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    “Thank you so much for all you shared at The Art of Life Mastery. You are amazing! Nearly every day, I listen to your Heart Meditations and Heart Thoughts. And playing in the energy of ‘wouldn’t it be nice’ has opened up an awesome opportunity for my ‘soul declaration’ to manifest itself. I am full of gratitude for your helping me to reconnect with abundance. Your enclosed Private Invitation to Istanbul is evidence of my stepping into a more abundant, joy rich reality.”

    — Sylvia Warren, Leadership Consciousness Coach. simplythebestcoaching.com

    “Mary’s heart-centered presence, spiritual depth and finely-tuned awareness of working with energy creates a powerful space for major shifts to happen in one’s life. I heard Mary speak and intuitively felt called to work with her. She is a gifted healer and I am so grateful to have found her. Our work together helped me transform some obstacles I was experiencing into opportunities for major growth and creative expansion. Our work together has been invaluable. Thank you so much, Mary!

    — Diane Petrella, Psychotherapist & Life Coach. dianepetrella.com

    “Mary, often people learn and practice new techniques etc…. and they work wonders in the moment and for awhile. The work I have done with you has been more than homework for the week, they are skills I have applied as homework for my life these months later. I share them with my clients and my client base is building more all the time because I have applied your insight to my own life consistently. Again not just as `this week’s homework` I am able to deliver it appropriately to others. Thank you so much Mary. I feel so very honored to work with you. Thank you.”

    — Kim Coleman. GrowingBeyond.com

    “OMG Mary, I wanted to share with you a video I made over the summer, inspired by the Abundant Life course. The feedback has been super and it’s been viewed now for 2 days and already had over 230 hits. I am THRILLED! Thank you so much for the inspiration and the tools to step out and create myself visible in the world!! Mary, I SO appreciate you as a huge light helping the planet ascend. I recognized that this is what your unique and powerful Abundant Life Program is doing – with manifesting as the excuse. I told my fellow healer friend in New Jersey the same thing, which prompted her to purchase the program and is excitedly listening to the program. My friends and I agree, you are an amazing guide to following the heart – the dimension the planet is moving towards. And I’m getting there!! I’m so grateful. Just this morning, I recommended your Daily Hearth Meditation to a client who was really struggling. I know it will help her to rise up out of a cycle of misery and set her on a happier path.”

    — Jane Moody. janemoody.ca

    “Mary, Your work is amazing! I’ve made such huge shifts with your gentle, powerful work. I truly feel acceptance and unconditional love from you – you don’t know how much I appreciate you! My transformation is amazing and due in a very large part to our work together! Thank you, Thank you, Thank you!”

    — Maureen

    “Mary, Thank you so much for all the wonderful sessions that brought amazing awareness and increased energy into my life. I would have never linked my lack of physical energy to stuck emotions; and the results were astoundingly fast. I am still in awe of the things that you helped me uncover.”

    — Martiz

    “Mary, I enjoyed our sessions tremendously. It was such a treat to work with you on so many core issues and stay in such a sacred space of love and connection. As a practitioner myself, I could really appreciate how tuned in you were. Whenever I would veer off or lose focus, you brought me right back, made it safe and always took the energy to the highest level of truth with abundant insight and compassion. It touched my heart and supported my work in so many ways.”

    — Ronette