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    RELATIONSHIP COACHING – Creating True Partnerships

    ~Create True Partnerships of Honor and Respect~

    If you are truly ready to alter the course of your life in a profound way and discover uncompromising authentic relationships then you will not want to miss this.

    We all want fulfilling, long lasting relationships, where we are respected, cherished, heard and understood. We want to be satisfied on all levels with the relationships in our lives and this comes from understanding the unique differences between how men and women intrinsically operate. In this revolutionary Relationship coaching program, you will learn amazing new insights and facts about the inherent differences between men and women. This new understanding will empower you to listen, respond and communicate with men, women, and children in a whole new way that will completely transform your relationships. Once we understand our own feminine instinctual nature and how to be and interact within the divergent world-views of masculine and feminine, we approach our relationships from a new perspective. This causes a positive change in how our partners and those we love respond to us.

    We’ve all had times where we’ve been surprised by the responses of our partners or loved ones. In fact, we’ve often been surprised by our own responses to situations, as though it was someone else within us reacting. Looking back, we feel confused as to why we responded the way we did, or we feel frustrated at the way a loved one has responded to us. Once we learn and discover the amazing truths about how we are instinctually hardwired, we release our hold on having it ‘our way’ and gain understanding and access to our reactions and responses and begin to live our life with conscious awareness. Furthermore, we also gain a deep understanding, appreciation and grace for the loved ones in our lives as we learn that they are responding instinctually to situations and their responses often don’t have the negative ‘meaning’ that we have been attributing to them. With these new insights you will shift so profoundly that you will begin interacting from a new clearer, open space and in turn feel fully cherished and respected by your loved ones as you ‘get them’ causing them to naturally feel cherished and respect by you.

    You will learn that no one is ever misbehaving and that what your partner, friend, co-worker, son or daughter were doing, was actually occurring naturally as an expression of the masculine or feminine. You will learn that our brains are hardwired within to perceive, act and process from the way that our masculine and feminine brains are formed. Once we learn and understand how we are hardwired, we can then honor the unique differences between masculine and feminine and we become freer, letting go of take any communication personally, especially if it has offended us in the past.

    Mary has put together a very special coaching program to help you create successful long-term relationships. This is a program FOR WOMEN to help you make sense of men, honor men and ultimately as we support them and in turn supported and cherished by men in an authentic and safe way–that serves all.

    Even if you don’t see it now, by the time you are done with this coaching program, you will be able to clearly identify how these foundational ways of being affect everything in your life and you will learn how to use them to create the partnership and relationships you desire in your life.

    This BRAND NEW content is so significant that I wanted to present it to you in a series of calls so you can play and experiment over time with this material.

    This is for you…

    Now in order to join my program, I have a few prerequisites for my coaching students:

    ~You Can Now Understand and Honor the Uniqueness in Both Men and Women~

    If you’re interested in this program please sign up for the Daily Heart Meditation and list to get updates and details on when this program will be available.

    Things you will learn:

    If you’re interested in this program please sign up for the Daily Heart Meditation and list to get updates and details on when this program will be available.

    Imagine understanding, interacting, and feeling completely at ease with the men and women in your life?

    Mary is now in her second year of mastery after completing and graduated from her first year long mastery and leadership program through PAX under the tutelage of the renowned “Relationship Angel” and expert on understanding men, Alison Armstrong. Alison is a nationally known educator, CEO and co-founder of PAX Programs Incorporated who’s mission is to “alter society’s culture by transforming the way women relate to men.” Mary will be passing on Alison’s two decades of research on how men and women interact, WHILE adding her own healing processes to create a full transformation on all levels.

    Plus Many Many More… Mary offers many more tools, tips and techniques that she will be sharing throughout the coaching program.

    “I found your work quite profound and realize you have a true gift for cutting through to the heart of an issue. You are very intuitive and your loving presence creates a genuine healing field.” ~ Alison
    This is a 3-month – 9 week program in a group coaching environment.