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Dates, Details and Access to Your Love & Healing Fest

You are now receive ongoing Healing Energies and Love Frequencies daily, as soon as you registered and said ‘YES’ to joining… PLUS you are invited to attend 3 LIVE Healing Calls… Plus a BONUS Healing Call on January 21st

A Return To Love Healing Fest dates:
The 22 DAYS Begins on JANUARY 1st 2016 and continues through to Jan 22nd

All LIVE HEALING ENERGY CALLS will be at 1:00pm (PT) – (California Time zone) and BONUS call will be at 4:00p, (PT)

Saturday – January 2nd at 1:00pm (PT)
Sunday – January 10th at 1:00pm (PT)
Sunday – January 17th at 1:00pm (PT)

BONUS HEALING CALL – January 21st at 4:00pm (PT)

PLUS the exciting news with these live calls, is you will have access to all the audio recordings/replays so you can listen and re-listen as often as you would like.

So if you aren’t able to listen in live – you will still have access to all of these Healing Calls (the audios) and all the healing energies within the calls.

AND of course you know that these beautiful 22 DAYS of LOVE and HEALING Energies are ongoing all day every day from January 1st to January 22nd.

These energies and frequencies are continual whether you are able to join in the live calls or not… you still fully and completely receive all of the wonderful healing aspects and love frequencies being offered and sent your way

There is nothing you need to do. By simply signing up and saying YES, you are fully receiving what is being offered here.

By joining us on this adventure, for 22 DAYS you will receive deep, concentrated, grace-filled, focused intense LOVE AND HEALING ENERGIES… concentrated transmissions in the energies of manifestation, love and wholeness.

As you have said ‘Yes” your “being” is attuning to the frequencies of Love and Healing…

These higher vibrating energies are here embracing and bathing you, allowing in for true miracles in your life.

Please Note: We have created a closed facebook community for all who have a Facebook account. This is so that we can stay connected through ‎the 22 days!


Through Facebook we can share what we are noticing, we can share our intentions for healing and we can share anything else at all that might be up for you!

In order to access the facebook group, you will 1st login to facebook, then click on the following url and click on “join Group”. We will approve your request and then you will be in!!









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Call #1 – Saturday 1:00pm (PT) January 2nd:

On Today’s 1st call we began by exploring the beautiful offerings of these 22 days. We talked about the energies and the healings that are here and explored what you can ‘do’ during the 22 days to fully be with the community, the energies and the group.

Near the beginning of the call, Veronica led us through a beautiful activation that invited you to be fully present to the possibilities and potential that is here for us in 2016, lowering your barriers and deeply connecting to the group and the energy in a very profound way.
After the activation, Mary guided us through a special and deep process of reviewing the past year, looking at the highlights – both the good and the not so good and taking time to really notice what we experienced.

She then invited us to go through each experience and ‘Glean the Gold’ from each of them. What is it that we learned? How did it change us? What strength, courage or clarity was activated as a result…

This process that Mary walked us through is very profound and is something that you will want to do while listening to the audio, since there is a unique energy present that allows us to go really deep with the process and experience a transformation.

Towards the end of the call, Veronica then guided us through another activation. It was very sacred, deep and profound.

She guided us to being present and to be with all that we uncovered and revealed about 2015 during the process and then allowed a fuller completion of the cycles as we energetically celebrated, blessed and gleaned the gold allowing for further released.

REPLAY Access To Complete Healing Call Below: (Download is also available)

Also we are including Veronica’s ending guided healing activation separately below.

Veronica’s deep healing activation was so sacred, deep and profound, that we are including it here separately so you can re-listen and do the process as often as you would like.

This will provide you added support to move through honoring you life path, this last year of 2015 and anything else you would like to use this healing activation to glean the gold and release all else as you complete the cycles.

During this guided process Veronica invited us to activate our heart and then call to mind those things (events/circumstances) from the past year that seemed to be struggles or not what we wanted. She then guided us through a process to both bless these experiences as well as allowing them to burn energetically anything remaining, and thus allowing them to transmute.

This allowed a deepening of acknowledgement for who we ‘became’ as a result of them and celebrating our strength and magnificence that emerged.

She then guided us to call to mind those things from our list that we would consider to be ‘highs’ of the year. And as we called them to mind, we blessed them, celebrated them, and infused them with love. We were drawn to feel the freshness, the newness and the possibilities that are here now for us as we move into this beautiful new year of 2016.

REPLAY Access To Veronica’s Guided Healing Activation Below: (Download is also available)


Call #2 – Sunday 1:00pm (PT) January 10th:

Such a beautiful call!!

Mary guided us through a somewhat ‘advanced’ energy technique to show us how to activate and resonate to the energy of love.

(Below are some images to help you remember that you have the ablility to access love within – You ARE Love – and you have the power to access this love.)

She shared with us that she normally would not share such a technique with a group that she hasn’t explored extensive content with, however this group kept “calling it forward”, so deep we went!

The entire call was a guided experience in activating the energy of love.

And with the energy, we gathered together everything in our life – our ‘worries’, our ‘troubles’, our ‘highs’ and ‘lows’ and included everyone in our life in the energy.

And then she taught us how to ‘love into the center of it all’, which is where our power to transform truly lies.

We have received SO much feedback that the call was truly a sacred, deep and profound experience and that people are ‘finally getting it’!!

If you haven’t yet listened, you will definitely want to!

And if you already have, you may want to consider a re-listen!

REPLAY Access To Complete Healing Call Below: (Download is also available)

Below Are Some Beautiful Images… To Allow Your Imagination To Tap Into Your Heart and Resonated to Love

Child is kissing a cat





Call #3 – Sunday 1:00pm (PT) January 17th:

REPLAY Access To Complete Healing Call Below: (Download is also available)


BONUS Healing Call – Thursday 4:00pm (PT)
January 21th:

In todays BONUS call, Mary and Veronica started with opening up to the Healing Energies and Love that was present for us all. The journey was beautiful as love, physical healing and abundance healing energies were present.

We later opened up the lines for healing and coaching and each person brought forward such rich content and healings for each of us. It was a wonderful journey and experience for all of us.

REPLAY Access To Complete Healing Call Below: (Download is also available)



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