusion or disbelief through this conversation. And we were able to see that these feelings are actually a beautiful opportunity for us to heal those areas that are calling to us for our attention and love.

We finished up the call with Mary sharing with us one of her favorite prayer from Neale Donald Walsh:


This simple phrase can snap us in a moment, back into the remembrance that we are fully supported and taken care of through everything.

And we can move into deep trust and surrender that everything is already working out… and we through deep surrender and loving trust, become witness to the unfolding of the solutions and answers to our prayers.

We finished the call by opening the lines which led us into a few amazing guided healing processes.

Full Audio Replay and Download Access:


The Call #3 Begining Content ONLY Session Replay
and Download Access Below:

‘I AM Deeply Supported’ Healing Session Replay
and Download Access Below:


Call #3 Coaching ONLY Session Replay
and Download Access Below:



Live Call #4 – April 16th 2016 – 1:00pm (PT) – Saturday


In our 4th call we continued with a deeper conversation and exploration of how deeply WE ARE supported:


We explored more around how we are all a part of the whole. We all exist in the energy of oneness, of love and support. We are all interconnected within this field of love and realm of support that is often beyond our comprehension.

Our bodies have 50 trillion cells of brilliance and healing vitality and each one is here supporting us.  The universe, the intricate ecosystem of our earth and our solar system are all in complete balance and harmony with all the elements here supporting us  Furthermore, the energies and beings that are within the unseen realm, are focused on us in every moment even though we are not able to visually perceive them fully, they are still very real.

We further brought clarity to the fact that the unseen realm does not intervene unless we ask for help and support. That we each have free-will and that we can choose to ask for support or not.

We explored our powerful connection to our own energy and that in every moment we have freedom and choice to choose a new thought of gratitude or reach out and ask for support from the unseen realm that is here always in support of each of us. That in our own power of free-will, we need to ask for help:



Mary explored her experience of connecting deeply to the earth and the supportive, nurturing, loving energy that the earth carries and how it truly carries the earth mother energy of nurturing, loving care.

We then moved deeper into how the earth and the earth energy is here supporting us. The sun provides us with light and information and is our source of Vit D. How the water is here supporting us… as we are 80% water. How the plants fill the air with oxygen and how we in turn support the plants with our exhalation of carbon dioxide. We marveled at how together, we support each other.

Veronica then shared how every molecule has consciousness and is a unique drop of the Divine  here supporting us. Every molecule actually carries wisdom and information and knows the truth about YOU. Every molecule is here in support of you – Let’s partner with, opening up our coversation, to join with this consciousness and ask .


Full Audio Replay and Download Access:


Earth and Body Meditation Healing Session Replay
and Download Access Below:

The Call #4 Full Begining Content ONLY Session Replay
and Download Access Below:

Call #4 Coaching ONLY Session Replay
and Download Access Below:

The 4th Call Full Length Edited Session Replay
and Download Access Below:


Live Call #5 – April 23rd 2016 – 1:00pm (PT) – Saturday


In our 5th call, we introduced the Quantum Love Octave Questionnaire.

<==Click to DOWNLOAD – Quantum Love Octave Questionnaire Note: The audio describing how to use the Questionnaire is posted below.

This is a powerful tool and it is comprised of a three- fold process.

1st) The questionnaire is comprised of 31 powerful questions to help you fully assess where you are right now.

Note: It can also be used to help you go back and assess where you were before you started your Quantum Love Octave journey and to see you have already made progress.

2nd) Each question acts as a template and guide for the energetic properties and ways of being at each level, up the scale, into he the higher vibrating energies of love, ultimate health, fulfilling relationships and abundance, just to name a few.

It creates a blueprint for the higher vibrating, positive states and what that might look like in practical terms, so that you can see what you might be thinking and feeling in those higher levels of consciousness. (see chart below of consciousness levels)

3rd) The power phrases posted at the bottom of each question, further allows you to incorporate the positive vibrational imprint for greater awareness and play with, around the positive energetic matrix around the subject being explored in the question.

<==Click to DOWNLOAD – Personal Ansnwer Reference Form
This is a 12 page document VS the full Questionnaire that is 34 pages.

It is up to you which one you print out and record your answers to in the questionnaire.

As you work through the questionnaire, keep in mind you will want to keep a record of your answers so that you can reference them as a template later once the program is completed and you will be taking the questionnaire again.

This may seem like it is too much work… but believe me, you will be super glad you took the time to capture for yourself and where you are right now, to see how much you have grown and are vibrating and living from a higher, more postive space.

As you assess and measure your answers from where you started, you get to celebrate your growth and expansion from where you began to where you are once the program is complete. It further empowers you to see the power of love and your connection to love and your quantum self.


We also shared a powerful exercise to do nightly in front of a mirror: 

MIRROR MAGIC EXERCISE Note: The audio describing how to do the Mirror Magic Exercise is posted below.

<== Click to DOWNLOAD – Mirror Magic Exercise which 
includes the  Personal Love Statements write-up

The purpose of this exercise is to look deeply into your eyes and to see the love and vulnerability that lies beneath the surface and to see that you are in fact, very loveable and perfect, just as you are right now.

This exercise is an adventure in becoming your own best friend. (VS. where most of us function from, as being our own worst enemy through critical, judgmental self-talk)

It will help you to rebuild your inner-world and your internal view of yourself into a much more supportive, positive, affirming view of yourself.

As you begin each night by acknowledging and celebrating what you ARE doing… there is something magical that happens. A new foundation of self-esteem, acceptance, love and self-confidence, along with affirming positive self-talk begins to grow.

