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    This very special set of audios comes to you from Mary’s regular contribution on Jennifer McLean’s MasterWorksHealing.com Membership Site. These amazing one-on-one sessions conducted by Mary in a group-coaching environment cover abundance, health, relationships, changing habits, discovering your love and light and SOO much more!

    Mary guides guests through many profound transformational healings and coaching sessions that work collectively to assist in clearing ALL who listen. She is known for getting to the core of the issues that lie deep within.

    Your outer world is truly a reflection and mirror of your inner world and once limiting beliefs and challenges are cleared, the beauty of who you are at the core is revealed and is reflected into your outer world. As you are guided to reflect upon and allow clearings to take place inside, you become truly interactive with your external realty. This results in your inner beauty being revealed to the world and the reality you are living in magically shifts and transforms.

    As Mary works with individuals in this group environment, the collective group energy brings forward the questions and healings that are exactly what each individual is needing in the moment. By purchasing this program, your energy is now part of the collective and therefore your questions and challenges are addressed. Mary combines all of her healing and coaching techniques to create profound transformational shifts in all who listen and follow along.

    The content that comes up is so relevant that it feels like you are having a one-on-one session with Mary and that she is speaking directly to you.

    Using her remarkable H.E.A.R.T. Activation Resonance techniques plus E.F.T. Mary helps us discover:

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    “It’s not that we’re inadequate, we’re simply on a journey. Our strength and power are within us, it’s our minds that remembers fear, not our hearts”
    ~ Mary A. Hall Quoted from this series

    This series opens the hearts and minds of all who participate and have allowed a creative opening to bring forth a life that is renewed, refreshed and in love with the internal and external processes of life.