This exercise is extremely powerful and will radically change your world.

I hope you take the challenge and do this nightly Mirror Magic Exercise for 40 days… you will be SO GLAD YOU DID!


We also explored creating your own PERSONAL LOVE STATEMENTS:  Note: More on this is listed in the Mirror Magic Exercise Write-up (above). And the segmented audio portion around sharing how to create your own Personal Love Statements is posted below.

Veronica shared a powerful process around creating your own personal love statements. This is a powerful way to quickly hone in on those aspects of you that are ready to be healed in order to fully experience love.

The way this works is that you begin by asking yourself the following questions and write out your answers so that you can see them in front of you.

Here are the questions:

    1. What are the words that I have never heard, that I have always wanted to hear?
    2. Who in my life has hurt me the most?
    3. When you think of that person or those individuals that deeply hurt you… what are the words that you would have wanted to hear from them that would have allowed your healing to occur?

Whatever answers bubble up for you through this questioning process are always valid and true for you. There is great information being revealed to you through this inquiry. Do not doubt or question what comes up. Simply observe and notice with a curious mind.

Once you feel like you have completely and thoroughly answered the questions, you can now create your own Personal Love Statements by piecing together what you have written down for question 1 and question 3.

“I am sorry. I never meant to hurt you. You are special. I love you
(This is a small example of what your Personal Love Statements may look like.)

(More on this powerful process is included in the Mirror Magic Exercise PDF – under the section labeled Personal Love Statements in the document.)


Full Audio Replay and Download Access: (Note: There is a mistake in this audio saying it is the 4th call… oops – smiles – it is really our 5th call)


Below is the audio section on creating your own PERSONAL LOVE STATEMENTS 
(13 mins)

This is a process that allows us to access those words and phrased that we need to hear in order for us to hear. It is a powerful process for creating our own unique Personal Love Statements.  (A small explanation is listed above – and a much more indepth write up is included in the above Mirror Magic Exercise document.)

Personal Love Statements Replay
and Download Access Below:


Below is the audio portion exploring how to do the MIRROR MAGIC EXERCISE 

(18 mins)

This is a powerful exercise in opening up ‘how to’ create a new internal “best friend” inner dialog with yourself. (A more indepth write up is include in the above downloadable pdf.)

Mirror Magic Exercise Replay
and Download Access Below:


Below is the Guided Activation into RESONATING TO LOVE through Appreciation:
(15 mins)

Veronica provided a beautiful, gentle, ‘how to access love’ guided activation where she guided us into accessing our heart energy through what we ‘appreciate’ and what makes us ‘smile’. This allowed the energy of appreciation to expand and grow into the energy and beautiful vibration of love…

This is a stand alone audio that you can listen to over and over to gently build your muscle of accessing and resonating to love.

Guided Activation into Resonating To Love Replay
and Download Access Below:

NOTE: Here is an added powerful short write-up to lead you into Resonating to Love:


<== Click to Download Resonate to Love through Appreciation write-up.



Below is audio portion discribing the QUESTIONNAIRE and the Personal Answer Reference Form:  (20 mins)

Quantum Love Questionnaire
and Personal Reference Form Replay
and Download Access Below:

Here are a few powerful notes that a particapant captured around exploring the powerful tool of the Questionnaire. (and Personal Answer Reference Form) 

The questionnaire provides:
~ Awareness of where we are right now, and how we perceive life
~ Gives a template of the energetics of every phase
~ Helps to identify where I would like to be
~ Gives possibilities to expand into
~ Gives a space, a template of what that opening might look like
~ See the shifts of energy and how powerful you are, and the celebration of this
~ I Am Statements which can provide for awareness of patterns in all areas of life
~ Allow it to be an incredibly supportive tool of awareness”
~ Provides and energetics of how we can move up that scale and move into more Love, living from our Quantum Self
~ The energetic pattens of each phase and how we can move up that scale of levels of frequency that we broadcast
~ As an important powerful tool to outline and explore the different levels of possibility and what is possible for you”


NOTE: The chart below is added for a reference around the power of love and the higher vibrating energies to attune to, that we have discussed throughout these Quantum Love Octave calls:





















Live Call #6 – May 7th 2016 – 1:00pm (PT) – Saturday

Dial-In and Call Details:

Countdown Timer:

Webcast Player:

Comments and Question Form:

Replay Access Will Appear Below:



Upcoming May Live Coaching Calls …

Dial-In and Call Details:

Countdown Timer:

Webcast Player:

Comments and Question Form:

Replay Access Will Appear Below:







The power of the heart-brain connection and how it works – 8 mins

Through understanding our connectedness, we can now ask a new question – 6 mins

The Power Of The Heart And How It Affects Our Energy! – 9 mins

Our emotions determine which quantum possibility becomes our reality – 35 mins

Power lives within every human and this power can bring healing and change our DNA – 9 mins

The power of the heart’s electro-magnetic field – 4 mins

Here is my very own visualization that I was reading daily… and decided to create a video to make it easier on me… smiles (I’ve decided to share it here with you)

Daily Morning Meditation to Infuse Your Day with LOVE and Healing

Mary A. Hall’s Morning Heart Meditation 7 mins



Below Are All 5 Healing Calls (with Audio Player & Download Access)
to get you started…


Healing Call # 1


Healing Call # 2


Healing Call # 3


Healing Call # 4


Healing Call # 5



Download Morning & Evening Possibilites Audio Set Here:



Download 3 Audio Set –  Here:



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